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Work Experience


Rhian Jones had thought she could stay professional, she was surely mistaken.

She tried to keep her eyes on the schedule she was holding, scanning over it to check she knew exactly what was happening today, however, Matt Sanders was making this task very difficult. She could feel his gaze fixed on her, and the more she allowed herself to think about the smoldering hot look he was giving her the worse it got.

“Quit it,” She finally hissed, quiet enough so no one really heard, but Matt could lip read. Her bright eyes met with his and the smirk grew across his face. Matt winked at her before turning round to take a swig of his water. She watched as he then stepped back and leaped onto the stage in front of him. Rhian felt every part of her body flush red as she watched his muscles ripple with the movement. He stood tall on the stage turning round to catch her just staring at him. Rhian quickly snapped her gaze back to the schedule and pretended to make notes.

“What ya laughing a Shad’s?” She heard JB question him but never listened to the answer as she felt movement behind her. Turning round she came face to face with Niki and Sarah both looking rather pleased with themselves.


“Well,” Sarah started gazing towards the stage with a huge smile on her face. “Do you want the good news, the really good news-“

“Or the shit news?” Niki added with a shrug.

“Or yes the shit news,” Sarah winced a little almost feeling guilty for having the bring bad news up. Rhian had been in a great mood all morning, at checkout she ignored the champagne charge in Sarah and Zack’s room, and the porn in Jimmy’s. Then on the bus she’d only called a 10 minute meeting and then let everyone do their own thing. As Niki had so nicely put it, someone got laid last night. Sarah hadn’t questioned it yet but she felt there was definitely some gossip somewhere.

“Good news first before you ruin my mood,” Rhian smiled bracing herself for the worst.

“Well tonight is sold out!” Niki started a smile breaking across her face. “I said I’d help Mattie all night,”

“Excellent thanks Niki,” Rhian smiled at her actually starting to think that Niki was a god-send sometimes.

“No probs,”

“Also the dinner said they can take us this afternoon for food, I’ve booked it as well,” Sarah added with a smile. “However,”

“I don’t like however’s,” Rhian muttered waiting for the bad news to hit her.

“Taylor’s called me twice,” Sarah said simply.


“Yeah apparently you’re not answering your emails, I did suggest she phoned you but she said it was something that you had to see,” Rhian just nodded grabbing her phone from her pocket and starting up her email app.

“Why she can’t just phone me?” Rhian muttered waiting as the phone connected and her emails started to pop up.

“She said it was essential you saw it,” Sarah repeated, her eyes flicking towards the stage at the sound of the bass and drums starting up. “Maybe it’s a draft of the interview, that should be done soon right?” Rhian just nodded, waiting for Taylor’s name to appear in her inbox. As soon as she saw it she clicked and waited as a photo loaded.

“Photo’s?” Rhian questioned a number of squares appearing with loading bars. “What the hell is this from? She’s not done any photo shoots,” Slowly the photos started to load, and Rhian had to hold her breath in fear. “No,” She whispered forgetting Sarah and Niki were still there.

“No what?” Niki questioned watching Rhian’s smile turn into a look of worry. “Seriously what is it? She got a photo of the guys naked?” Rhian just shook her head; naked would be easier to deal with than this. She bit down on her lip, gasping when the final photo appeared.

“What the hell?” She hissed her eyes flicking up towards Niki. “Where the hell were you last night?”

“Rhi what’s wrong?” Sarah questioned looking between the two girls.

“I’m waiting,” Rhian fixed her gaze on Niki who just blanked her. “Seriously what the fuck happened last night?”

“Nothing, I went to the fucking club with you lot,”


“Went back to the hotel and slept,”

“With who?”

“Excuse me?!” Niki snapped. “Now I take a fucking lot of shit from you but that is taking the fucking biscuit!”

“You’re a minor!”

“Fucking 18!”

“What were you thinking?”

“Nothing! Look you are off your head, I didn’t sleep with anyone last night!” NIki shouted back at Rhian, the drum and bass had stopped now and a number of the crew and band had turned their attention to the three girls. “You had more fucking chance of sleeping with someone than me!”

“What?” Sarah raised her eyebrows looking between the two girls. “Did you hook up with someone? I knew it!” She squealed in excitement clapping her hands together. Rhian just ignored her and kept watching Niki.

“You are going to get him in some serious trouble Nicole, tell me what happened and maybe I can smooth this out with Taylor,”

“Taylor?! What the hell does this have to do with her?” Niki’s voice was getting louder and louder.

“She has photos?!” Rhian screeched back. “Of you and him!” She was about to accuse Brian but managed to stop herself.

“Me and who?” Niki snapped. “I went home with Brian, but that was it, he walked me fucking home so I didn’t get mugged or murdered!”

“He walked you home?” Rhian questioned calmly.

“He did,” Brian spoke up jumping off the stage and walking towards the three girls as everyone else was watching them. “That was it,”

“I see,” Rhian turned her phone to Brian whose eyes went wider. Rhian was pissed and he knew he was about to feel the full force of it. “What do you have to say?”

“I think I’m looking at the wrong photo,” Brian tried to stifle his laughter. Rhian raised her eyebrows turning her phone back around and gasping. “Good night?” He smirked earning one of Rhian’s famous glares. “Nothing,” He muttered gazing towards Niki who still looked pissed off. “Look Rhian nothing happened, I-“ He paused as Rhian finally produced the right photo. “Shit,”

“Shit indeed,”

“I fucking kissed you! You made me fucking sleep on the fucking floor!” He raised his voice at Niki who just smirked.

“You were pretty wasted dude, there was no way I was sharing a bed with you,” Niki shrugged earning a laugh from both Sarah and Rhian.

“Don’t you two start! Fucking both of you at it with my best mates!”

“Both of us?” Sarah looked towards Rhian, completely confused.

“You got with him?” Niki questioned staring at Rhian.

“With who?” Sarah looked at Rhian.

“Matt!” Niki and Brian both said at the same time as if they knew it would get them out of the spot light. Sarah clapped excitedly while Rhian’s eyes went wide, and Matt was heard coughing awkwardly on the stage, as the band members and crew around gave him a little cheer.

“You what?” Sarah almost screeched, emotion flooding through her body. “I can’t believe you-“

“Sarah,” Rhian hissed trying to get her to calm down. Everyone was watching Rhian now, they’d gone completely silent as if waiting for Rhian to say something, or at least confirm her and Matt. Rhian gazed around realising all eyes were on her, and for once it was most unwelcome. “Kenny you’re in charge!” She suddenly shouted hearing her voice quiver. “I need to, umm yeah, Taylor!” She muttered to herself quickly grabbing her bag and walking quickly towards the exit, leaving the awkward silence behind her.

“You fucking dog!” Jimmy shouted as soon as Rhian was out the room, jumping out from behind the drum kit and running towards Matt. “Fucking impressive, getting the boss lady!” Matt just nodded watching the door Rhian had left through.

“I have to-“ Matt went to jump down from the stage but Kenny, their stage managers, big hand gripped his shoulder.

“No can do dude, you’ve got half an hour left of rehearsal time and we have a lot of shit still to check, getting laid is gonna have to fucking wait,”

“I need to check-“

“No can do, you know Rhian would want you working not skiving off,” Matt groaned pushing away from Kenny but staying on the stage. “She’s a big girl she can look after herself,” Matt just ignored the comment kicking one of the ego boosters, as the boys called them, and making it shake with his power.

“Matt don’t worry,” Sarah called over to him. “I’m gonna go check you come find us after this yeah?” Matt just nodded watching the red head dart through the same door as Rhian.

The half an hour left to rehearse past by slowly and painfully for Matt. He wasn’t with it, and had so many other things on his mind. The shock or maybe embarrassment on Rhian’s face when everyone had found out was bugging him. If it was shock then he understood, but embarrassment? Why would she be embarrassed? It was just the crew, and the band. Everyone that had heard that gossip had spent weeks together on tour, they knew each other inside out and if anything would probably be fucking happy to hear some good news about two friends.

Matt could not work it out. Was she embarrassed to be associated socially with him?

Work was fine but fucking each other wasn’t?

He groaned realising that he’d missed his entry; Brian jumped off the ego booster and walked straight towards the lead singer. Missing it once was excusable; fucking up multiple times in 15minutes was just annoying.

“Dude,” He stressed glaring at Matt. “What the fuck is with you?”

“You know fucking what?” Matt hissed as Jimmy’s drumming slowed down, Zack and Johnny stopped playing; and the band ground to a halt.

“That’s off stage shit, we’re on stage get that fucking on stage persona on, forget about her,”

“Well that’s pretty fucking hard!” Matt let out a hallow laugh and closed his eyes for a second. He tried to stop the images of last night flashing through his mind but it was as if his brain wanted him to indulge in those moments.

“You like her?” Zacky asked.

“What are we in 10th Grade again?” Brian mocked gazing towards the singer who rolled his eyes.

“But seriously dude, you like her?” Matt flung his head back and let out a low groan in frustration.

“She’s hot,” Johnny spoke up earning a slap from Zacky round the back of the head. “What?! I’m serious, good catch,”

“Shut it short shit,” Matt muttered slotting the microphone he’d been clutching into its stand and flopping down onto the stage. “We just slept together,”

“Just?” Brian questioned coming to sit down next to his mate. “Doesn’t sound anything major then,”

“I dunno,” Matt muttered with a shrug. “Maybe, but then who knows it’s been a while, it was just-“ He shook his head, he could not bring himself to say that, he doubted it was true. She said she wanted to do it again sometime, he’d agreed. Maybe he was just desperate for a good fuck, but there was something else, he’d gone back for seconds after the pool incident he hadn’t been able to walk away without a care.

Maybe he liked her.

“It was just a fuck?” Zack questioned as something made a loud bang back stage. Matt turned to see what was happening but only heard footsteps and muttering.

“No,” Matt replied with a shrug. “I dunno,”

When did life become so fucking complicated?

“So we’re cool about Niki and shit right?” Brian questioned changing the subject quickly.

“Ah shit, not now dude,” Matt groaned. “I don’t wanna hear that shit ever! Just stay away!” Brian nodded letting a little sigh of relief escape his lips.

“I’ll hear about that shit!” Jimmy piped up from the back earning glares from both Matt and Brian.

Johnny just high fived him.
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