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Forbidden and Mistaken

Snivellus Snape

There was no way that Hermione, Harry, Ginny, or Ron were going to know about this. Actually I didn't want anyone to know about this. At all. What happened between Malfoy and I was on impulse, and that was that. At least I knew that he didn't hate me. And deep down, I didn't either. It wasn't love, no, not at all. It was something more than love, hate, or even friendship, and I didn't have a word for it.

"We're sorry, Ells. We didn't mean to upset you last night over Malfoy." Ron said as we made our way to the Gryffindor table for breakfast.

"It's okay, guys." Really, it was okay. I had quite a 'ball' with him in the hallway. I had to make sure Malfoy would not make a single peep about last night to anyone. And I mean it. Not. Anyone. I tried to change the subject. "How about Quidditch? Who are we playing tomorrow, Harry?"

"Ravenclaw. Then Slytherin, and last Hufflepuff."

"Well, with a Seeker as good as you, of course we'll win." I said, reassuring him that Gryffindor was going to kick some Ravenclaw ass!

"Haha, well you yourself is quite a good Chaser."

"If you mean aggressive..." Hermione stated.

"True." I said. I stole a quick glance from Malfoy, smirking as usual. Ahh...The life... I smiled back and then looked forward again. Controlling myself.

"Do we have Defence Against the Dark Arts today?" Ron asked.

"With Snape...Unfortunately." I groaned. Snape was the worst of all the teachers. Even Professor Binns, who was a ghost and liked to drone on and on about Goblin Wars in the 1800's, or Werewolf Attacks in the 60's...

"Well, we have to go someday..." He said.

"You're going to be in for it." Ginny said. "I had Defence Against the Dark Arts yesterday, and boy was Snape even tougher in that class! Scared the shit out of half the class! But luckily I have it with the Hufflepuffs, you're in it with the Slytherins."

"Again..." I said.

"Out of the two classes we have to have with those gits, we have to have Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Whatever...I can deal with it, but I'm not so sure about those two." I said pointing to Ron and Harry who were pretending to throw up.

"It won't be that bad, boys." Said Hermione. "It's just Snape, after all." She stated.


Really, I loved Hermione, but when it came to academics, well, she was...Hermione.

"What a terrible surprise." Snape sneered as he saw me.

"Good morning, Professor Snape." I said, plastering a fake smile on my face. He replied with a scowl.

"Take your seats." He mumbled. His black hair was greasy, as usual, and his dark, black eyes, were as evil, as usual. Sometimes, I don't understand why Dumbledore would trust the man, he was just plain creepy. Ron and Harry sat together, as usual, and Hermione and I well, we usually sat together, but instead, Snape put me beside Blaise.

"Mr. Zabini can help you push your grades higher, Miss Allen. You are, as expected, failing this class. If you want to stay and complete your NEWTs, you may receive tutoring from both Mr. Zabini, and Mr. Malfoy, my two best students." He came closer to me. "Don't protest, Allen. This is your final chance."

"May I intervene, Professor Snape?" I asked, not even bothering for him to reply. So I continued. "I was one of the students who battled Death Eaters, like yourself, at the Department of Mysteries last year, and I think I'd expect something from that." I said smugly as the Gryffindors whispered and the Slytherins scowled. Snape's face was priceless, full of anger. He was furious. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the Death Eater part...

"How dare you make a false accusation like that, Allen! Fifty points from Gryffindor and a detention in my office tomorrow!"

"B-...But she has an 'E' in her OWLs, Sir!" Hermione protested for me.

"Ten points from Gryffindor. And if I hear another peep from you, Granger, you'll receive the same punishments as Miss Allen here. Silence!" He snapped as the whole class fell silent. Even the Slytherins didn't talk after that.

"Now, today we are going to read about non-verbal spells. Who can tell me the correct use of non-verbal spells and how they work?" He asked as Hermione's hand shot up instantly. I did too, but slowly lowered it after he glared at me. "Anyone?" He asked as Hermione's hand went higher. But Snape just ignored her. Damn freaking jerk. "Your adversary has no warning about what kind of magic you are about to perform, which gives you a split-second advantage." He quoted from the book.

"Some spells are uniquely used non-verbally, as others can be cast both ways." He blabbed. I had already known how to use non-verbal magic when we battled at the Department of Mysteries, and in Dumbledore's Army, when Hermione showed us some tricks.

After class, Snape spoke to me. "I have arranged tutoring for you with Malfoy and Zabini in the library tomorrow, after that you will come back here, to do your detention. Understand, Miss Allen?"

"Yes...Sir..." I said as Malfoy sniggered and Blaise sighed.

"Good. Now get out of my office!" He yelled as I ran. I didn't want to do my detention tomorrow, that's when my first Quidditch game is! I hope it's after hours or...

"Wow, he was pretty harsh, wasn't he?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. But he totally deserved that comment about him being a Death Eater! It's obvious and everyone in Dumbledore's Army knows it!"

"I know. I hope he lets you play Quidditch."

"Well, it'd just be worse for the Slytherins, if we lose, we have to challenge them for the Cup."

"Yeah. And if we win, we just challenge them for the finals." Harry explained as we made our way to Charms class. I was fairly good at Charms, it was basically just helpful spells that you could use, none that would potentially hurt anyone either. And Flitwick was a pretty good teacher as well. He was nice, and even once in my fourth year, he let us play games in class. I sat down next to Harry today, and Ron with Hermione.

"Now, class." He said as he stood on a stool. Professor Flitwick was a fairly short man, up to my waist almost. "Today we will be learning the Aguamenti charm. A charm that will react to incendio and which will give you water in times of need. Aguamenti is a charm that creates a jet of clear, pure water or a fountain from the caster's wand. It is quite similar to Agua Erecto, though basic for sixth-years." He explained. "You will practice on the cup on your desk. Fill it, then empty it after." He said as we tried to. Harry and I already used this charm, but judging by the looks of the other Ravenclaws and Gryffindors, we were much more experienced.

"Sometimes, I find that we're too smart for these classes." I said to Harry.

He chuckled. "Yeah, Dumbledore's Army sure taught us a lot."

"Actually I think it was just you and 'Mione, but..."

"Hey, you helped a lot too."

"Okay...but me and Ron were mostly the guinea pigs..." I laughed. Being with Harry was like being free. Harry was kind, and he could make anyone happier. I don't know why Malfoy hates him so much...It just doesn't make sense.
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