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Pretty, Ugly Girl

Take Sixteen

Hannah didn't want the birthday dinner that Mel said she was going to be doing tonight because she knew that an argument would definitely ensure because there was no way one wouldn't happen. The two that she thought the argument would be between was Jade and James because there seemed to be tension between the two of them all day, plus the fact that Abi hadn't been home since she stormed out that morning. Their father didn't even ask where she was when he came home from work.

When Mel told everyone that dinner was served and they all sat at the table, it was only then that he noticed that Abi wasn't there. “Where's Abi?” he asked, looking between each of his children. James and Jade just shrugged whilst Hannah looked between the two of them.

Just then Mel came in from the kitchen with the last plate before sitting down in her chair. Noticing that John was looking at both James and Jade instead of eating, she knew something must be going on. “Anything wrong?” she questioned.

“Where's Abi?”

Mel looked at the seat that Abi was normally in and was surprised that she wasn't there. How had she not noticed that?

“She hasn't been back since she stormed out this morning. I think it was something to do with what James and Jade were arguing about,” Hannah piped up, making all four of the family look at her. Casey just stayed looking at her plate.

“You're such a snitch,” James spat, not at all happy that she just told them about the argument this morning. It was nothing to do with her or them as to what went on and whether or not Abi was apart of it.

Mel looked between Jade and James. “What were you two arguing about this morning?” she questioned, her eyes narrowing as she saw they both didn't look pleased with what Hannah said.

“None of your fucking business,” Jade said promptly, absolutely not willing to say what it was about to them. It wasn't a bad reason, per say, but still she didn't want Mel to know or even their father to know despite the fact that he probably wouldn't care.

This made John speak up. “Actually Jade, it is my business.”

Both James and Jade snorted at that. “Really now? Since when has everything that has happened ever been your business? It hasn't because you've never cared,” James stated, glaring at their father.

“You don't care about us. So you have no right telling us that it's your business because in case you haven't noticed, it's not,” Jade said, verbally agreeing with what James just said. It was shocking that she was agreeing with him but no one really noticed that bit because of the argument that was about to brew. Mel could just sense that one of the two would get worked up and say something to their father which wouldn't be tolerated by him.

John looked between the two of them before looking at Hannah. “I suppose you agree with what they're saying, don't you?” he said to her, a firm tone in his voice. She shook her head but could tell by his face that he didn't believe her. “And I already know that Abi agrees with you.”

Casey felt unbelievable awkward sitting where she was. She wasn't apart of the family and yet she was here, in the middle of James and Jade pulling their father up about the fact that he didn't care. No matter whether she was liked by the family or not, she would have felt awkward even then. This wasn't a situation many people would like to be in and she was one of them people.

Mel didn't know what to say or if she should even say anything at all. It was bad that this had stemmed off the fact that Abi wasn't home for dinner but then, she realised, this was an argument that was inevitable going to happen one day or another. Of course it just had to happen on Hannah's birthday.

“It's nice to know that I have my children not thinking about anyone but themselves. I work all the hours that I do so that I can provide money for each and everyone one of you. The money I make mostly goes on you four and yet you have the nerve to say that I don't care about you. I never realised just how selfish you all are.” John looked at the three of them, shaking his head slightly at each one of them.

However his words just made Jade that extra bit mad. “We're selfish?! I'm sorry if wanting our father to actually care about us is selfish, I'm so fucking sorry! We know that you work to provide money for us but that does not mean that you have no time whatsoever to spend time with us and to actually notice what is going on. Did you know that Abi got a letter through from her school that says that she's been officially kicked out because they cannot afford to pay for her to sit exams that she most probably won't turn up to? Did you know that she hasn't been to school in over a month? Or are you just so busy that you cannot pay attention to anyone but yourself?” she ranted, not caring about the fact that it was Hannah's birthday and that it was already ruined but now steadily growing worse.

Just as their father was about to reply Jade continued speaking, “Did you know that James' girlfriend is now living with us? Did you know that Abi's been going out for the last few months and spending all her time with a boy who is nineteen years old? Did you know that the boy who is nineteen years old has had sex with under age girls before? Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe Abi is no longer a virgin and she's only fifteen years old? No, I don't think you've ever once though about that because you just don't care. I know that you're going to try and pretend that you care when she gets back but the truth is you don't and haven't done since mum died. Get the fuck over the fact that we're her kids too and start acting like a father!”

Pushing away from the table, Jade didn't even bother to pick her chair up when it fell. All she did was just storm out of the room and up the stairs. She didn't need to go out just to get away from them; no one came in her room to disturb her at times like these nor would she tolerate anyone coming into her room.

John looked at James who just shrugged, “Everything she said.” He then got up off the table and went out into the hallway, Casey following after him. They went upstairs and slammed the door shut as they went into their room.

Mel just sighed before looking at John. “We can never have just one dinner without an argument breaking out, can we?” She then looked at Hannah. “Sorry your birthday dinner went terrible. I tried,” she apologised.

Then John said something that Hannah knew she could never forgive him for. “It's your birthday today?”

Mel felt hopeless when Hannah got down from the table and done what both James and Jade did: go up the stairs and slam her door shut as she entered her room.
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Oh the woe of their father.