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The very next day my mom had me stay home while she went to my school. Penny told me later that my mom looked like she was coldly containing murderous anger. She said the principal came out looking shocked, stammering about lawsuits and bullying. Mom came home and asked if I wanted to transfer schools.

I didn’t even have to think before I nodded. It was barely a week until I was going to Isaac High, a school that was farther away from town, but worth it. I started to make friends. I even joined GSA, and no one teased me about it.

A male to female transvestite had even been elected prom queen the year before. I was able to relax, lose the urge to cut myself, although I still went to a therapist. I liked her. She was a young woman named Kelly who had been through a lot of bullying too, and had a lesbian sister. She made me feel better about myself, and watched over to be sure I wasn’t cutting.

The first time I told my new friends about being a lesbian I felt like a super hero. They just hugged me, asked if I had a girlfriend, stuff like that. I was accepted easily. The only thing I missed about my old school was Pennylee. The last day of school I had hugged her goodbye and kissed her forehead, ignoring the murmurs of ‘fag’.

They were hushed up quickly by teachers newly nervous about bullying. I deeply wanted to tell everyone who had ever been cruel to me that they could burn in Hell, but I didn’t. I wanted to keep respect for myself.