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Rhian Jones was so happy right now, nothing could bring her down.

She kept her eyes firmly shut, trying so hard to ignore the ringing of her phone, she was enjoying the feeling of being tucked up in bed. Next to her Matt stirred, growling, and leaning over her to grab the phone.

“Matt,” She grumbled as he leant over her, putting a little too much of his weight on her. “What are you- “ He pressed a button on her phone and chucked it across the room. “Hey!”

“Shut up,” He muttered pressing his lips firmly against hers. “Do not ruin this moment,” A small chuckle escaped her lips as he rolled over and pulled her with him. She pushed herself up, stretching her legs ti straddle Matt’s hips and gazed down at him.


“Wish it wasn’t,” He muttered running his hands up and down her thighs.


“I want last night to be on repeat,” He smirked, his thumb skimming over a small bite mark. “Again, and again,”

“Oh I don’t think so,” Matt raised his eyebrows at her.

“I do better sober,” Rhian winked at him a playful smile growing on her lips.

“Oh really?! “ Matt could not help but laugh; this side of Rhian was addictive, seeing her smile and laugh in such an intimate way. “Well I hope I get to find that out,” Rhian bit down on her lip, feeling her cheeks tinge red. “Cause last night well-“ Matt whistled rolling his eyes back and smirking at Rhian. “Well it wasn’t fucking bad gorgeous,”

“Why thank you,” Rhian just laughed, sliding herself off his legs and back down onto the bed, she curled up under his large arm, resting her head on his chest. She kept her eyes open, feeling his hand rest on the curve of her side, stroking the skin mindlessly. Rhian bit her lip, gazing down to his relaxed stomach; she reached out doing something she’d always wanted to do. Her finger tips grazed lightly over his toned stomach, feeling the muscles tense under her touch. She let her fingers run higher up, tracing the lines of his defined chest and then back down to the exposed skin where his boxers would usually sit.

A low groan escaped his lips as she delved lower. Matt gripped her side as the thought of where those hands could go. Matt heard Rhian giggle at his reaction, noticing her head tilt a little lower as if to get a better view at her destination.

“Miss Jones,” Matt tightened his grip. “You fucking tease,”

“I am not,” Rhian replied trailing her fingers back up his stomach to rest on his chest. “I was just exploring,” Matt could not help but laugh at her innocent comment as she gazed up all wide eyed and smiling.

“Bullshit, you want my dick, you can’t deny it,” The fact she gasped at his crudeness and just rolled her eyes, fuelled his laughter. “Oh shit you are too fucking much,” He managed to speak between his loud throaty laughter. Rhian just rolled her eyes, trying not to melt at the sound of his laugh and the touch of his warm hands against her skin.

“Matt,” Rhian punched him lightly in an attempt to get his attention.

“Yeh?” He finally looked down at her, his eyes alight with humour, a cheeky grin still plastered on his face.

“You look happy,” She blurted out not being able to stop herself, Matt’s smile grew and he just nodded leaning over and carefully pressing a kiss against her lips. He waited to gage her reaction before moving back, but still keeping the smile on his lips. “Really happy,” She managed, feeling a little desperate to bring his soft lips back to hers.

“Oh I am darling,” He smirked, his hand reaching out to grip Rhian’s wrist and pull her back to him.

“Very happy to have a fucking hot naked woman in my bed,”

“Matt!” Rhian slapped his arm, as he pulled her closer pressing his lips firmly against hers. She moaned into the kiss, as his hands explored further under the covers that was holding her modesty. He pulled her closer and onto his lap, enjoying this moment he knew would have to end soon.
As he pulled away he saw the smile growing on Rhian’s lips, her eyelids fluttering open and focusing on him. “Matt?”

“Yep,” His voice quiet, and eyes fixed on hers.

“Can we,” She paused biting down on her lip and debating how to say her thoughts.

“Stay in bed all day?” He smirked making Rhian giggle.

“Do this again sometime?”

“Sometime?” Matt’s eyebrows rose and almost looked a little disappointed.

“Well I thought about tonight but we’re on a bus with a whole band and crew, with tiny bunks, but I was thinking maybe another time because well, I really wanna do this again, don’t get me wrong, but without prying eyes this time,” She managed to get out all at once in a rush voice as if to cover all questions and feelings.

Matt nodded taking it all in and slowly letting a smile creep over his face.

“I would love to do all this again sometime, sometime soon,”

“Yes please,” Rhian smiled pressing a kiss against his lips once again. “I need however to use the shower-“

“Me too,” Matt stood up quickly grabbing Rhian’s wrist. “Maybe we can do it again sooner than you think,” The cheeky boyish grin that was plastered over his face said it all.

“Oh go on then!” Rhian laughed out loud stupidly thinking Matt was joking. Her laughter turned to screams as Matt lifted her off the bed, as if she weighed nothing, and strode towards the bathroom.

On the other side of the hotel a different couple were waking up. Waking up from a very different situation, with very different emotions flooding into the room as the pair started to stir.

Brian was the first to move, a sharp pain was starting to pulsate through his lower back, as if he’d spent to long lying down. He groaned fidgeting to get into a comfortable position, though the cold air on his legs and the pain in his back were preventing him. He shifted slightly to push himself up off what he thought was the bed, though the hard surface pushing back against his hands confirmed his worst nightmares; he’d spent a night sleeping on the floor.

Brian’s eyes opened suddenly checking for the usual signs of a bad night, but there was no vomit stained fabrics and he seemed to have a very neat pile of his clothes next to him. He knew deep down he hadn’t been that drunk the night before, but sometimes you even end up questioning yourself after a few drinks.

So what the fuck was he doing on the floor?

He sat up slowly, his head starting to pound softly, he knew if he didn’t dose up on aspirin now he’d pay for it later. His eyes flicked around the bedroom, Matt was not in his bed it was left untouched, his eyes quickly turned to his own bed.

That was a different story.

The covers were bunched up to one side, covering what you’d only presume to be another person.

This wasn't shocking in itself, Brian would never describe himself as celibate, probably the exact opposite; however, he had never woken up on the floor with the woman still in his bed.
Brian grabbed the sweat pants he’d left at the bottom of his bed and pulled them on. He walked round to the side of the bed where the mass of covers were to inspect whoever was there. In the back of his mind he had an idea of who it could be, images of last night flashing through his mind, he was praying he had it wrong.

If he’d slept with her then he definitely had a death wish.

Slowly he knelt down by the bed, reaching over and peeling the covers slowly back to reveal a mass of black hair, tanned skin and a few tattoos.

“Shit,” Brian hissed, pushing himself back up to his full height and closing his eyes. Maybe if he just left the room, had a shower and got ready she’d disappear by herself and they’d never talk about it again?


“Bri?” Her voice was horse; sounding like she’d already smoked a whole packet of cigarettes. The idea of running away flashed through his head, but she’d already moved to look at him.

“Morning,” He smirked noticing the dark marks under her blood shot eyes. “Rough night?”

“Your fault,” She muttered slowly pushing herself up in the bed, revealing her naked body to him. The grin across his face grew as he watched her stretch, revealing a little more with each movement.
“Perv,” She hissed noticing the look plastered across his face. Niki pulled the covers up around her body and finally focused on Brian. “If you hadn’t been so fucking boring last night you could have had this,” She smirked looking down at the rising tent in his trousers. Brian just looked at her, more confused than he already was.


“Yeah, all, No, Niki! Your brother will fucking cut my dick off! This is not happening, you’re too young!” Niki attempted an impression of Brian. “Well there ya go, ya missed out on this!” She indicated to herself a satisfied smile on her lips as if she’d won this round.

“Right,” Brian just nodded, letting the relief wash over him. It was not just Matt he would have worried about, Rhian was likely to go mental just because Niki was in the room, and if he’d slept with her he was likely to lose a lot more than his dick.

“What’s with you?” Niki had noticed that he didn’t look too bothered about her. “You realise what I just said right?”

“If I fucked you, Matt wouldn’t be the only one to worry about that’s all I’m saying,” He muttered looking down at Niki. “Now I’m gonna have a shower and go down for breakfast, you need to be out of here,”

“Whatever,” She stepped out of her bed revealing her full body to him. Brian had to hold back any groans that were likely to escape, as she bent over and grabbed her clothes, he knew she was doing this on purpose; making a point at what he’d clearly missed out on last night.

He watched her pull the black lacey thong on, and then the tight black jeans she’d had on last night.

“Enough!” Brian hissed storming across the bedroom to the bathroom. “You know where the door is,” He muttered stomping into the bathroom and slamming the door shut. Niki just laughed out loud, dropping onto the bed with a satisfied smile. She had far too much fun teasing him.
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