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Good Bye

It wasn’t until Pennylee had left that Davey came out of his room, ears still red with anger. “Is she gone?” “Yeah, and you didn’t have to be such a dick to her.” Davey spun and glared at me. “She ruined your life, Willa! Don’t you ever forget that, she’s the reason everyone hates you, she’s why you fucking cut yourself!”
“Pennylee isn’t why I cut myself, David! I’m why I cut myself! Why can’t you see that maybe I’m not the perfect little sister you always thought I was, that I can’t keep waiting for you to come back and save me!”
“I never thought you were perfect, Willa. I just want you to see that it’s not my fault I can’t save you from our parents, from school, from yourself. I want you to stop blaming yourself for what you are.” He breathed in deep, faced me. “You’re gay, Willa. You like girls. And you need to accept it.” I couldn’t think of anything to say, what to think. He’d never said that quite so clearly before.
He sighed, ran a hand through his hair. “Look...I’m gonna leave early. Could you tell Mom and Dad I say good bye?” He hesitated, looked to the door, then stalked up to me. “I love you, Will. You don’t deserve any of this, this bullshit you’re going through. Just stop hurting yourself, last a few more years. I promise it gets better.”
I held his eyes. “I’m done with your promises, Davey. Just leave. I don’t want you here anymore.” He grabbed his bag and left. Soon as the door closed, I started crying.