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Forbidden and Mistaken

Ive Always Loved You

I leaned against Draco's shoulder. He understood me now. Finally. Finally we could be alone. Away from everyone. Away from the madness that encircled every day that we spent together. It was different from always trying to find out another way to hate eachother. How could I ever hate him? Apart from the negativeness that encircled Harry Potter and Malfoy, he and I were...somehow attracted to each other. Like magnets.

"Do you think we could be together?"

"What do you mean?" Draco asked me.

"In life. You know, a Slytherin and a Gryffindor."

"I don't know, Eliza..."

"I don't either. That's why I'm asking you." I smiled.

He changed the subject. "Maybe we should head downstairs. Our parents might be wondering where we-"

"Shh..." I said. Hearing the footsteps coming down the hallway. The door creaked open.

"Well well, having a little fun in here, are we?" The voice of Henry Mucliber flooded throughout my ears.

"Get out of my room." I said.

"Who's going to make me? Your little Slytherin boyfriend?" He taunted.

Malfoy pulled out his wand. "Expelliarmus!" He shouted as Mucliber was pushed back by an invisible force into my periwinkle-blue wall.

"Draco! No!" I cried.

Mucliber got up, steadied himself, then said, "You're going to pay for that, Malfoy...Want a duel? Take this outside." Mucliber threatened.

Before he could he a hold of his wand, I shouted, "Accio Wand!" as Henry's wand rushed into my hand. "Get out Mucliber. Whatever happens between Draco and I is none. Of. Your. Business." I threatened. And I meant it. Henry Mucliber has no right to just barge into my room and kill my moment with Malfoy. It wasn't fair, and it was all his fault. Damn asshole.

Mucliber backed up. "Oh no, it's the mighty Eliza Allen! What am I going to do?" He mocked.

"Well seeing that you don't have your lousy excuse for a're going to do...Nothing." I said.

"Fine. Give me back my wand, and I'll leave."

"I don't trust you."

"Give it back...or you'll pay later."

"Continue like that...and you'll pay now!" I yelled. Malfoy, clearly taken back from my outbursts, smirked. His familiar, comforting smirk came back, and that was all that I needed.

"Shut up." Henry challenged.

"Look, I don't want anyone to get hurt, so lets go downstairs, and I'll give you back your bloody wand.

"Fine." He said as he crossed his arms.


Henry Mucliber ruined my time with Malfoy. We were going learn about each other until he sauntered over to us. What in the name of Merlin was he thinking? He's an arsehole. From the day we met, till now, we've hated every minute together. On the contrary, Malfoy and I didn't really get the chance to hate eachother, Henry Mucliber was always in the way.

"Here." I said as I handed him his wand.

"You know, you are really something, Eliza."

"Thank you, Henry." I said sarcastically.

"You really shouldn't be with Malfoy. You can do so much better."

"It's...It's not your opinion on what I do or don't do with Malfoy."

"Well, just saying...I am a far worthier candidate." He whispered to me in a sexy voice.

"Sod off, Mucliber! You're a pig!" I yelled.

"That's not a very nice thing to say to your possible-"

"I would never, ever, date someone as ruthless, as disgusting, as pigheaded as you!" I yelled.

"Well." He brushed his shoulder. "Malfoy doesn't seem like much. He never really was." He retorted as he walked away.

I looked at Malfoy, his angelic features intensified in the firelight. "Malfoy doesn't seem like much. He never really was." Mucliber's words sang in my head. No. He was wrong. Draco Malfoy is a far better man than Henry Mucliber. He always has been, even when I thought that he was a prat himself. In theory, Malfoy and I must've always loved eachother. We were best friends before Hogwarts. Something more, even. Was I playing along for the Death Eaters? Maybe. But I swore to protect Draco, and I must. I'd die for him, I really would. And then we'd be back to Hogwarts. Acting.

"Don't let him get to you." Malfoy told me.

"Ahem. If I remember correctly, I was trying to separate you two from killing eachother inside my bedroom." I stated.

"I was only trying to keep him from hurting you." He said. That was so sweet. A month ago, I wouldn't have believed that bullshit. But was different. I believed him totally. Entirely.

"I know. And thanks. Before, I always had this feeling that you were going to kill me. But now I think it's more like Mucliber."

"But it was always Mucliber. You know that." He replied before flashing me one of his signature smirks.

"Yeah, I should know that. You're right." I told him.

"You're admitting to me, that I'm right?" He asked with a skeptical look.

"Well, you've changed." I countered.

"How?" He said.

"You love me."

"I've always...I've always loved you, Eliza."

Then, for the first time, I kissed him. Because that was what my heart was telling me to do, not what someone else was. He was perfect, in every aspect. And I loved him. Not just the good parts about him, but the bad too. Because when you love someone, you love them for everything they are, both the good and the bad.
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