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My parents came home about an hour later, after I had dried my tears and was sitting in my room, staring blankly at the wall. "Willa? You home?
" I had to force myself to answer them. "Yeah, mom. I'm in my room." "Where's David?" "He had to go. He told me to say goodbye." There was an awkward silence on the other side of the door before my mom walked away. No one in my family has ever been good at talking about our emotions, so even though I just wanted to have her hug me, I said nothing.

I logged on to Facebook to talk to Linc. We were having a normal conversation, talking about school and such, when she slipped up. I was talking about Davey, and how I'd just let him leave. She said 'Willa Jay Vertei, go back and get your brother right now!'

My hands froze on the keyboard. My middle name isn't listed anywhere on Facebook. She wouldn't know it unless she actually knew me in real life. 'How do you know my middle name? Who are you?' She logged off quickly and didn't answer, leaving me to puzzle over this.
It didn't take me too long. It was someone who knew me, so they had to live around here. It was someone who cared enough to contact me, which narrowed the list down a lot. Someone who called themselves 'Linc'. When I finally put the pieces together I felt stupid.

'Linc' as in 'Lincoln'. Lincoln is on the penny. Pennylee. She'd been trying to befriend me for longer than I thought. My hands were shaking and I felt dizzy. I wasn't scared-not really.
If she wanted to hurt me, she would already have done so. I'd given more than enough information. But why couldn't she tell me earlier, when we had agreed to be friends again? I would have to ask her the next day, at school. With that, I fell into a restless sleep.