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Brian Haner Jr, was having the time of his life.

“Ladies I feel like a pimp!” He announced, leaning back in the booth and stretching his arms out. “This is quite frankly the way I want to lead my life,”

“Brian you disgust me!” Sarah said simply, over the music in the bar, pouting her lips and shaking her head at him. “Actually disgust me!”

“Oh now come on that’s no way to treat your pimp!”

“You’re not a pimp,” Niki said matter-of-factly. “And I’d say these guys are about to ruin your status,” She smirked watching Matt and Zacky walk towards the booth, holding trays of drinks. Brian’s eyes turned dangerously dark as they flickered over Niki, a smirk growing on his lips. Her attitude reminded him of the guys and himself when they were her age.

“We have four beers,” Zacky stated passing one to Niki, one to Brian, and keeping the other two for him and Matt. “And two stupid drinks,” He muttered passing one Cosmo to Rhian and a Woo Woo to Sarah. “Insane,” He muttered. “I thought the fucking woman was going to put sparklers in it next,” He added looking at his girlfriend in despair. The smile grew on Sarah’s face as she took her first sip, gazing towards her boyfriend with innocent eyes.

Matt chuckled, watching the pair interact, they seemed perfect together. He looked for the first available seat, deciding to slide to the booth next to Rhian. He felt her tense up as soon as he’d sat down. He ignored it, taking a sip from his own drink and watching the blood rush to her cheeks as she shot Matt a quick smile. It was rare to see Rhian lose her usual cool and calm composure; then again she was not on the job right now.

“You look amazing,” Matt whispered in her ear, leaning over to grab his beer. “Really beautiful,” Rhian could not help but smile, she looked towards Matt trying her hardest to say something, anything that could be a good reply.

“Th-thank you,” She managed, quickly grabbing her drink and taking a mouthful. Matt smirked leaning back in the booth and stretching his arm out behind Rhian. It was not as if anyone would take any notice of that.

People came and went from the table, no one had said a word about Niki all night. To get in she had just got friendly with Brian who’d taken no notice of the bouncers anyway. Every so often the three girls would disappear off to the dance floor, usually taking a few guys with them. Matt stayed where he was, chatting with Zack about golf and laughing at Jimmy’s story telling. It was nice to just be able to chill with his best mates, like the old days really.

But like the old days there was one thing playing on his mind; a girl. Back then it could have been any old girl, and it would not have bothered him as much. Now though, when the girl was only a few meters away, dancing her ass off with her friends, it became more of an issue. Even though he was trying to concentrate on the conversations around him, he kept a watched eye on Rhian and the girls. He felt more protective than usual. Zack would usually keep his eyes firmly fixed on his girlfriend as she was prone to getting in trouble, but Zack seemed more relaxed tonight.

“Watching Niki?” Brian asked from the space in front of Matt. Matt eyes shot up, almost shaking his head but realized that would lead to more questions.

“She’s prone to getting herself in shit,”

“Yeah don’t want Rhian screaming at us again,” Brian smirked his eyes wondering towards the girls. It wasn’t a bad view, of course he didn’t really look at Sarah or Rhian in that way. “Ya know if she wasn’t our manger-” Matt narrowed his eyebrows at Brian, instantly giving away too much. “What? Fuck dude you’ve never thought of her like that?”

“I have,” Jimmy smirked, winking at Matt. “She’d love-”

“You ain’t her style,” Niki voiced up, appearing at Matt’s side and placing herself in the booth. “I reckon our Brit likes them a bit more muscular,” Brian and Jimmy both raised their eyebrows at Niki. While Matt stiffed up in his seat.

“What she’s said?”

“Oh it’s just a thought,” Niki chuckled leaning back in her seat so she could keep Matt in her eyeline. “I just think if she had to pick one of you-”

“She wouldn’t,” Matt spoke softly, keeping his cool and taking a swig of his beer. “She just wouldn’t,”

“Ya never know!” Jimmy laughed slipping out of the booth. “Drinks?” Everyone nodded, presuming he was getting the next round. “If she likes muscles you two are in with a shot!” He added nodding at Brian then Matt.

“I reckon she’d have-” Niki started a smirk gracing her lips. “You,” Niki pointed at Brian. “I mean hot bod, nice hair, good tan, and you’re a guitarist,” Her smirk grew. “You know what they say about guitarists,” Brian sent her a wink, a dazzling grin flashing across his face; damn that man was hot.

“They can play the guitar,” Johnny deadpanned, his eyes alight with humor as Brian smacked him up the back of the head.

“Well there is that!” Niki chuckled. “I just reckon she’d go for the bad boy rather than the gentle giant,” Matt was not reacting the way she had hoped, instead he swirled the last remains of beer around his bottle before finishing it off.

“Be right back,” Matt said simply making his way out of the booth. “Watch her,” He nodded his head at Niki who just rolled her eyes in disgust; always treated like a child. Brian just nodded back looking towards Niki with interest.

Matt made his way towards the bar which stretched across the back of the club. At one end he could easily pick out Jimmy’s tall gangly frame, a few girls around him he was clearly entertaining. The other end was Sarah and Zack, Rhian stood a little away from them ordering her own drink.

This was his chance,

“Are you ignoring me?” Matt questioned, his voice low, head close to hers, and warm breath washing over her exposed skin. “I mean if you are fine, I’d just like to know,” There was almost a sense of mockery in his voice; was he laughing at her?

“I’m not ignoring you,” Rhian replied, trying to control her breathing. “I just don’t know how to act,”

“Like we always have,” Matt smiled as his hand found it’s way to her hip, holding her in place. “Unless you wanted me to announce I boned the boss,” Rhian rolled her eyes turning round to face Matt instead of the bar. She went to open her mouth and react to his sarcasm with a smart comment, but she was lost for words. He stood so close to her, his eyes dark and focused directly on her as she looked up. His towering figure hovering over her smaller frame, watching her carefully. Rhian almost melted on the spot as he gazed down at her; god he was hot when he was like this.
“I mean I wouldn’t want the guys thinking I get special treatment,” The huge smile on Matt’s lips gave him away. Rhian instantly softened up, her lips parting into a smile and her nose crinkling up as she laughed. “That is a pretty sight,” Matt muttered tracing her smile with his thumb.

He leant down, his nose softly pressing against hers. “What are we doing?”

“Well I’m planning on kissing you,” Matt replied the smile still gracing his beautiful face. “I don’t know about you, I’m enjoying this moment,” Rhian could not help but smile with him. She forgot all her previous morals and ideas, instead of being the good girl and backing away she moved closer.

Their lips met hurriedly.

And that was it, she was lost in the dream world that Matt Sanders seemed to create every time he kissed her.

He made her feel quite literally like the only girl in that room.

As he large hands explored the patched of bare skin her dressed exposed, she felt herself melt into his touch. Right now he could get her to do anything he wished.

Matt Sanders seemed to have a talent of turning strong women into willing submissives' at the touch of a button.

And it did not take long until Rhian was stumbling out of the club with Matt, hand in hand, stealing quick kisses and muttering to each other.

The cold air crashed against her as Rhian exited the club, her hand tightening around Matt’s. He gazed down a sly smile breaking across his lips, he simply pulled her closer, slinging his arm over her shoulder and pressed a soft kiss against her temple.

“Why are you so warm?” She muttered, walking under the bright street lights and through the crowds of people that were milling around the clubs.

“I can think of many ways to keep you warm,”

“Cheesy Sanders, very cheesy!” Rhian whispered back a smile crossing her pouty lips as Matt lent down and kissed her hard. The alcohol was the strongest taste, as their lips clashed, tongues teasing one and other. Matt pulled away feeling Rhian push for more. He smiled down at her, her eyes narrowing filled with lust.

“You are just going to have to wait,” Matt smirked pressing one last chaste kiss against her lips. The pair were far to involved in each other to ever notice the person watching them from the side of the street, a smile gracing her lips and a camera swinging round her wrist.

Taylor Lawrence was about to make a fortune, or at least create a beautifully dramatic story. Though she hung around the area a little longer waiting to see just what else she could find.

It wasn’t to closing time that Taylor saw gold bullion of a story stumbling pas her. It was incredible. Synyster Gates was about to end his career big time.
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