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Work Experience


Rhian Jones wanted nothing more to throw it all away there and then, but she didn’t dare let herself.
Rhian was a survivor, a fighter, and she’d battled her way to where she was today, she couldn’t throw it all away for a good fuck.

He wasn’t just a good fuck though.

He was more; he was a good friend, and a charming human being. Matt was kind and thoughtful, he could be a devilish rouge and the perfect gentleman. She was lucky to even get close to him. To have a chance to be more, to mean more to a guy, was a rare. She hadn’t had this chance in a very long time.

But was it worth losing her job and gaining a boyfriend; unlikely. Could she get another job like this? Possibly, there was the hint of young upcoming bands she could work with, but she’d lose the money, title and more importantly the most amazing workmates she could ask for.

Was it worth the risk? She had no idea if she and Matt would even work out. There might be nothing there but lust and sexual tension.

She gazed in the bathroom mirror one last time before applying her lipstick and shaking her hair out.

Today had been a waste of make up; she should have stayed in bed and ignored the meeting. It was destined to go wrong, whenever a surprise meeting was called off the back of some questionable articles it was easy to predict what was going to happen.
She grabbed some tissue paper and wiped the lipstick, she’d just applied, off. She couldn’t decide whether to go with nude lips, sparkly gloss or dark lipstick. She’d never been one for making tough decisions.

If she couldn’t decide what make up to wear, there was no hope of her deciding whether to keep the job or the relationship.

Maybe a change would do her good?

She heard the banging of the bus doors, everyone was getting edgy, and it was 2 hours before the show. The boys had had interviews all day with some being tougher than others. Brian had come back pissed, after consuming what sounded like a beer every interview, while Zacky had come back in a foul mood when he heard the interviewer calling him pudgy. Rhian had yet to catch up with them, but Sarah had fed back information through texts.

She knew she had to face the boys at some time, she just didn’t want to right now! She’d already made a pact not to tell them yet, they had a tour to focus on. Niki had agreed under duress, insisting that if telling the boys could help her keep her job; they could defend her. It didn’t work like that in the industry, and she didn’t want the boys taking rap for her own mistakes. The boys had their business heads on, it may never seem like it, but Avenged was a smart band. They would have to do what was best for them.

Matt would defend and if the others didn’t then there would be problems. But if Matt didn’t defend her she wasn’t sure she could take that.

“RHIAN!” She groaned grabbing the lipstick and applying the dark colour. To hell with choices, just go with your instincts.

“Just coming,” She called taking one quick glance in the mirror and forcefully pushing the bathroom door open. Whoever had been looking for her stumbled backwards and fell against the bunks.

“Holy shit what is with you?” Niki gazed back up at her from her now horizontal position. “Still edgy from the meeting?”

“It’s nothing,” Rhian muttered holding out a hand to the younger girl. “Did you want something?”

“Matt’s looking for you,” Rhian just nodded, her gut churning all over again. “You realise you’ve got to talk to him!”

“Why are you so wise?” Rhian muttered back grabbing her phone and pushing it back into her jeans.

“Learnt it on work experience,” Niki replied making Rhian stop in her tracks. The older woman turned round and starred at Niki. “From this wise manager, who always knew what to do,”

“Not sure she does right now,”

“Tell the truth?” Niki shrugged. “Or fuck his brains out so he doesn’t hear the truth,” Niki’s smirk grew as Rhian glared at her. “They like-“

“Stop talking,” Rhian muttered pushing the lipstick into her jeans and walking out of the bunk area. “Sound checks for everyone done?”

“Yep all bands ready and accounted for, Avenged are still eating, but the other two are getting ready to go on, you watching tonight?”

“I watch every night,” Rhian replied closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. “Where are they?”

“The diner next door,” Rhian just nodded walking straight off the bus, she heard the door shut behind her and took it that Niki was taking a break from running round. She’d really stepped up today, and Rhian knew it was because of the meeting. Niki had been part of a huge meeting, and was trusted, she must have felt the confidence installed in her. Rhian was proud of the work experience kid today, she couldn’t have asked for any more from her.

What she was less proud of was the time Niki had spent with her. She didn’t feel as if Niki had learnt much or been trusted at all. Until today, that meeting seemed to change things. Rhian had left Niki to it, more because of her own messed up feelings than on purpose, but Niki had stepped up to the mark and Rhian new that needed to be made clear.

As she walked through the venue and out onto the open street, the usual fans were cuing up to see the idols. Some of the fans shouted and waved at her, Rhian smiled and shot a wave back; die-hard fans knew who she was. Biting down on her lip she tried to block out the thought of not being with Avenged, and there hundreds of fans that supported their every decision.

Had she really thought this job would last for ever?

Maybe she had, moving on had never occurred to her, not even in the early days when it was hard.
As she stepped into the diner, she blocked out all thoughts and put her party face on. There was no way the boys were reading her mind tonight; she was going to let them enjoy these last few days, however hard that was.

The boys weren’t in view at the moment but a lot of fans were frequenting the diner. She caught a waitresses attention and called her over.

“Hi I’m Avenged Sevenfolds manager,”

“Nice try darling but the boys have said no guests,” Rhian raised her eyebrows. “You think I came in on the last banana boat sweetheart, there’s a thousand girls like you, a little younger may I add, who have tried similar lines and failed!” Rhian gazed at the woman a little unsure what to say. The phrase I’m with the band seemed quite apatt. “Unless you’ve got the golden ticket sugar you ain’t going up,”

“Well it just happens to be her lucky day,” Rhian was about to say the same thing herself, but the deep masculine voice beat her too it. The waitress turned round and let her jaw drop at the magnificent specimen of a man, he was at least 20 years younger than her but she didn’t care. “This way,” Matt spoke a smirk on his lips as he offered his hand out to Rhian. “Can we get another strawberry milkshake upstairs, veggie burger and extra fries,” He ordered for her, before turning round and dragging her towards the bright red metal stairs, which swirled round and up to a second storey.

“I don’t need to-“

“Don’t finish that sentence, yes you do,” Matt replied stopping at the top of the stairs and gazing at her. “How did the meeting go?”

“Could have been better,”


“RHIAN!” The scream of Jimmy had never been more welcome. “You have to see how many fries we can fit in Johnny’s mouth at once!” Matt smirked, shaking his head at the drummer and then gazing to where JB Diz was stuffing chips in Johnny’s mouth.

“Lush,” Rhian muttered letting go of Matt’s hand, and welcoming the distraction with open arms. “If he chokes I blame you Jimmy, whole heartedly!”

“Whatever!” He waved his arm about, as Rhian noticed most of the band were still eating anyway. She went to flop down at the end of the bench but Matt grabbed her arm pulling her towards the over end and getting Zacky to move up. Sarah was sat the other side of him, attempting to eat a burger, but succeeding in making as much mess as possible.

“You alright ducky?” She questioned finally putting the mammoth burger down and waving at Rhian.

“You ordered right?”

“She did,” Matt replied quickly smiling at Rhian and glaring at Sarah who had that “Aww so cute” look on her face.

“Good cause Niki was saying you look beat,” Sarah replied attempting the burger again, Rhian just nodded, relaxing back in the sofa like chairs. Matt kept watching her though, he was tempted to agree, she looked wiped. This morning she’d been full of colour and had that beautiful glow; now she looked beat.

Something had changed her attitude, and she was doing her best to hide it; but if you looked deep you could see it.

Matt put an arm over her shoulder and pulled her into him.

“Don’t you have to eat?” Rhian chuckled, welcoming his hug and leaning a little closer. None of the band really questioned it, there were a few looks and smiles; but no one was that bothered. So what if their lead singer/best friend, had got himself a hot girl? He was happy.

Everyone was happy that night. Johnny didn’t choke on fries, Sarah managed to eat at least half her mammoth burger before trying to force feed Zacky with it, and the band put on a killer show.
Rhian stayed quiet, she let the boys take centre stage, she let Niki have free reign doing whatever job she could to relieve Rhian’s stress. Even at the after party Rhian kept her head down, or at least as much as she was allowed.

Matt seemed to pick up on it straight away thought, and even though he was chatting to everyone, laughing at Jimmy and enjoying his friends, Matt still found time to watch Rhian with interest. She was listening to Sarah talking about something, even Niki had joined the girls to chat; but obviously Rhian wasn’t really there, she’d retreated into her own thoughts and was barely listening to a word the girls were saying.

Could this be one of her last after show parties?

Rhians eyes scanned the room, with that thought playing heavy on her mind, she took in all of the events around her; trying to embed every beautiful image and hilarious occurrence in her mind.

It wasn’t working though, because when her eyes fell on Matt she was greeted by a glaring face. He stood up and walked purposefully towards the door; she knew she was meant to follow.
He was walking to the back of the bus, the car park was pretty empty now and the bus was nearly ready to go. Rhian stopped as Matt got to the back of the venue and pulled the fire door open. He grabbed her arm and pulled her inside, less than impressed. The venue was empty, a few roadies still taking shit out, but Matt found a tiny backstage room to push her into.

“Calm!” Rhian hissed as she nearly stumbled over as he shut the door. “What is with you?”

“You just seem so fucking vacant tonight,” He was right in front of her, eyes fixed on her scanning up her curved body and landing on the glimpse of cleavage her dress allowed.

“Matt I just,” And suddenly it did not matter, she was close enough not to care, close enough to enjoy the fine specimen of a man and forget about all her problems. She moved quickly standing on tip toes and wrapping her arms round his neck to pull him closer.

“Rhi-“ Her lips crashed against his, forcing him back against the wall with all the strength she could muster. He let out a gruff moan, his arms encompassing her waist and pulling her up to him. His erection stiffing as she pushed her hips up to his, grinding down hard.

There was no mistaking her plan now. She needed him, if it was the last time or if it was the start of something, she didn’t care she wanted him bad.

It took a few minutes before Matt broke his submission and pushed here away, his dark eyes gazing up and down her unashamedly, imaging the beautiful unblemished skin beneath the tiny dress.

“Take it off,” He said simply the smirk growing on his lips, as he loosened the buckle of his belt. Rhian automatically bit down on her lip, following his instructions and letting mew of delight escape her lips as his t-shirt was discarded.

Could she really leave him? Matt caught her arm as she slipped off the dress. Pulling her body up against his he sighed in content.

“You’re fucking perfect you know that right?” Rhian bit down on her lip, holding every emotion she could back; the tears of joy and sorrow threatened her. “Fuck me,” Matt whispered running his thumb across the swollen lip. “What you do to me,” His hands roamed her back unhooking the bra while his lips captured hers.

She felt the same pleasure and excitement that had coursed through her veins the first time she’d kissed him; but this time there was more.

It was either a goodbye kiss or the start of something beautiful.
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