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You Got Me

Have to Deal

At the skate park, I tried and tried to get Addy to notice me. I skated like a pro. Flirted like a boss. Nothing.

Smoking weed and skating was the life. But coming here, to Portland, I wanted a girl too and I thought Addison would have been a good girl to get with but it just didn't seem likely anymore and it wasn't a huge deal.

"Hey man," Dylan came up to me one day. "I got a question for you."

"Sure, what's up?" He sat down next to me. Aron and I had just been discussing a few badass skate parks we had been to in the past.

Aron stood up and motioned to Kasi. "Hey, I gotta get goin', me and Kasi are going to a movie."

"Oh all right. See ya," I replied. Aron walked away, both him and Kasi left.

"So Tooley wanted me to ask you if you're chill with...selling?" Dylan asked, carefully. I didn't know what to say exactly cuz I wasn't sure how or who to sell to.

"Do you?" I asked. "I mean, do you sell his stuff?"

"I'm asking you a question. Just answer it." He snapped.

"Fuck man, I don't know. Who the fuck would I sell it to? I just got here not too long ago." I snapped back, defensive now.

"Shit dude. I'm not trying to fight with you, I just didn't know if you were cool with selling. I don't want you to run off and narc."

"You know I wouldn't do that," I said. "I'm good."

"Ok. So do you want to or no? Don't worry about who, I'll let you know."

"Well, yeah, I guess so then." I looked over at Cheyenne and Addison to make sure they weren't close.

"All right, cool." He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a bag. "So, Tool wants you to sell this first just to, I don't know, make sure everythings good the first time."

"Ok." I took the bag from him discreetly. It looked to be about half an ounce.

"Thanks, Kade. The reason I don't tell Aron how much I buy it for is because it's free." He grinned.

"Wait, what do you mean?"

"Well, if you make a profit back for Tooley, he's badass, he's a good guy so he gives you whatever you need."

"Serious?" I shook my head. Maybe this summer could be good without having a girlfriend. Maybe I could just take Dylan's advice and instead of getting serious with just one girl, I can make it with a few.