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Work Experience


Brian Haner Jr, Jimmy Sullivan, and Johnny Seward had never laughed so hard in their lives.

“I can not fucking believe you broke Taylor’s nose!” Brian held is arm up to Sarah who ignored the high five and just groaned. “Oh come on don’t leave me hanging girlfriend!”

“Never. Say. That. Again!” Sarah smirked finally high-fiving Brian “And it’s not broken, just damaged!” She muttered gazing towards Zack who was not looking that impressed. At first he’d been utterly confused, then gone to very worried about his girlfriend, to angry for her reaction.

Though no one new what was going on between the pair.

“I would never do anything to hurt you Sarah!” Zack hissed as the doctor held a torch up to her eye, checking for any damage, expect the bruising around it. “I just can’t believe you did this!” Sarah just groaned, flinching a little as the doctor brushed against the cut on her arm. “And with Taylor of all people!”

“I know,” She muttered. “Can we just do this later!” She added looking towards the doctor who smiled sympathetically.

“No we can not, you could have got really hurt!” Zack muttered. “And you obviously don’t trust me!”

“I do!” Sarah hissed. “I don’t trust her!” Zack groaned and shock his head, he just didn’t understand this. “Zack of course I trust you, I mean god I know you’d never hurt me,”

“Of course I fucking wouldn’t, jesus Sarah I love you,”

Silence echoed through the hospital cubical at that very second. It seemed as if the whole world stopped as those words escaped Zack’s mouth.

The doctor coughed awkwardly and excused himself, muttering something about painkillers, while Sarah starred at her boyfriend. She then uttered the immortal words, every person dreads to hear after admitting their love to someone.

“Th-thank you,”

Since then the couple had barely spoken, Sarah of course wanted to say the same three words back to Zacky but for some reason couldn’t manage to get them out. So Zacky went on believing Sarah did not feel the same, and ultimately still did not trust him after the nights events.

One big nightmare.

However the three guys sat around the table with the couple knew nothing of this, and found it far more entertaining to re-tell the events of the cat fight between the girls, the blood stains from Taylor’s nose, and the trip to the hospital.

While Rhian had yet to hear any of it, and Matt was dealing with a very hung over Niki. Matt hadn’t had the guts to tell Rhian the events that had occurred, between Sarah and Taylor when he’d reached the bus with Niki in last night. As soon as the fight had stopped, the party was quickly dispersed, and the guys took the girls to hospital. In between the fuss, Kenny had run up to Matt insisting he came with him, explaining the situation between Niki and Rhian. Then Matt had end up sat on the sofa with Rhian for ages, just chatting about Niki, all the issues that could happen, and how she even came to be here.

“Is she any better?” Rhian asked clutching her cup of tea and gazing towards the closed bathroom door.

“Kind of,” Matt muttered looking very concerned. “I mean she can drink, I know this, I’ve heard the stories seen the evidence,” Rhian just smiled a little, after all the stories she had heard about Niki last night from Matt she could easily believe that. However the fact Niki sat clutching the toilet bowl still just did not add up.

“You think there’s a little foul play a foot?” Matt had to chuckle a little at Rhian’s wording, her accent and way she said things had always brought a smile to his face.

“Yeah, if I fucking find out who-”

“No,” Rhian shock her head, putting a hand reassuringly on Matt’s bicep. “Tha-that’s not a good idea,” She stuttered as she felt his muscles flex under her hand. Her hand quickly moved as she felt the blush on her cheeks grow. “I don’t want any fights on this tour,” She finally managed leaning against the counter and putting her coffee cup down before any unwanted accidents occurred.

“Well that rules already been broken,” Matt chuckled, his laughter stopping as Rhian quickly focused on him.

“Excuse me?”

And she’d been in such a pleasant mood until now.

“Well umm you see there was well a,” Rhian’s eyebrows continued to rise up her forehead as Matt got a little more concerned about explaining this story. If the guys at the gym could see him now, scared of a little English girl they’d laugh in his face. Matt was rarely intimidated by anyway, except this girl. “There was a umm cat fight,”

“Which one of you- a what?” Rhian stopped starring at Matt. “Niki was here, the only other- there was a cat fight?” Rhian questioned utterly confused by the whole thing.

“Sarah and Taylor,” Matt answered. Rhian just burst out laughing.

“You are joking right? Sarah isn’t that stupid!”

“Turns out you English really are!” He smirked nudging Rhian. “And you had it down as Niki!”

“I can’t freaking believe it!” Rhian laughed shaking her head. “Oh god!” She suddenly gasped. “Is Sarah ok? What’s she broken? How long is she in the hospital for?!”

“She’s fine, a bit of a busted lip and bruised face! They went to the hospital last night, Taylor was a lot worse off,”

“Taylor?” Rhian nearly shrieked. “How?! I mean it’s Sarah, she’s all skinny and breakable!”

“But quite the fighter particularly when she’s fighting for something she really cares about!”


“Zack,” Rhian just sighed and shock her head.

“That bitch can’t just leave other peoples-”

“Matt?” Niki’s voice was heard over Rhian’s rant. “Matt?”

“Coming kido,” He called. “You should go see Sarah, sure she’d love to relive the fight with someone who would be 100% on her side!” Rhian nodded a smile breaking across her face. “Yeah I see that smile,” Matt laughed turning round.

“Look after Niki you! And be at the cars at 12, no later!”

“I’ll be there,”

“With Niki,” Rhian added making her way towards the door.


“Well she has to start working at some time,” Rhian replied, not turning round and going straight out the door, knowing Matt was at least attempting to smile.

“I can’t believe you took on Taylor,” Rhian muttered quietly a small smirk on her face. “Are you mad?!”

“Defiantly,” JB and Mattie said together both looking at Sarah, who just nodded.

“Hell have no fury like a woman scorned,” Mattie muttered getting a confused look from JB.

“Where the fuck did you learn a phrase like that?!”

“I read,” Mattie replied indignantly. “I’m the intelligent twin,” He added talking towards the girls, who both laughed and nodded.

“I can believe that one!” Rhian chuckled, winking at JB who just pouted at her.

“I read!” Matty answered obviously offended.

“Dude no porn mag has that phrase in it!”

“Fuck off,”

“Boys,” Rhian chuckled. “I won’t have any more cat fights on this tour, one is quite enough,” She looked to Sarah who hadn’t said as much as a word since she’d sat down in the TV studio where the guys were performing that afternoon. “You alright?”

Sarah didn’t reply she was intently focused on the sketch book in her hand, every so often she’d look up at the guys but that was it.

“Sarah?” Rhian spoke a little louder waiting for the other girl to respond. “Sarah!”


“Oh so you are alive!”

“Of course I’m alive,” Sarah muttered going back to looking at the sketch book.

“So why the silent treatment, I thought you’d be basking in the glory of nearly breaking Taylor’s nose,”

“Lucky shot,” She muttered, as Rhian leant over to see what she was drawing.

“Lucky shot,” Rhian agreed quietly starring at the drawing in Sarah’s sketch book. “Was she really hitting on Zack?” She lowered her voice gazing at Sarah.

“YEah,” Sarah sighed.

“Was he playing along?”

“I guess,” Rhian raised her eyebrows. “It looked like it was all her but he was drinking-”

“Zack wouldn’t do that too you,” Rhian replied. “He really cares-”

“Oh I know,” Sarah muttered putting the note book down, giving Rhian the cahnce to get a good look. “He wasn’t impressed,”


“I got in a fight that I was destined to lose,” Sarah answered a small smile breaking across her face. “It was with Taylor for god sake, I was asking for the beatening of my life,”

“Didn’t get it though,” Rhian added. “You were fighting for someone you lov-”

“Don’t use that word!”

“What word?”

“The word!”

“What word?!”

“You know which one!”

“I do not!” Rhian groaned starring at Sarah. “What can’t I say, all I was going to say was lo-”

“That one!” Sarah shrieked making everyone around the girls stare at her. “What?!” She snapped making them all turn back to what they were doing.
“Wow you are not in a good mood today!” JB muttered, earning a look that could possibly kill him from Sarah. He turned back round to his brother, figuring it wasn’t safe to face Sarah on his own!

“Love?” Rhian whispered looking a little confused. “I can’t say the word l-”

“No you can’t,” Sarah muttered looking towards her friend. “No can I!”

“Sarah,” Rhian sighed. “You’re talking in riddles,” Sarah just shock her head and pulled her knees up close, as she sat on the floor of the tv studio, her eyes focused on her boyfriend. Zack stood there his fingers slowly moving across the frets of the guitar, his eyes flickering from the frets to the studio around him but never once focusing on anything. He was thinking, Sarah could tell his thinking face, he looked so serious.

“What’s the boy done?” Rhian muttered bringing Sarah out of her thoughts.

“You can not come on set!” Rhian groaned hearing someone shouting. “I’m calling security if you go one step closer,” As Avenged Sevenfold’s fan base grew as did the number of fans trying to meet the boys. Not that she had to worry, if it was just one or two fans, Kenny was there to deal with the problem.

“I’m with the band!” She heard someone say, for a second she thought she recognised the voice.

“I’ve heard that before!” One of the crew on set shouted.

“Sarah give me a second,” Rhian muttered, wanting to listen to her friends issues but her job at the moment came first. “Can I- Oh Niki,” Rhian muttered realising the hoody wearing hoodlum that had entered the studio was in fact her work experience student. “She’s with me,” Rhian almost winced hearing that, god that meant she was responsible for her and all the fuck ups that would come with this. “Hows the head?” Niki just looked at her. “That good, right well we’re not up to much at the moment, the guys are gonna start playing in a bit,”

“Will it be loud?”


“I’m going back to the bus,”

“Woah! Hold up!” Rhian stopped her in her tracks. “You’re here on work experience, and this can be your first experience as a band manager, listening to loud music with the worlds worst hangover, we’ve all been there,” Niki just shrugged as she looked down at Sarah, JB and Matty.

“I’d rather not,” She muttered bitterly, earning a smile from Sarah.

“She’s right,” JB muttered. “Drum tech and hangover, two jobs that do not mix well!” He smirked patting the space on the floor next to him. “Come sit that fine ass down and-”

“No hitting on her!” The bellowing voice of M.Shadows came across the studio. “I mean it!”

“Got ya sir!” JB shouted back a smirk on his face, as Niki sat down. She crossed her legs, held the water bottle in her hands and kept the hood over with her sunglasses on covering her dark eyes.

“Well you’re gonna be a lot of use today,” Rhian muttered to herself, as she plopped down next to Sarah. “So you, explain yourself!”