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We Won't Back Down

Background layout by: Hellz_Belle

Who would have thought that Shelia, Athena and Dahlia Elwell would get to be able to run their own shop by the time they were all seniors in high school. When a open Band night causing some challenge to come up with the boys of Escape the Fate, Will they be victorious or will a mysterious all girl band come and take that from them?
  1. Chapter One.
    Shelia Elwell takes no shit from Max Green. Nuf Said!
  2. Chapter Two.
    Athena finds her in a situation that isn't so irelevant now
  3. Chapter Three
    Is there a new romance developing within the high school?
  4. Chapter Four.
    Shelia is learning that Max isn't the only man that comes into her life.
  5. Chapter Five.
    Guitar challenge between Athena and Monte makes Craig shut his mouth quickly.
  6. Chapter Sixx.
    Dahlia gains the guy she has always wanted after a fantastic day of magic and wonder.
  7. Chapter Seven.
    Sheila finds her sister cuddling with RR and finds herself speachless at the end of a long day.
  8. Chapter Eight.
    Athena has a bad day that gets brightened by pizza, cats and a drummer like no other.
  9. Chapter Nine.
    Sheila is the last to find out information about an important issue and it angers her enough to leave and talk with her old best friend.
  10. Chapter Ten
    Quality Time with the Guys
  11. Chapter Eleven.
    Some guys where masks and when that mask comes off their true personalities come through.
  12. Chapter Twelve.
    Tragedy hits like a car crash.
  13. Chapter Thirteen
    The unluckiness just keeps coming
  14. Chapter Fourteen
    Slave girl to Craig?
  15. Chapter Fifteen
    Max and Sheila spend some quality time together. All the excites.
  16. Chapter Sixteen.
    A new member for the girls band and the big secret revealed.
  17. Chapter Seventeen
    Hot date with Craig Mabbitt?
  18. Chapter Eighteen.
    Max Green: Sinner or Saint (please forgive the douchiness of this chapter. it's fiction.)
  19. Chapter Nineteen
    New relationship is slowly blossoming and this is the beginning
  20. Chapter Twenty
    Avenge thy sister!
  21. Chapter Twenty-One
    Goodbyes are the hardest
  22. Chapter Twenty-Two
    Revenge on Max anyone?
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three
    American men are all the heartbreak, are Australian men any different?
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four
    Fun in Austrailia, and secrets to leak.
  25. Chapter Twenty-Five
  26. Chapter Twenty-Six.
  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven.
  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight
    Showdown with the Hoe down.
  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine.
  30. Chapter Thirty
    Athena and Craig? What?
  31. Chapter Thirty-One.
    The Big Concert.
  32. Chapter Thirty-Two
    Max and Craig have a point of view?
  33. Chapter Thirty-Three.
    The Final Chapter