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Work Experience


Rhian Jones had done more work in the past few hours than she’d probably done all tour.

It was amazing what could happen when she was left alone. All alone. The boys had decided to check out the local entertainment, while Sarah was in her room having an early night and Niki was apparently doing the same. Rhian had text Niki twice, both ignored, so she’d banged on the girls hotel room. Much to her surprise Niki had appeared at the door glaring daggers at Rhian.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I-I-you’re in your room?”

“No shit, what the fuck?”

“Well I was-“

“Just fucking checking up on me!” Niki had snapped, dragging her fingers through her hair and yawning. “You better be fucking checking on Sarah next! Or that is discrimination and I ain’t gonna-“

“Oh hush and go back to sleep,” Rhian had muttered turning away and walking straight towards Sarah’s room just for a bit of restbite from Niki. She was convinced Brian was not in there with her so she could at least sleep easy tonight. However, Sarah had been engaged as she put it, barely opening the door and looking extremely pleased with herself. “Well at least I know where Zacky is!” Rhian had laughed, telling Sarah to go straight back to him and making her way to her own room; at least she had known where everyone was.

She’d ended up in her room, surrounded by paper work, her laptop, Ipod and mobile; she spent her time checking up on everything that was planned for the last few weeks of tour. It got too 11pm when she finally stopped, a loud growl from her stomach reminding her she’d yet to eat. The boys had hit a steak house with Niki before today’s gig, they had done two nights in a row, but Rhian was required to stay at the venue and Sarah had kept her company, the girls just snaking on sandwiches from a local shop. That was a good 6hours ago, and Rhian was currently starving. She leant over to grab the room service menu from the bedside table and check what time they stopped serving; mid-night she was in luck.

She scanned the menu, everything sounded delicious and unhealthy, which was just what she needed right now; comfort food. After yesterday’s little incident, everyone knowing she’d fucked Matt, and then her hearing Matt talk about her as if it was nothing, she needed a little comfort food. The rest of yesterday had gone by in a blur, the show taking priority, and Rhian had tended to stay out of Matt’s way as much as possible. It was as if he’d said one thing to her and another thing to everyone else, right now she was unsure which Matt to believe. Of course guys did tend to do that, say one thing to the girl and another to the lads, but it always hurt when you were the girl they talked so casually about.

Rhian turned back to the menu, leant over to the room phone and placed her order for the evening. More food than one person could possibly eat, but she was so indecisive right now it didn’t matter. Nachos, garlic bread, side salad, and even some chips had ended up being placed in the order; she hated wasting food and knew she shouldn’t have done it as soon as she put the phone down.

Within 20minutes there was a knock at the door. Rhian had already tidied her bed and flicked the TV on to keep her company.

“That was quick,” She smiled opening the door so the waiter could bring her food in.

“It was?” The deep voice made her eyes flick up instantly.


“You were expecting someone else?”

“Room service for room 203,” A pimple faced boy, dressed in uniform appeared behind Matt with a trolley of food. Clearly she was expecting someone else

“Wow shit you can eat,”

“I didn’t know what to order,” Rhian mumbled feeling her cheeks flush bright red, unable to gaze at Matt she turned to the boy and indicated for him to bring it in. The pair stood there for a few seconds neither quite sure what to do next. Rhian was first to break the silence “You wanna join me?” She questioned quietly gazing back at Matt.

“Well that was the plan,” He smiled producing a brown paper bag from behind him. “I got beer and wine,” He smiled as the waiter excused himself from the room.

“You better come in then,” Rhian walked in letting Matt close the door behind him. “I think I went a little over board with food, I couldn’t-“ She paused feeling Matt slid his arm around her waist and rest on her stomach.

“Thank fuck I didn’t get take away on the way home,” He chuckled pressing a soft kiss against the back of her head. “So where do we start?” Well this was surreal, Rhian bit her lip and watched the large man grab different boxes of food and arrange them on the bed, then he grabbed a glass from the side and poured one glass of wine and popped open his own beer. “Rhian?” He looked up offering the glass of wine to her. “You cool?”

“Yeah,” She smiled, this from the guy who said it was nothing. “Starving actually,” She added walking towards the bed and taking her place, propped up against the headboard. “This looks and smells amazing,”

“Get eating then!” Matt laughed, joining her on the bed and grabbing a slice of garlic bread. “You been in all night?” Rhian nodded tucking into the nachos. “Working?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah just sorting stuff out,”

“Shit really? I would have-“

“It’s ok, it’s nice to have some quiet time, are the guys still out?” She couldn’t quite understand why Matt was here at 11:30pm.

“Yeah,” He nodded finishing his slice of garlic bread and leaning over to try the nachos. “Just got the same shit though, and well ya know,” He paused catching Rhian’s gaze. “I wanted to see you,” Her mouth stayed opening a little as she processed what he said.

“You did?”

“Yeah,” Matt chuckled, putting a single finger under her chin and closing her mouth jokingly. “There is only so many times you can be Gate’s wing man before that shit gets old,” Rhian just laughed, knowing full well what the boys were like on a night out. “So I wanted to check in on my gal, ya know,” He winked at her and leant back on the bed. “Clearly I picked a good time, she fed me as well,”

“I-I” She paused not quite sure what she was trying to say. “Well it’s a nice surprise,” She managed to get the words out with a genuine smile. Matt smiled back, his eyes taking in Rhian’s relaxed appearance. She looked content, rare for a manger he was sure. “Glad you came,”

“You are?”

“Mmm,” Rhian nodded, taking a big gulp of her wine. “Could use the distraction,” Matt raised his eyebrows, he was just a distraction. “Company,” Rhian said more honestly, running her finger tips softly up his forearm. “Paperwork tends to make you lonely,” Matt just chuckled and put an arm over her shoulders pulling a little closer. At first she tensed, the unfamiliar feel of his heavy arms pulling her closer, but the soft touch of his finger tips and press of his lips against her forehead, had her melting into his body.

“Did you sort out yesterday’s shit?” Matt questioned Rhian’s head coming to rest on his chest. So that was why he was here?


“Nearly?” Matt’s finger tips were splayed across her arm, softly caressing her bare skin. “Ya know Gates would never have done anything with her right? We chatted shit, but he’s not interested, well ya know he knows she’s hot-“

“I get it,” Rhian muttered not wanting to hear the end of this.

“Too young, too much like trouble, if he was younger then he’d be right on that,” Rhian just nodded at Matt’s words. “She’s doing alright with you though right?”

“I guess so, Mattie does most of the work when it comes to Niki watch,” She smiled, hoping he would not go back to asking about yesterday’s big drama. “It’s all good,”

“Are you all good?” Rhian just nodded again. “I know you and Tay, don’t see eye to eye, but she’s alright-“

“I don’t want to hear about it,” Rhian’s voice was edgy, boarding on snappy and nasty. “I mean-“ She paused gazing up at Matt, knowing there was history with him and Taylor was hard enough to deal with. Taylor knowing Rhian had always had a thing for the singer was disastrous, and Taylor having those photos made it ten times worse.

“Ya know she said something to me when we were first at it,” Rhian groaned, he wasn’t going to stop talking about it was he? “She said you were into me,” He laughed as he said it. “Never in a fucking million years did I think a girl like you would get with me, you were fucking gorgeous but so in control, so business like and corporate,”


“Or that’s what we all thought from that first meeting, turns out we were all fucking wrong huh?” Rhian shrugged and grabbed the plate of nachos to distract her. “What if I hadn’t got with her?” Rhian just shrugged at that comment.

“Nothing, I’m sure nothing would be different, and anyway, I believe everything happens for a reason,” She moved her head slightly to come face to face with Matt. “I have to believe that,” Matt ignored the comment and leant down to press a hard kiss against her waiting lips.

“So what’s the reasoning behind us then?” He smirked letting his fingertips trail up her bare thigh, pushing the thin fabric of her dress out the way.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what this is,” She admitted, gasping as his fingers grazed the satin of her underwear. Matt caught her gaze and smirked.

“It’s a thing, a thing I plan on continuing for a while,”

“A thing? Not just a fuck?” Rhian whispered, wanting to hit herself as soon as the words escaped her mouth, Matt’s fingers stopped their exploration and he watched her carefully.

“You heard that huh?” Rhian just nodded, embarrassment coursing through her. “Well you are defiantly not just a fuck Miss Jones,” He smiled leaning down to press his lips against hers and push her into the mattress. “You are much, much more,”
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