A Shot in the Dark

Photographs and Smiles

I yawn shuffling my way onto the plane, looking for the seat I'd hopefully be getting some sleep in. I glance at my ticket 21 F, and sit down in the approperiate section by the window. It wasn't long before Lee came around and sat by me.

"Hey." He looks towards me and smiles slightly, but it looks sort of strained.

My eyebrows crease, Lee has been acting sort of strange lately. I mean, he still said hi and stuff... but he was trying to be away from me as much as possible. Did I do something wrong? I don't even think that he knew that I noticed.

I pick my camera and quickly snap a picture of him, "Cheese!" He looks at me with wide eyes, "What was that for?" I smile at him and strug. "Just wanted yer picture I guess." He rolls his eyes.

"Yer so weird Tommeh." I grin at him, "Yeah well. By the way, how long is this tour?" He looked at me wide eyed, "Yah mean Oli never told yeh?" I shake my head as he starts to laugh. It was sorta pretty, he has a nice laugh. My eyes widen.... what am I thinkig? It's Lee for God's sake.

"Eight months, maybe more." I look at him wide eyed and sigh. "Really? Oli should remember that I actually have a life too." Lee just shrugs. "I like it when yer on tour with us."

I turn my head to look out the window, to hide my blush. "Really?" When I look back he face was slightly red too. "Yeah, I mean yer fun to talk to and stuff." I smile at him.

"Well, as much fun as were having. I'm tired and I'm gonna go to sleep." He nods."Night then Tommeh." I lay my head down on the window and close my eyes.
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