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Rhian Jones was for once feeling rather calm and relaxed.

A rare achievement for the manager of this band, but she was enjoying the moment immensely.

Last nights show had been a roaring success, Niki had stepped up to the job perfectly, the boys had performed a blinder, and the whole night had gone without a hitch. They’d ended the night with a few drinks before being shipped to a hotel. The hotel was booked for two nights before a long road trip to the next group of venues.

Rhian could not deny the pleasure she was getting from laying in a double bed, in a room with four walls, and door that locked. She actually had some alone time, it was a beautiful thing. It was only 8:30am, but Rhian was so happy to as of yet not to have been disturbed about anything.
Today was Rhian’s only day off really, the boys could do whatever they wanted, Niki had free rein and the crew were all given time off. So on her only day off Rhian had decided she was just going to enjoy herself. The hotel had a gym and pool attached, which she knew some of the guys might make use of, and she planned to enjoy the pool. No working out just a leisurely swim, possibly sit in the jacuzzi and then plonk herself in the steam room.

It was literally the perfect relaxing day.

She deserved this day off.

She stayed in bed for as long as physically possible without missing breakfast. She got herself ready for a day by the pool, bikini, a simple dress to cover up and a pair of flats to go down to breakfast in. She took a small bag with a towel, make up, and shampoo in; after breakfast she could then go straight to the pool.

There was no sign of any of the band or crew at breakfast, and Rhian found it almost surreal to eat breakfast without a signal soul interrupting her. There was no one taking a bite out of her toast, Brian usually did! There was no one she had to stop eating her breakfast for to go wake up, it was usually Johnny who was too hung-over to get up. There was no one jumping around and spilling their breakfast or her tea over the table; that tended to be Jimmy.

Rhian felt a small pang of sadness in her stomach as she sat there looking around the hotel restaurant. Everyone was sat with someone, she was the only one alone. Mostly there were couples and businesses associates. The couples were the ones that intrigued rhian the most, she had a job where being in a relationship was not easy. Any man who have to put up with her going away from weeks on end. It was too much to ask.

Sarah of course was lucky, her and Zack were on the same tours, and she worked for herself so organising time off and such was easier. Though even their relationship had it’s difficult points, and Rhian prayed they’d work this latest hiccup out. Zack and Sarah were rather perfect together. Of course she was far to good for him, and the guys reminded him of it every day. Though in Rhian’s opinion they were utterly perfect, the complimented each other so well. Zacky loved her so much, he would do anything for that girl. Rhian knew deep down Sarah felt exactly the same, she was her first deadly serious, big, he could be the one relationship; of course it was nerve racking. Rhian had yet to really be in that situation but she knew Sarah was reaching it and she was nervous.

They just needed to talk. It would all blow over and the perfect couple would stay perfect!

She bit her lip ignoring the small pang of jealously. Would she ever have that?

“Dining alone?” Rhian’s eyes flicked up hearing the familiar deep voice of Matt.

“Morning, I guess I kind of am,” She nodded a smile gracing her lips.

“Can’t have that,” Matt laughed pulling the seat out in front of her and sitting himself down. “You alright?” Rhian just nodded taking another bite of her toast. “You looked thoughtful, anything interesting?”

“Just thinking,”

“I guessed, about?” Matt chuckled tucking into his own breakfast, but keeping his gaze on Rhian.

“Sarah and Zack,”

“Those crazy kids?”

“Yeah those crazy kids!” Rhian laughed with a nod. “Just hoping they’re all ok,”

“Course they will be, I’ve already picked my suite out for the wedding,” He winked at Rhian and leant over to take a bite out of her toast. “Brian always gets to do that, I wanted my turn,”

“You guys are so mature,” She muttered rolling her eyes.

“Hey I should be the one who gets to eat your toast!” He said it without even thinking, and instantly he had no idea why he’d said it.

“You should?” Rhian looked up with a small smile.



“Just because,” Matt smirked and picked up his orange juice downing it in one to avoid any more conversations about the toast. “So what’s yours plans for the day?”

“Swim, jacuizi, steam room, and then I think I might just laze around and read,” Rhian smiled leaning back in her chair. “I deserve this day off,”

“Oh I agree, swimming?” Rhian just nodded watching Matt’s lips curl into a smile. He had such a cute smile, showing off those dimples. “I think I might join you,” Rhian raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“You guys don’t have anything planned?”

“I was gonna play golf with Zack but him and Sarah had other plans, so I’m free,” He smiled. “And since you’re planning on being a loaner all day I might as well make you look cool,”

“Look cool?” Rhian laughed and shock her head. “Oh Sanders you are such a gentleman!” She added dryly watching the smirk grow on his face.

“Anytime,” Matt smirked. Rhian just rolled her eyes finishing her breakfast, and listening to Matt chat about the hotel. He’d been bunking with Jimmy, and apparently they’d spent most of the night harassing the reception downstairs; much to Rhian’s delight.

“So you managed to get yourself dates?” Rhian asked as the pair left the breakfast table and went to exit the restaurant. Matt shrugged with a sly smile.

“Jimmy’s following it through, I think he might take Gates with him,”

“You’re not going?” Rhian questioned, sounding a little happier than she meant to. Matt raised his eyebrows but still shock his head gazing down at her; he’d only just noticed what she wearing. A pretty summer dress, red with flowers over it, very short and quite low cut; it made her look so much younger.

“I like that dress,” Matt said simply before gazing around the hotel lobby. Rhian smiled, knotting her eyebrows, shooting Matt a quizzical look. “I’ll meet you in the pool?”

“Yeah,” Rhian just nodded, still smiling as he turned to walk towards the stairs leaving her standing their just starring. “Matt Sanders you confusing man,” She whispered to herself turning on her heel and walking towards the leisure area of the hotel. She let Matt’s words wash over her, not even thinking twice as she entered the changing room and dumped her stuff in a locker.

It wasn’t until she stripped her dress off and was left standing in a bikini, that she usually loved, did she start to worry. Suddenly everything seemed to change in her head, she bit down hard on her lip debating how to play this.

She’d been to pool parties, and endless days on the beach with the guys, Sarah and other friends, but for some reason this felt different. Just her on her own in a bikini, in a pool with only Matt to see her.

Surely that made it easier?

It’s only Matt for fuck sake, who cares what he thinks?

I do Rhian shock that thought quickly out of her head, grabbing her towel and darting out of the changing room. She could hide under the water until Matt came, then the only issue would be getting out. At least she’d have made it in without him seeing her.

Oh grow up, you’re 26, your arse has never looked this good, get over it and get out there

The pool side was empty when she stepped out and placed her towel down. There was two other people doing laps of the pool, and two life guards chatting down the end. No sign of Matt. Rhian took this opportunity to enjoy herself, going to the deepest end, she curled her toes over the edge of the water and gazed down into the deep blue pool. There was something about water that she loved, its calm, cool feel that could change at any second to a deadly tyrant, attacking whoever entered it.

She loved being in the water.

Rhian took one last peek across the water, before closing her eyes, raising her arms and diving straight in. The water hit her hard as she sliced though it, cascading around her and encasing her in it’s cool softness. She pushed through, staying under for as far as she could propel herself before surfacing and continuing her first lap. She never looked around the pool, never focused on anything else, just thought about reaching the end and turning round to do it all again.

Rhian did at least another five laps before she finally stopped at the opposite end of the pool, where she could stand up and gaze around her. Her gaze was met with a pair of soft green eyes, watching her intently from the side of the pool.

Matt had watched the whole scene unfold, from the second she’d stepped out of the changing room to the moment she’d surfaced. Incredible.

“Mind if I join you?” He called across the pool, slipping in and swimming towards her. Rhian just smiled feeling herself flush red; how long had he been watching her? “You’re quite the swimmer, and we all thought you and Sarah were completely incapable of any kind of sport!”

“I can swim, that’s all,” Rhian chuckled. “Nothing fancy, just your basics,” Matt nodded gazing down at her.

“You swim well, I think I might be a little out of my depth with you!” He winked, finding his own sense of humour rather clever. Rhian just rolled her eyes and gazed down the pool.

“Possibly,” Rhian finally answered, relaxing down into the water to keep warm. “So are you going to impress me with your doggy paddle?”

“Hey! I’m a fucking excellent swimmer,” Rhian just nodded running her eyes over Matt; with those muscles she would hope so!

“I thought maybe with all that extra weight you might just sink!” Rhian smirked enjoying the looks crossing Matt’s face.

“You suddenly feeling very brave?” He muttered his eyes narrowing on Rhian; she was unusually playful.

“Very, cause there’s no way you can catch me in here,” She almost whispered before diving under the water and darting off.

“Fuck,” Matt whispered getting distracted by the flash of her body going through the water. Not now, not fucking now He scolded himself feeling all the blood rush down his body. If there was one thing swimming trunks were shit at, it was hiding certain areas when they decided to make their presence known.

Matt Sanders suddenly felt like a teenage virgin who found everything from his teacher to the girl next door attractive; which of course lead to a constant hard on. Not something anyone wanted to see in a pool.

Nothing to do but swim Sanders.

For another hour the pair swam in the pool, stopping every while to chat and mess about. Both of them seemed to just forget who they were. Matt felt like a teenager boy again, just chatting and enjoying a girls company. Rhian felt the same, being around Matt made her feel so much younger and alive; it made her forget every worry and concern that was brought in from the adult world. She was relaxed.

“I’m officially done for!” Rhian called as Matt surfaced a few meters away, he nodded before going under again and swimming toward her. She couldn’t believe how good he was, then again all those gym sessions would explain that. He popped up rather close to her, putting an arm casually over the side of the pool and pulling himself up and out. “Ok I wish I had that strength,” Rhian muttered rolling her eyes. “Jacuzzi time please?” Matt just laughed and nodded.

“You need a hand?” Matt looked down at her, Rhian willed herself not too look up. If she looked up she’d probably forget to keep paddling and drown. Matt stood their in all his glory, swimming trunks hanging dangerously low on those hips, and water dripping off his perfect body. No women could look at that without drooling.

“Nah I can use the steps,” Rhian replied starting to swim towards them. “I don’t have the upper body strength for that,” Matt just smirked, keeping his gaze on her as she emerged out the pool. His first glance at her out of water and in just that bikini. He smirked to himself, not able to ignore the images popping in and out of his head.

“Right lets find this hot tub,” He smiled walking towards her, if he could control his gaze he would but he was lost right now; unable to stop starring at her. Rhian just nodded, turning quiet quite quickly and walking towards the shallow end of the pool, where in a small alcove sat the hot tub. Rhian picked her towel up on the way, and went to wrap it round her exposed skin but Matt caught the towel before she had a chance. “You realise the hot tub is wet as well, no point soaking the towel twice,” Rhian bit her lip smiling awkwardly at Matt who seemed to take it in his stride.

Matt wanted to tell her to stop being stupid, he knew why she was hiding behind the towel. Even without the sexual scenarios running through his mind, he knew Rhian had no reason to hide. Any of the guys would say she was attractive, maybe not there type but defiantly not someone you’d kick out of bed.

Never in a million years would you kick her out of bed

The thought lingered in Matt’s mind a little longer than it was welcome.

“You ok?” Rhian’s voice brought him back to the real world. She was already in the Jacuzzi, looking far more relaxed and happy. “This is incredible by the way,” She added leaning back and letting her eyes shut. Matt just smiled dropping his towel on top of Rhian’s and climbing in.

The warmth quickly rushed over him, and was a welcome change from the cooler air. He relaxed back into the plastic ledge stretching his legs out to reach the other side. There was no one else around so he could easily take up the space.

“I think I want one of these,”

“You live in a flat,” Matt commented making her laugh.

“True, well someone else needs to get one that I can use,” Rhian replied matter-of-factly. “I’d be round there all the time,”

“Have to make it a requirement for the house then,”

“The house?” Rhian questioned opening her eyes to watch Matt, he was leant back in the corner, stretching his long arms across the top of the hot tub and watching Rhian with a smile. “What house?”

“When we get back I’m moving house!”

“Really? Where to? Have you found anywhere?” Matt smiled enjoying seeing the enthusiasm on someone else’s face. It wasn’t the same talking to the guys about houses.

“Nah not yet,” Her enthusiasm was contagious. “I’ve been having estate agents sending emails with potential houses when they come up, there’s been a few but none are perfect yet!”

“Oh I so want to see them!” Matt shot her a questioning look. “I love houses,” She blushed and then rolled her eyes. “I’m nosey I can’t help it, I use to love house hunting when I was a student,” Matt just nodded, not quite understanding her excitement, but it was cute.

“You’re welcome to come with, actually it would be really useful,” He admitted with a small smile. “Someone needs to give me that women’s advice, maybe you can also stop the estate agent hitting on me!”

“Well she obviously has good taste,” Rhian surprised herself with that comment. Matt smirked with a little nod, meeting her gaze the pair seemed to pause and realise what was happening. “So tonight!” Rhian suddenly exclaimed, taking the conversation down a much safer route.

Rhian was putting this flirting and enjoyment down to a lack of activity in her love life. Quite frankly sitting in a hot tub with a hot guy, no one could deny Matt was hot, was the best offer she’d had in quite a while.

The conversation was now turning to tonight’s events, nothing major just a nice meal out and probably some drinking. Rhian had turned a blind eye to the guys plans to get Niki in to a few bars. She was just looking forward to a good night out with some close friends.

“I’m sure you and Sarah will take forever to decide what to where,” Matt muttered as Rhian had started thinking out loud about what she would wear.

“Yeah too true,” She joked. “It’s a tough job looking this good,”

“You make it look so effortless,” Matt chuckled leaning over to grab a glass of champagne that had been brought to the pair by some waiter; complementary champagne wasn’t to be turned down. “What?” He noticed the look Rhian was giving him.

“I don’t understand where the champagne came from, I mean do they think this is romantic or something?” Matt just laughed and shock his head.

“Stop questioning the free alcohol and drink it before they take it away,” He rolled his eyes at her, making her laugh. “Though I’m not sure how good champagne and hot tubs work, probably get you drunk quicker,”

“That’s not hard to do anyway,” Rhian muttered.

“Oh we know,” Matt smirked leaning over her to put his drink back. His torso brushed against her arm, Rhian breathed in sharply, Matt at such a close proximity was intoxicating to say the least. Rhian willed herself not to react again as he moved slowly away, but she couldn’t help it she leant up and just kissed his cheek softly.

It was as if she’d floated out of her own body and done it without any control or want to do so. It was horrific. She nearly died as she quickly sat back down not able to even form words to stop the shocked look on Matt’s face grow. His eyes went wider and he just starred at her.

Rhian bit down on her lip hard making the blood rush to it, shockingly there was enough to run to both her lip and cheeks. She did the only thing she could at that moment…


She got up quickly not able to do anything else, she clambered out awkwardly grabbing her towel and hiding her face in it.

Do something Sanders, do something!

Matt did the only thing he could think of at that moment, he leapt out with her, grabbing her arm and pulling her hard towards him.

“Ma-” She didn’t get to finish, his lips pressed firmly against hers pushing her whole body towards the wall of the alcove. She felt his hips hit hard against her, the pressure of his whole body crashing down on hers making her gasp a little. It gave Matt the perfect chance to deepen the kiss, his tongue skilfully moving against hers. His hands slipped down her wet body, feeling every inch of her soft skin as she pushed her body into his hands.
Rhian felt herself moan as his hands slipped down to her hips gripping tightly, before running under thighs to push her legs up. She instinctively wrapped a leg around him, and found herself being lifted up to wrap both of them round. Matt’s body holding her up against the wall, as his tongue invaded her mouth.

Rhian pulled her head back slightly the need to take a breath dominating her thoughts. She groaned a little feeling Matt continue to kiss down her jaw line, and softly nibbling at her neck. He bit a little harder, Rhian’s hips bucking in response.

“I. want. You!” He muttered into her ear, his finger tips running across his bare stomach. She couldn’t quite form words yet, and the smirk across Matt’s face showed he knew that. “You’re beautiful,” He whispered, his finger tips travelling further south, his gaze fixing with hers.

“Please,” Rhian whispered running her arms round his neck and holding on. Matt smirked pressing another kiss against her lips.

“Somewhere more private?” He questioned, getting a nod out of her. “Come on then beautiful,”

The pair never noticed the audience of one that was watching from the pool as they almost run past, hand in hand. Niki watched in amusement a small smile breaking across her lips; now that one she did not see coming.
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