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Pretty, Ugly Girl

Take Seventeen

Hardly anyone spoke within the house over the next week or so. Abi had come back after dinner and refused to tell them where she had been for the simple fact it wasn't their business. Mel could see that she was steadily losing weight just by looking at her face. Normally Abi has slightly chubby cheeks which she would probably end up growing out of when she was eighteen or so but as of recently, Mel noticed that they were slowly losing that slight chub.

Of course she first put it down to the fact that she could just be growing out of it already but then she rarely had Abi join them for dinner anymore and seeing her eat breakfast or lunch was something that she rarely saw anyway. She did eat, of course, but not often and barely in the house. Most of the time she went out and met up with Tommy before going back to his house and eating there. It was better to eat there because he only ate healthily so there was nothing bad to tempt her with. Plus the fact that the more healthy and less calories it had, the more Abi could eat.

Jade never ate dinner at the table whenever their father was there and everyone noticed that straight away. Nothing would make her start eating at the table again because she didn't want to because of their father. Jade didn't want to believe it but as of recently she was steadily becoming closer and closer to hating their father. It wasn't something she ever wanted to admit to because he was still their father in the long run, but the fact that he just wasn't getting any better and then had the nerve to put all the blame onto them made her just so angry at him. But it didn't just make her angry, it made her completely gutted as well.

She knew that the reason he was like he was stemmed from the fact that their mother was dead. And she knew, somewhere deep down inside of her, that he blamed them for their mother dying. It might not be a big bit of him but it was there and she knew it. It was why he never wanted to be around them and why he didn't like getting the school pictures of them which most parents would get just for the simple fact it was their school lives. And it was that reason as to why she felt completely gutted.

Mel was worried about each of them, the two of them more so than she was about James and Hannah. James was someone that she knew who could hold his own and not let his emotions damage him too much. In a way, that made Mel worried about the fact that he was about to become a father. But it was hard for her to be worried about them all at the same time because she was only one person and unfortunately, she did have her own life to be worried about too. The good thing was that she didn't work so she didn't have anything like that to worry about. If she did then she knew there'd be no way she would be able to worry about each of John's kids as well as try her hardest to at least talk to them to see what's going on.

She knew it'd probably be a waste but it was just something she knew she should at least try and do. But that was all it was, a try. Because it didn't work and she knew it wasn't going to work before she even tried it.

James was getting severely annoyed with the fact that Casey never done anything during the days except for annoy him and stay around him like she was a lost puppy or something. He was sick of it and when he pulled her up about it her excuse was the fact that she was pregnant was why she didn't want to be away from him too much. This made James want to smash his head against the wall several times over but he refrained from that and instead just kept quiet and let her follow him around.

In reality he just wanted her to go into labour so that they could sort out the paternity test before he determined what was going on with her and the child. If it wasn't his then there was no way she would be staying with them but if it was his, he knew, with great horror, that she was going to be staying with them and he probably wouldn't be free from her for a long while.

Casey, in the meanwhile, was scared about the fact that her labour was approaching at a fast rate. It was her first child and she didn't know what to expect despite all the information the doctors have given both her and James. Though she reckoned that he was mostly asleep at each of the appointments and even if he wasn't physically asleep he was probably mentally asleep just so that he didn't have to listen to whatever the doctor was prattling on about.

She also wasn't looking forward as to how James would act when the child was born. She knew that he had doubts about it even being his but he must have some bit of him that believed it was his other why would she be living in his room with him? She wouldn't be. He would have left her to live on the street or to find one of them homeless shelters. Casey knew that it was the type of guy James was and that he would probably do it without any remorse felt. She hated that about him but it was seen as something that was a good thing to him. It wasn't like he really cared about what Casey thought or even said to him.

Hannah didn't speak to their father because of the fact that he admitted out to her that he had forgotten her birthday. Sure, she knew that he most probably did all the time but all the other years he never once said it out loud. It was more so the fact that he had said it with her in the room than it was with the fact that he actually said it. She convinced herself that it wouldn't have been that bad if she wasn't in the same room as him when he announced it out. That way she didn't need to know just how much their father didn't care about them. Despite what the others said about him, she was always the one who kept that little bit of hope that he did actually care about them.

Look where that got her now.
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I know that how the end of this goes might confuse some people because doesn't really coincide with what the summary says. But if you look deep enough, you'll see that it actually does.