Status: Finished



After the day was over I went home crying again. Nether of my parents would be home until eleven, and David was at college. My room is bare and empty, white walls with just a bed in the corner. All my clothes are kept in drawers under there, and I have a pile of books along the wall. Sighing, I left my sweatshirt in the laundry basket and started homework. Halfway through I realized water was dripping on the pages-I was still crying without noticing it. Homework done, I did the laundry, made dinner for myself, tidied up the house and went on the computer.

I actually have a Facebook page, even if I only have five friends (four of whom I don’t know, one who was a mistake) But....I had a friend request. My breath caught in my throat as I clicked the little people button-‘Lincoln has asked you to be her friend’. I am seriously that lame. While I looked through her profile I saw another page pop up in the corner, but I ignored it for a time. Lincoln was a girl, my age, lived in New York, liked zombies, old books, music, and chemistry. There were no real pictures of her, just a shot of a girl with sea stars in her hair. I accepted, hoping maybe she would talk to me. Then I clicked on the other page and found misery.


The whole page was filled with dozens and dozens of people, some who I didn’t even know, writing about how much they hated me and why. Mallory’s were the most virulent-‘I seriously want to kill that little bitch sometimes’ one of her posts read. There were even pictures of me, gotten without my knowledge. There was a poll ‘Which picture of Willa is the ugliest?’ and a whole discussion dedicated to how much of a dyke I am. Two hundred and twenty three people belonged to it, which was roughly half my school. I choked back a sob and clicked the exit link. Of course I’ve heard about cyberbullying before-who hasn’t? But God, I had no idea how much it hurts. I leaned my head on my knees and sobbed, whispering the worst posts over and over.