‹ Prequel: Just a Sip
Status: YAAAARRRR!!! ©AFos2011


Where last left off, Miu Stewart had just killed the love of her life and power/blood hungry fiancee...NOT such a great way to end a relationship. Headed back to the states with his baby growing in her stomach, she wasn't sure what to expect. Determined to kill every single vampire that dared to cross her way, she is on a new mission.

Foreword 17 years, now a senior in high school and living with her grandparents, Rowan Stewart is trying her hardest to blend in and not stand out. She just wants a decent job, her own car and maybe even a hot boyfriend. Events suddenly begin, and make her wonder...what was the 'common disease' she was diagnosed as a child and was it something more? Was she really a...vampire? Strange things plague her including a stalker from her mothers dark past. And her best friend and possible flame Sebastian begins to change for the terrifying. When she begins to have odd dreams about death and wolves and blood, everything she knew became a lie, and a bad one at that. Now she must go after her mother...and possibly learn about her frightening past, in turn changing her future.

Having to choose between love, lust, wrong and right, one thing is for sure, Rowan will never be the same again.

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