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My Baby

Only One Place to Go

All week at school Emma and I exchanged looks and she smiled small and sweet at me. I brought her lunch every day, apparently tuna sandwiches with pickles and mustard never get old when you're pregnant. Seems to me they would, but I wouldn't know.

The weekend came by fast and I felt like I should take her out somewhere but me, being the guy I was, never in a serious relationship, didn't know jackshit on where to bring her.

Until Melody.

Let's get one thing straight about this girl they call Melody. Beautiful, sweet, annoying. And to my dismay, her and Emma seem to have something of a friendship.

I didn't like that. Not one fucking bit. I mean, the girl was...nice enough but I've never heard someone spit out so many words in so little time. She talks and she talks and she talks and she advises, advises, advises.

Now, I could bitch about her and all the annoying shit she does all day but she did give me ideas for where to take Emma for the weekend.

I asked. She said one word (surprisingly): spa.