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Forbidden and Mistaken


I was worried. Afraid. And anxious. Snape was the only person I could think of that might, and just might be able to help me. Everyone was wary of which side he was playing for, and frankly, I'm pretty sure that he's not going to tell me anything. Draco, on the other hand, is pushed into this by his parents, as am I. But he is already changed- made into a Death Eater. I still have a choice, though it may be a small one, to help Dumbledore and my friends instead. And that's what I want to do. Even if it does involve putting my life on the line.

I walked down the hall to Snape's new D.A.D.A office. He had just put on the finishing touches on his room- dirty, dusty, (and creepy) things that I don't even know. I knocked on his office door. I waited a few seconds, then was replied.

"Who is it?" He demanded.

I knew that he would never let me in if "Allen." was to be replied. So instead I mimicked Malfoy. Smart. Not.

"Uh...Malfoy, Sir." I replied.

He opened the door and gave me a scowl. "You aren't Mr. Malfoy, Allen." He spat.

"I know. I just had to get your damn attention." I smiled.

His eyes showed anger. "How dare you talk to a teacher that way..." He muttered.

"Wait!" I protested as he tried to close the door. "I need to- I came to talk to you." I tried to say.

"What, you insolent child?" he snapped.

"Look...Professor...I didn't want to get off on the wrong foot here, I just wanted ask you a question. I- In a sense...I guess I'm asking for help." I confessed.

He showed no sign of helpfulness. I didn't expect him to want to help me. I hated him from the moment I started at Hogwarts. He hated me as I continued to follow the "Golden Trio". He hated my father. My father, who killed his father for not giving him information. For being a muggle. I didn't blame Snape for hating me, he usually hated Gryffindors anyway. But I guess he hated me more because of Lawrence Allen.

"Fine." He said as I entered the room. Surprising...

"Professor...I...I need you to tell me the truth." I stammered. I let out a sigh, then continued. "Are...Are you helping Dumbledore...or the Dark Lord?" I asked. His black eyes stared into my blue ones and the spoke.

"Do not ask me questions that I will not reveal." He stopped and got up. "Get out." Was his final answer.

"Wait- It's just that I'm..." I didn't know why I was telling Snape this- if I said it wrong, he would tell the Dark Lord, then kill me. I didn't care. I wanted to help my friends at all costs. "I...I don't want to become a Death Eater." I revealed.

He let out a sigh, then spoke. "It's not about what you want, you selfish girl. If you've sworn to secrecy...keep it." He said as the door flung open. I didn't need a second longer to know that I wasn't welcome in Severus Snape's office. But it was just the response that I was expecting. He wasn't going to let a single peep out. I thought that Snape would understand, but that was probably just because of my family. My dreadful, hateful family.

I went back to the common room- I laid out on the golden and scarlet couch and stared. What was I going to do? I love Malfoy. Draco Lucius Malfoy. Wait- stop thinking about him- it's my friends that need the help. Harry told me something yesterday about getting Slughorn's memory. What did that have to do with killing Voldemort? No- that wasn't the thought that I needed either. I needed a way to keep Gryffindor- and somehow please the Dark Lord. False information was not a good idea- seeing that Voldemort is the best Legilimens known to the wizarding world. But if I could give the correct information- and somehow defeat him in the end- Then we could- Malfoy and I- finally be happy.


After a short night of sleep, I realized that I had slept on the Gryffindor couch in the common room. Ugh. I went back to my room, tried to change without waking Hermione, then went back downstairs. I waited until my house-mates came through into the room. Harry came down like he always did, with his brown hair rustled and crooked glasses. Ron looked sleepy (as usual).

"Hey guys." I stifled a yawn.

"Good morning, Eliza." Harry greeted.

"Uh...mornin'." Ron muttered.

Hermione ran down the stairs. "Oh, Ellie, you had me so worried! I'm sorry for not understanding you! I'm sorry! When you didn't come back until one in the morning, of course I thought that you were mad at me and that you just tried to tell the truth and that we weren't very good friends for not believing you and that you ran away because you hated me and that not even Ginny understood you and that-"

"Stop." I cut her off her rambling. "It's fine." I said. "I slept in the common room."

"You shouldn't have! If you came back I would've-...I was going to look for you, you know. But then I thought that it was probably me who upset you. It was all of us really." She said, giving Ron a nudge in the ribs.

"Ow! I'm sorry, Ellie. I just thought that maybe you went over them." He accused.

"Of course I wouldn't! I thought that you trusted me!" I yelled. But I couldn't overdo it, because I didn't want to bring up Bellatrix and the Burrow.

"We do!" He stammered. "I...I'm sorry, Ellie." Ron apologized innocently.

"Eliza..." Harry tried to say. "I trust you. If you just don't want to fight and bicker with the prat- I mean...Malfoy...then so be it. That doesn't mean that your any different. You've been my friend since I first came to Hogwarts...And you still are. And most of all...I didn't mean to mention your father." Harry said.

I loved Harry's words, especially the part about him loving me like a sister. Harry always knew the right thing to say, it really was a pity that Snape hated him for so much. Harry might look like James Potter, but all the professors say that he has all the qualities of his mother, Lily Evans Potter. The one who sacrificed her life for Harry so that he could live.

"Thanks Harry. You too Ron. And 'Mione- you didn't need to worry, I was fine. And I wasn't mad at you. You're like my true family. Molly and Arthur are the parents I never had. I could never be that angry at you." I told them.

I just hoped that they wouldn't kill me for trying to help them. Trying to stay on the right side.

Dumbledore's Army will live on. Even if that means we will lose some members.