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At first it was great to have Davey back at home. The house had been so empty without his laughter, his stuff all over the place. Even my parents seemed happier.
For the first two days everything went okay. Then David started poking his nose into my business.
“Hey, Will, it’s so hot out. Why are you in that hoodie?” he would ask, tugging playfully at my sleeve. I would just smile and pull away, careful not to let the rough fabric touch my cuts. “I’m cold, that’s all.”
After a few times of this Davey had stopped smiling. I heard him on the phone with his girlfriend, Maxine. They were talking about me.
“I’m really worried about Will.” He paused, and I could faintly hear her talking. “Yeah, that’s true. I dunno, she’s not right. I haven’t seen her take her hoodie off yet, and she rarely smiles.” More squabbling while Davey nodded. He leaned against the wall, almost far enough to see me. I scooted further into the shadows.
“You really think so? I mean, I know you went through that, but...” He sighed and let her talk. “Okay babe. I know. I know. Soon, I promise. Thanks. Love you too, bye.” When he hung up I fled into my room. Only two more days and Davey would leave, so my secrets could be mine again.
Davey came to my room a few minutes later. By then I had some sort of plan, although it wasn’t a very good one. Mostly, it featured not letting him know anything about me.
His face was hard and composed when he reached my doorway. “Hey, Will, can I talk to you about something?” “Sure.” I said slowly, fear boiling in my stomach. “I think it’s time I asked you a question. Are you self harming?”
I held back an unexpected snort. Self harm? Since when had my brother become so politically correct? “Um, what? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” “Will, show me your arms.”
When I held out my hands to him he grimaced. “Pull up your sleeves, I meant.” “Davey, this is stupid. Go back to your room or something. I have school in a few hours.” His face twisted into anger.
“Willa, stop being stubborn and let me see your arms.” “Since when did you become my parent?” I hissed, frustrated with his constant digging into my life. “I’m not, but there’s something wrong and I deserve to know!”
He yelled back. I stood and tried pushing him from my room, but he was too strong. “Damnit Willa, let me see your fucking arms!” Davey raised a hand as if to swat me away. “You’re gonna hit me too, David?” I asked quietly.
He paled and lowered his arm. “Will, you know I’d never hurt you. Please, I just want you to be okay.” Smiling, I closed the door in his face. “Night, Davey.” He just sighed and walked away.