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Forbidden and Mistaken

"Best" Friends

"Bye, mother." I bade my mother goodbye as I boarded the Hogwarts Express. It's familiar red colour was comforting to me, like the smell of Draco's hair. School was not going to be easy, especially in the next few months.

"Goodbye, darling." She said. My father hadn't bothered to come say farewell, and I didn't exactly know why. Draco stood beside me, and shook my mother's hand.

"I'll take care of her, Mrs. Allen." He reassured like a gentleman. Well, there's a first for everything.

We entered the train together, my fellow classmates staring me down. I felt like I could hear what they were thinking almost. What's Allen doing with Malfoy? What's Malfoy doing with Eliza? Don't they hate eachother?

"I think you'd better be off to the prefect's compartment..." I told him.

"Only to receive my duties. See you later, Allen." He told me. And so it was again. Hiding the fact that I couldn't go an hour without thinking about him. A minute without thinking about him. Maybe even seconds.

"Ta ta, Malfoy..." I said with plenty of sarcasm. I walked down the aisle, finally spotting my favourite trio's compartment.

"Hey, guys." I said.

"Eliza!" Hermione exclaimed, pulling me into a big hug.

"Ellie!" Ron yelled.

"Ron, Harry, Hermione! I've missed you all so much!"

"How was it?" Ron asked.


"The party." Harry replied for him.

"Oh, yeah...that..." I said.

"Sorry that you couldn't come to the Burrow. Mum prepared a twenty five pound turkey!" Ron exclaimed.

I winced. Not being at the Burrow was awful. I loved it there, and I would've loved to have some of Mrs. Weasley's famed turkey.

"Ronald, surely Eliza doesn't want to hear about the Burrow, for the sake of Merlin, she's been at her house for the last week!" Hermione exclaimed.

"My house? You make it sound like a bad thing..." I said.

"Sorry...well I thought you hated it there..." Hermione blushed.

"I do...but it's okay I guess..." I said as I recalled the night of the Christmas party.

"Lee told me that he'd seen you and Malfoy walking on the Express together..." Ron quickly said at random.

"Draco doesn't matter anymore." I lied.

"What? But you hate Draco Malfoy." Hermione protested.

"He's always skipping class, he always tries to rat us out, his dad's a Death Eater-" Harry continued.

"So is mine." I said before storming out of the damn compartment. Why did I agree to myself to tell them that I was okay with Malfoy? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid me. Now where else would I go. Oh, yeah, I forgot, Luna is always welcoming, seeing as though I can't even sit with my god damn boyfriend. I went over to Luna's compartment, where she was sitting with Neville.

"Hello, Eliza." She said, reading a recent issue of the Quibbler.

"Hi, Luna, Neville." I said.

"How was your holiday?" She asked cheerfully.

"Great. Yours?" I asked.


"Good." Neville replied.

"That's nice. I'm happy to be back at Hogwarts though. It's like my home away from home."

"That's quite interesting, Eliza."

"I'm happy to be back too." Neville said as we continued to ride to Hogwarts talking with a nice, continuous banter. So much for my "best" friends.
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