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Girl I Know

It was just how their life was handed to them. Emily and Ashley grew up in Vancouver and their best friends were Josh and Ian, respectively. Emily had to be the one to give up Josh's secret about bulemia, heroin, and his cutting. Ian and Ashley were fine.... Ian just had a secret killer crush on her.

When Josh got out of rehab, he felt bitter towards Emily. He hated her, almost. Until he saw Zacky. Then he was mad at her for not letting him approve of Zacky, he didn't like the way he looked at her.

Emily and Ashley had gone off to college in the States, never looking back, and had returned with two of the members of Avenged Sevenfold hanging off their arms. They were bad boys. Ian and Josh were fairly the nice guys and had since became parts of the band Marianas Trench.

Who would come out on top?

co-written by yours truely, Emily Revenge, and paper kisses.