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I Can Taste Him on Your Lips


“It can't happen again Alex.” I said frustrated as I tangled my hand into my hair, which for the first time in a while I had let out of its bun or pony tail.

We were standing outside of his house, where he had asked me to come because he was afraid of running into Jason, or his parents, while we were trying to talk out our cheating.

“I agree.” He nodded, and the sound of him saying it made my stomach drop suddenly. “You’re married and I can't mess with that kind of shit. It would be bad for the bands image and all that fuckery.”

Nearby, a familiar car turned down onto the street, and I made a nervous face.

“That’s Jason’s car.” I explained, and Alex quickly motioned for me to follow him into the house, the door closing behind us just before Jason drove past, never taking his eyes off of the road to see me going into another man’s house.

I was greeted at the door by a small, fluffy brown, black, and white dog barking at me and licking at my hand happily.

“Down Baz,” Alex said, pulling the dog’s attention to its owner, picking him up quickly. “This is Sebastian, but I just call him Baz.”

I moved closer and stroked the top of the animal’s head, getting licked again as I laughed.

“You want something to drink?” He asked leading me into the kitchen, motioning for me to sit down at the table as he set Baz down.

“No I’m fine.” I replied making him shrug before sitting down across from me.

“But back to what we were saying, it’s agreed that nothing will happen between us again?” He asked making me nod.


Hot, calloused hands gripped tightly at the bottoms of my exposed thighs as I was pressed up against the wall, lips locked together with Alex. I pulled at his hair, making him moan as he ground his hips roughly back into mine while I was suspended above the ground, his body keeping mine pinned.

My chest heaved as I gasped out at the lips that now connected to the pulse point of my neck, teeth dragging over it lightly.

“Fuck,” I breathed out, rocking my hips forward to intensify the building friction in our jeans.

My legs tightened around Alex’s waist as he pushed us away from the wall, feeling the hard bulge in the front of his jeans pressing against me as he quickly moved us down the hall and into his bedroom. We tumbled forward upon entering, me landing back first on the thick comforter covering the queen sized bed.

Working slowly, my clothes were removed up to the point that I was just in my underwear.

“We’re fucking doing this right?” He panted out after he detached our lips, hovering over me with his hands on either side of my head as he straddled my waist, taking in my exposed skin that was on fire under his touch and gaze.

I rocked my hips up into his as an answer, pushing myself up to pull his torso tightly against mine making the flames burst inside of me at the contact, the final scraps of cloth between us being removed.

Things were fast and rough and like nothing else I had ever felt before. My lower abdomen was tied it vicious knots that tightened with each powerful thrust until I released, screaming out Alex’s name as I did so.

I lay down on my back, breathing shallow between the two of us as my skin burned, which contrasted against the air conditioning blasting against my sweat covered body. My long hair was matted and sticking to my moist face, making me look like a train wreck after what my body had been put through.

I felt the bed shift, and Alex’s face came into view right away. The strands of brown that plastered my face and neck were brushed away by the hands that had left deep purple hand prints on my hips, him looking down at me with intense, burning eyes.

“You’re beautiful.”
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"And He's Making You Scream With His Hands On Your Hips"

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