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Breakable Me

Chapter Six

“Nolan wasn’t the only boy I got close to last semester,” I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even mention Anthony until now. “There is another boy that I will never been able to forget or ever repay for all he has done. He’s the one that saved me, and the one who tried to warn me before I saw anything coming. He’s the boy that comes and picks me up everyday because I don’t have a car.” I heard a few ‘ah’s around the room, probably all the others wondering who was in that mysterious black Honda with the broad shoulders and tan skin. “His name is Anthony, and I just wish that I listened to him earlier.”

“Is he your boyfriend?” An older woman with gray hair questioned. I remembered her from her session; she suffered from depression after her husband and daughter died in the same month unexpectedly.

Without her realizing it though, her question stung. “No.” I was becoming angry, was she not listening to anything I was saying? I had remembered her story. “I’m no where near ready for that again.”


I could feel the sweat dripping down my back. The summer heat was the only thing I could say that I hated about the South. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t turn the air conditioning on higher, looking around it was easy to see everyone was only thinking about one thing, when they could leave to go and take a cold shower and blast some AC, or at least I was. It was a shame too because this was only my second class of biology lab, and I was hoping this would be my favorite. Unfortunately, I didn’t even feel like moving to take notes, just resting my head on my hand, waiting for a blast of cool air to come from somewhere. It also didn’t help that my mind was constantly occupied with Nolan. The cute texts were ongoing, always reminding me of our big date tomorrow. The one where I would finally be kissed. I was nervous, as I had replayed it in my head a hundred times, but at least I told him. I felt as though my cheeks have been in a perpetual state of red ever since.

“So I guess we’re partners.” The guy siting next to me said loudly. I jumped before turning to him with a shy smile. I was embarrassed. I didn’t even hear what our small TA with the big round glasses had even said. I was glad someone was paying attention.

I laughed, but it was a soft, awkward laugh. “Callie Mae,” I managed to introduce myself and stick out my hand. Something that should be automatic by now with the amount of people that I met on a daily basis.

“Anthony, but please call me Tony. When I hear Anthony, it reminds me of my mother or great-gran.” Anthony paused and changed his voice imitating his mother, “Come here, Anthony Tito Romano and clean up some dishes for once.” He had a booming laugh that filled the room.

“Okay, Tony.” I said with a bashful smile. I finally got the chance to look up at him. Nothing extraordinary about him, tan skin, short sandy brown hair, dark brown eyes, a slightly crooked nose, square jaw, and broad shoulders with a boisterous voice to match. However, it must be something about me and eyes now, because they were the only part of his face that I lingered on while he also studied me. They were so warm and inviting, so much different than Nolan’s sharp blue ones that held so much mystery and intrigue.

Our TA interrupted our stare contest to dismiss us. I quickly packed up my books before I rushed out the door, only one more day of classes before our date, and the girls were already nagging me about preparing a day early. However, I couldn’t get away fast enough as Tony’s long legs caught up with me. “Just to let you know,” He boomed across the quad. “I’m horrible at biology.”

Standing up I could see how tall Anthony was, and it intimidated me to the point where I could only say, “It is even hotter outside.” The obvious, the weather, and not even replying to what he said, I felt like an idiot. “I’m sorry,” I quickly covered for myself. “This heat really gets to me.”

Anthony shrugged. “I’ve lived in Memphis my whole life. You don’t sound like a Northern girl?”

“No, I’ve from a small mountain town in North Carolina.”

“Ah,” Tony softened. “So you don’t mind helping me out a little this semester?” I was taken back, and we both stopped as it seemed we were walking in the wrong direction. I know I was still getting use to finding my way.

“I’m not doing your work for you.” I said defensively before I looked at him and realized that I might have taken what he said in the wrong way.

His eyes went wide. “No, no that is not what I meant at all.” He lowered his voice. “I may have come from this state, but I’m still trying to make friends too. I’m horrible at sciences, and I just need a study partner.”

I felt lousy. “I’m sorry. I’m a Biology major, so you are in luck.” I smiled hoping it would ease the tension.

Anthony’s laugh filled the whole area we were in, and I quickly looked around, embarrassed. I was wondering how he got away with always being so loud, how anyone was friends with him. “Well, I guess I did.” Anthony flashed a smile, and then I could instantly see why people were friends with him. His smile was infectious.

Thankfully, before the silence got any more awkward, Anthony reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. A smile spread across his face before he lifted the phone and wiggled it. “Girlfriend, we are trying long distance. Wish me luck.” He mouthed before saying, “I’ll see you next week.”

I breathed a sigh of relief as I waved goodbye, and at the same time I wondered why I was so quick to judge him. I was sure that he was either going to use me to get a good grade in the class or be hitting on me the whole semester. However, it seemed like neither was the case. He is just a normal guy, and I don’t know why I didn’t see it.

I instantly shook the thoughts from my head as I felt my own phone vibrate. I pulled it out to see the text message was from Nolan of course. “Hope you haven’t been daydreaming in class all day. Can’t wait until you see what I have in store for tomorrow.” My cheeks already hurt as I keep replaying his words in my mind even after I put my phone back in my pocket and headed for my dorm. I know I won’t be able to concentrate one bit tomorrow, and it worries me. How could I be so obsessed with this boy so quickly? I needed a break from him, even though I have technically had one, as I only met up with Nolan once this week, so he could meet my hallmates at dinner. However, that just encouraged them to tease me about him nonstop, making me think about him endlessly.

That is why I was dreading walking up those stairs to my dorm, knowing I wouldn’t hear the end of it. However, I had no where else to go.

“I think she should wear that top.” I already heard Juliette giggle before I even unlocked my door.

“Yay, you’re back!” Ronnie practically began jumping up and down. I looked around the room and saw they had already been through my closet, dumping most of my clothes on the couch and all over the floor. Now, it seemed they had moved onto Ronnie’s closet. They were getting way too much enjoyment out of treating me like their little project.

“I have a lot of homework.” I lied.

Juliette and Ronnie just laughed as they continued to go through clothes. Holding them up in the mirror before shaking their heads and throwing it on the floor. “I’m serious.” I persisted. “Ya’ll can help tomorrow, but not right now.” I didn’t understand why I was still in such a bad mood. Maybe it was nerves for tomorrow.

Both of the girls could sense I wasn’t in the mood to giggle and joke around on what outfit to wear. “Sorry,” Ronnie glared at me as she grabbed Juliette’s arm and headed toward the door. “We just wanted to help.”

I instantly felt awful about being so snappy at them. I didn’t want them to control this date or feel like I am their good deed for the day. I shoved the clothes off the couch and pulled out my phone, reading Nolan’s text again. “Wait is something going on tomorrow?” I joked.

I didn’t have to wait long for his reply; I never did. “Only you giving me the best kiss of my life.” How could this boy be so perfect?

“So far.” I texted back. I was screwed.
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