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Work Experience


Rhian Lewis had never been more unsure in her life but she had to at least try and make a decision. Her heart leaned one way, the road that ended with a gorgeous, fun, and caring man. While her head told her she had to pay the bills, her rent and feed herself every now and then.

She’d jogged out of the club, trying her hardest to balance in her heels, thanking god that she hadn’t picked the sky high ones Niki had suggested. She groaned thinking of the work experience kid she’d left her in the bar alone. Rhian was slowly coming to the conclusion she was not able to be responsible for any more human beings, 5 grown men was enough of a task.

As soon as the cold night air hit her skin, she shivered, what next then?

The club had a large car park at the back where their bus for the night was parked up, it was their last road trip before flying back to Huntington Beach. There was an ally way running down oneside of the club, while the other side joined to another building. A few people were hanging around outside, some smokers, others just getting some air.

“RHIAN!” She’d made a decision to walk down the allyway to the bus, hoping Matt had just decided on an early night. Rhian turned on her heel to see Sarah waving madly at her. “STOP! STOP!”

“You ok?” Rhian went into manager mode, thinking the worst and evaluating every possible solution. Could it be Johnny with alcohol poisoning, phone an ambulance, or Niki had started a fight, get her in the bus and out of the way, or maybe-

“Taylor told him!” Sarah shouted reaching her friend and grabbing her shoulders. “I am so sorry that-“

“She didn’t,” Rhian shook her head, not wanting to believe that. “She told me she’d dropped hints, I need to find him now,”

“You’re going to tell him now?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure!” There was doubt creeping in, from Sarah’s nervous gaze to the tone of her voice, Rhian was doubting what to do.

“Really cause what if he’s drunk-“

“Sarah stop it, I need to tell him and I’m working up the courage to do so, don’t ruin that! “ Sarah’s face softened, her eyes full of emotions, she didn’t quite know what to do next. So Sarah did the one thing she knew would make her friend smile, she jumped at her, wrapping her arms tightening around Rhian and hugging her hard.

“Tell him you love him,” She whispered. “Just tell him, I think he’s on the bus, now go toot-sweet ducky!” Sarah let go clapping her hands as a sign to hurry up. Rhian just laughed shaking her head but catching the deadly serious look on Sarah’s face, she knew she meant it. “I won’t have you two being silly, GO!”

Did she love him?

He was gorgeous, he was hilarious, and he cared about her. What's more he got her?

They may never have the perfect relationship but he got her. She loved that he got her.

“Going!” Rhian called, darting down the ally way and ignoring the creepy ally way feeling. All she could think about when her hand hit the coach door was how she really needed to go back to the gym.

She punched in the code waiting for the door to open. She heard the beep and climbed in as the door opened. The bus smelt clean, she could hear the TV on in the background as footsteps got louder.

“Matt?” She stepped into the main walkway of the bus, he was lent over the fridge and stood up slowly as she said his name. He smiled softly at her, he was clearly not in the mood for a party. Just seeing him like that helped make her mind up.
“You look comfy,” Matt chucked, popping the lid off the bottle of beer he’d just got out and shrugged. He wore just his sweatpants, bare feet and bare torso on display. Rhian couldn’t help but smile at the array of tattoos that adorned his muscular body.

“Beer?” She shook her head and wondered over to him, she stood on her tip toes pressing a meaningful kiss against his pierced lip. “Mmm, you taste of southern comfort,” He smirked against her lips, pulling her closer into his arms. “You have something to say don’t you?”

“You know don’t you?” Rhian questioned prising herself out of his grip and going over to the sofa, she sat down and ran her fingers through her hair. This was the last thing she wanted to do, but she had to do it. Matt deserved the truth, he needed to know her plan.

“Something’s going on, Taylor said some shit about history repeating itself, you and me?” He sat down in the corner of the sofa and stretched his legs out. His hand opened out to her, wanting her next to him. "I'd had enough of the club, too many people, too much Taylor shit," Rhian nodded completely understanding.

"Yeah she had a few things to say to me as well," Matt rolled his eyes and lent down to kiss her softly.

"I was about to text you,"

"It's alright," She took a deep breath and gazed straight into those soft eyes. “You and me,” Rhian nodded looking up into his warm eyes and wishing she could stay with him forever. In that moment she knew she was doing the right thing, just the feel of his huge arms encompassing her, the warmth from his body soothing hers; she knew this was what she wanted. “Matt I love you,” She paused and smiled. “Even if you don’t feel the same, I know I love you, and I can’t stay in this job and fall hopelessly in love with you. I cannot be the manager and the girl, I have to be one otherwise business doesn’t work,” Matt just nodded, swallowing the breath he’d be holding.

She loved him.

Girls had always said how much they loved him, but they’d wanted the conformation back, they’d wanted to hear him say it. They’d wanted M.Shadows not Matthew Sanders.

This time when he heard those words he had heard it differently, she had said them differently, they had meant something different.

“I understand,” Matt whispered wrapping his hand around hers and pulling it away from his abs and up to his lips. “I don’t like it one fucking bit, but I get it, I get business,” He muttered shaking his head. “It’s shit and it’s not fucking fair, but I want you,” He paused kissing her hand. “I want us more than anything right now, and shit Rhian, shit I fucking love you more than I know, more than you know!” He chuckled pressing another kiss on her hand. “This is right, this is love! Avenged Sevenfold are big enough to get a decent manager, it won’t be you but-“

“I’ve already put recommendations in,” Rhian replied. “I’ve said who I want my replacement to be and set up meetings for you guys,” She was about to reel off the list and explain why each person should be their manager but Matt shock his head. Pressing a single finger against her lips.

He wanted to talk life with her, not shop, this was what he wanted from a relationship.

“I don’t wanna talk business right now, I wanna talk us,” Matt muttered his thumb going under her chin to angle it at him. “I love you, and I want this to work but could you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Tour at different times, be away from each other day after day, week after week?”

“Tour at different times?” Rhian scrunched her nose up in confusion.

“Yeah you’ll tour and then A7x and-“

“Matt I’m not touring,” Rhian whispered stroking fingers softly across his chest. “It’s Avenged or nothing right now, I had to make a choice,”


“Management above me, I had to decide if I wanted to keep you or my job, if I keep you I leave the company, if I keep the job I leave you, “

“You’re leaving your job for me?” Matt hadn’t quite understood the magnitude of this until now.

“I’m not staying at the company and working with another band, not again,”

“But Rhi-“

“No,” She brushed her finger tips up against his lips to silence whatever argument he had coming her way. “If I’m not working with you lot I’m not working with anyone,”

“You’re 26 you can’t stop your career now it’s stupid, you’ve got loads of time ahead of you to make successful bands,” Rhian just nodded hating how right he was. “Not that I want to lose you,” He added pressing a soft kiss against her nose. “You’re-“

“Shh,” She pressed her finger tips against his lips and crawled over his lap. “I’ve done really well at my job, and because of that I’ve never had a serious relationship,” Matt caught her hand in his, squeezing softly. “It’s ok, it’s choice,” She smiled linking their fingers together. “But I want a serious relationship now, I want to try that side for a bit, see what it’s like,”

“You wanna get serious with me?” She could hear the mocking tone in his voice, the smirk crossing his lips told her everything she needed to know. She rolled her eyes and slapped him playfully with her free hand.

“Matt I’m serious!”


“Oh shut up!” She laughed at his silly voices falling back down on the sofa next to him. “Are we gonna work?”

“Yeah,” Matt said simply pulling her close.

Matt Sanders smiled, kissing the top of his girlfriend’s head, and lent back against the tour bus sofa. If there was one thing he knew, it was that this relationship, it was going to work.
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