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We were quiet for a few minutes, both of us focused on our work. Willa breathed calmly, but I kept thinking of her tears earlier, the tears she had wiped away, excusing herself with an ‘I’m fine’. “You were crying earlier.” She looked away and nodded.
“Why?” “Why are you asking me all these questions?” It was finally her turn to be defensive, and she hid her face from me. “Lee....” It was a nickname I hadn’t said since sixth grade. “You’re the one who started asking about me. You’re the person who’s being nice to me. Maybe it’s about time you told me something about yourself.”
She sighed, turning her head to hold my eyes. “My parents are getting divorced. I think.” “You think?” Pennylee shook her head, like she was trying to drive the thoughts away. “It’s been going on and off for years, sometimes they’re in love, sometimes they’re not. I guess....” She trailed off and glanced out the window. “Why didn’t we do this earlier?” “Do what?” “Get together again. Be friends again.” “We’re friends?” She tilted her head back, smiling. “Yeah. We’re friends.” “Cool.”