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Ancient Death

Chapter: 10

A long-distance truck driver gives her a ride back. He is taking a shortcut through the back country, on the downside of a sixty-hour stretch of road that reaches down a long narrow path. When she climbs into his tobacco-rich cabin, he looks plum exhausted but perks up with her vivacious company. He wants to know how a pretty little thing like her got stranded in the middle of nowhere.
"Just ditched a no-good boyfriend," she says.
The guy slaps his knee. "You don't sound bitter about it." "I'm not."
"That's good, real good. Where'd you ditch the bastard?"
She smiles. "Where the fishes swim."
He thinks that's pretty funny, and they laugh together. She doesn't worry he will hear or read about John. The man is just passing through and is so tired he hardly knows what city he's in.
She decides to leave Ireland that night, accompany the truck driver in his quest. His journey to trade and deliver. She asks where he's headed, and he responds,
"New Orleans."
She didn’t know where that was, or how far, but it was a place to go to. She knew Ireland because it was where a few deities originated from. Some from Ireland to most of Europe. Something she had to study in her old classes. Not anymore. She thought. She’s not welcome there anymore. She pouted. A feeling a sadness swept over her.
"Why so glum chum?" The driver; Frank says. Oh well. Finishing her thought. "Just tired, mind if I rest?"
"Don't mind at all, pretty thing. It's a long way of travel. I'll wake you when we reach water to board on a ferry."
She nods, feeling overpowered from sleep. She slept, and she dreamed.

She is walking with people around a town. Ashes are falling from the sky. She has a dark and worrisome feeling about what these are ashes from and why they are falling from the sky.
They are all inside of a building, in the top. She begins to feel trapped. She looks out the window at the landscape, and stifle a cry. They are trapped, she knows this.
A bee keeps trying to sting her, flying around her head like she was a dead animal to a fly.
But then the next thing she knows, she is walking in the park, the rain against her face.
A day spent in the sunshine, lazy with the insects and the buttercups.
A day to smile at the simple pleasure of everyday existence.
A day spent indoors waiting for her head to boil over, waiting for the chance to shoot herself down.
It makes no difference to her. She'd start crying, only she wouldn’t know what to do with the moment once it’s ended.
That’s the story of her life; a series of disjointed paragraphs that don’t lead her anywhere except the end. She can hear a buzzing in her brain, like the low hum of electricity.
Then she hears crying, but low and soft. She turns around to see her sister. Her sister as a child. Azshara wants to go see her sister, but she can't move her feet. They feel stuck on the wooden floor, like concrete.
Her sister's crying stops and turns into giggling, hysterical laughs.. But she doesn’t talk, and she wonders why.
Just then, Aribeth moves her hands away from her face. But that’s the thing, she was faceless and made of light. Her long blonde wavy hair keeps growing until it touches the ground. Her pale skin is not pale anymore, but gold. It turned a gold bronze color, very illuminating, very shiny.
The goddess is speechless, her mouth is open, but no words could escape. Like her mind is comprehending what was happening but her body would not listening. Everything goes silent for one never-ending moment.
Her sister's cry-laugh stops, and then she crumples to the floor in a heap of sorrow. She picks her up and hugs her. She whispers over and over how sorry she is for killing her. She never meant to.
Something overpowered her. Something controlled her. She could feel her face go harsh, it pains her. At this point, she is not sure what to do. But then that same something comes over her again. A very odd sensation is consuming her. Her heart is racing.
Then somebody lightly taps her shoulder. She is scared to practically death of this sudden appearance of somebody who could see her. Turning around she sees blinding white space everywhere...
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