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Forbidden and Mistaken

Polyjuice Potion

I awoke with a fearful start. Why was I in the freaking hospital wing. Oh, I remember, because I tripped over stupid Draco Malfoy and got butterbeer spilled on me by Pansy Parkinson. Ankle: Broken. Headache: Hell yes. And makeup: ruined. The dance was a mess! Why don't I ever listen to the tiny voice in my head that tells me what to do and what to say? Oh, I know why. Cause Malfoy is always such a stupid jerk! That smirk! Those eyes! That attitude. I should have better taste in guys.

"Eliza! Are you okay?" A voice called to me. Ginny.

"Harry told us what happened." A scolding voice said. Hermione.

"I can't believe that you got in a row with Malfoy!" Someone exclaimed. Okay, who am I kidding? Definitely Ron.

I barely muttered a word. "I'm tired..." I said.

"You should've let me handle him, Ellie." Harry said.

"...Yeah. Sure. Next time, you can kill him." I joked.

"Professor Binns and Professor Snape told us to give you homework. Slughorn doesn't really care. He says you are one of his top students."

"So I've heard." I said.


My ankle had healed up pretty fast. Madame Pomfrey gave me another day to rest, then I was back to school again. October turned into November, and the schoolwork was really piling up.

"Have any of you heard about the Polyjuice Potion?" Slughorn asked. Oh no. I have honestly had enough experience with the Polyjuice Potion, and I didn't want to revisit it.
"The Polyjuice Potion is a very complicated potion that allows the drinker to assume the form of someone else. While it can account for both age and gender, Polyjuice Potion cannot be used for a human to take an animal form or for a half-breed to assume human form. It was used many times in the events leading up to, and during, the Second Wizarding War (and possibly the First Wizarding War, although there are no documented instances of it)." Slughorn read from the book. "Today you will be making the Polyjuice Potion with your partner. Each of you will take the appearance of the other." No! Me into Malfoy? Hell no! I am not going to be turned into Draco Malfoy! "And it will play a crucial part in your N.E.W.T grading this year." Fine. I guess I have to. "You will get one hour. On your marks, get set, go!" He said as the partners got up, and all went to get the ingredients.

I went over to Malfoy. Outraged, I sat down next to him. "Do we really have to do this?" I asked.

"Look, Eliza. I'm not so happy about this either, and if you'll just get up and go get the stuff..."

"Uh, hello? Girl with broken ankle here?" I said.

"It's fixed, Eliza." He sighed. Oh, yeah. It was.

"Fine. I'll get them." I said as I went to the cupboard to get the ingredients. I looked at the recipe.

1. 12 lacewing flies that have been stewed for 21 days
2. 1 ounce of crude Antimony
3. 4 leeches that have been "unsucculated"
4. 16 scruples of fluxweed that was picked at full moon
5. 3 drachms of pulverised Sal Ammoniac
6. Pulverized blades of knotgrass
7. 1 pinch of powdered horn of a Bicorn that has been "lunar extracted"
8. Filings and rasplings of Saltpeter, Mercury and Mars
9. Shredded dried skin of a Boomslang
10. Extract of The-Transfigured-Being-To-Be (typically hair)

Meh, no biggie. Hermione made one of these potions in our second year, with my help. Malfoy helped me stir and add, and then we divided the potion into two flasks and then he pulled a hair from my head. I did the same to his blonde one.

"Hey! Careful Allen!"

"Whatever. Now put it in your potion, and take it."

"Fine, blood-traitor. Take my potion first."

"I'll show it to Slughorn first." I insisted. "Is this correct?" I asked him.

"It should be, Miss Allen. Take the potion now. Don't worry, since you've split the potion in two, it'll only last for the duration of this class."

"Okay..." I said as I pinched my nose and took the potion. It was disgusting! Nasty, vile! I suddenly took the form of Malfoy. I grew taller, which I liked, but a boy! And Malfoy, out of all the people in this class...

"Oh look, I'm Draco Malfoy! I like Pansy Parkinson!" I sung as I pranced around the room making kissy noises at the other students.

"Shut up, Allen!" He yelled.

"Oh, look! We're twins! Come on, I'll be Fred and you can be George!" I said as the whole room erupted into laughter. I was the first one to complete my potion, and the first one that everyone saw. "Come on, Malfoy! Take your potion! Be like me." I said.

"I insist that you take Miss Allen's potion, Mr. Malfoy." Slughorn told him. The whole class was watching. You could've heard a pin drop in the room.

"Go back to work!" Malfoy shouted at everyone. They did as they were told.

"Take it, Malfoy. I did. Now look at how handsome I am." I said as I stroked my (Draco's) blond hair and mimicked his smirk.

"Fine." He said as he gulped down the potion. "Yuck!" He said as he morphed into my body. "This is maddening!" He exclaimed furiously.

"I know, right? Your body is really just a pain to be in." I said.


The potion wore off before the end of class, as Slughorn had said, but Malfoy would still not except the fact that he had changed into the body of Eliza Allen. I was caught off guard as I walked out of the class to be grabbed by none other than Draco Malfoy himself.

"We need to talk." He said as he pulled me down a dark corridor where there was no light, and no people.

"You were so beautiful! Pansy didn't compare to you, Malfoy!" I teased.

"Do you know how annoying you are, Allen! Just shut up already." He said.

"You didn't tell me to shut up when-"

"Quiet! Hogsmeade was a mistake. You, yourself admit that. I just don't understand why you are in bloody Gryffindor!" He said while we walked down the corridor.

"Bloody Gryffindor? Please. Slytherin has more history of "blood" than Gryffindor. I bet that Hufflepuff has no blood on their hands." I said.

"You don't even act like a Gryffindor." He scowled.

"Malfoy...You know, you are far more attractive when you smile." I complemented him.

"Off of topic, Allen." He muttered.

"Fine. The Sorting Hat told me that I was somehow destined to be in Gryffindor. That I was brave and smart and loyal. But I didn't always act like a Gryffindor, and that I could choose between Slytherin if I wanted to." I explained.

"That happened six years ago. Why didn't you tell me?" He snapped.

"Because I'd knew that you'd be mad at me. That I didn't choose Slytherin to be with you. That I had chosen Gryffindor, your rival house."

"Well, of course I would've been mad! We could've kept our friendship, we could've been together."

"And thats what I wanted too. But after I found out about the history of Slytherin and about our families, I didn't think that was the right house for me."

"And all of these years that we've hated eachother...It was all for nothing. If you would've been in Slytherin..." He was mad now. I could tell it in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Draco." I said as I ran to Gryffindor Tower.