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Forbidden and Mistaken

The Truth

I helped Draco throughout the week, fixing the vanishing cabinet. Reparo wouldn't do it. We had to find all different kinds of spells just to mend each part of the damn cabinet! I had to sneak out of some classes, but not enough that the trio would expect anything. Then came the bad news. Since there was a risk of getting attacked and threatened outside of Hogwarts, Dumbledore thought it would be best if there were no more Hogsmeade trips. The time spent with Draco was great. But there would be a lot less time with him from now on. I would miss those days.

"I know that you didn't mean to." I said.

"Do what?" He asked. We were alone on a friday night, in the Room of Requirement as always, trying to repair the cabinet.

"You know...hurt Katie Bell." I said.

"Look. I-" He started.

"I know, Draco. It was meant for Dumbledore. The trio and I were...uh, spying on you when you were in Borgin and Burkes during the summer. I... I'm sorry. But Harry was curious, as usual." I admitted, giving him my cute puppy-dog eyes.

"I knew it..." He muttered.

"Draco...I think...I think that you're not the one to do it." I told him.

He turned around to face me. "Do what?" He asked.

"Kill him. Dumbledore." I told him.

"Why? I...I have to...he'll kill my mum...and my family's'll be disgraced. My father...he's already in Azkaban. I can't let him hurt anyone else." Draco explained with a sullen face.

"Draco...It's not that...It's just, well...I don't think that you could do it...face to face." I told him.

"You don't understand." He snapped. "You. Mum. Everyone I care about will be dead. Even father will be killed when he gets out! I need to!" He yelled.

I paused for a while. Trying to take in all that he said. "I'm sorry, Draco." I told him. I was. What would I do if my whole family, as terrible as they were, were killed. By none other than their "Master". Lord Voldemort.

"...I shouldn't have yelled at you." He told me with a regretful expression.

"It's okay. I understand how you feel. To choose between your humanity- all that's good in you, and the murderous, disgusting ways that he treats people. He kills them, you know."

"Kills who?" Draco asked.

"He kills muggles. For fun. And I know that they're annoying, and selfish, but they are still people, like you...and me."

"He kills everyone. If not literally...he kills their lives."


Weeks passed. My birthday was in two weeks time, and I was very scared. Not scared about getting it, but scared of my decisions, and how they'd effect my friends, and those around me. What I'd give to drop this life, become something else, with no worries, carefree. Harry, Hermione and I had just finished our fourth period, and were now heading back to the Gryffindor tower. I took a turn and went to the library for some new books. The History of Goblin Wars in the Sixteenth Century. I read from the title of a book. Were there any books that were actually cool in here?

"Hi, Neville." I said as I spotted him from behind the Herbology section.

"Oh, h- hey, Eliza." He replied.

"Have any good recommendations?" I asked.

"Oh, well...I'm into Herbology, but theres always the charm books." He added.

"How about...something Dark?" I asked.

"D- D- Dark?" He stuttered.

"Yeah, just some history maybe. I just want to be careful and aware of what the Death Eaters are pushing these days. You know, cause of poor Katie there." I lied. I really just wanted some books on Dark magic because I needed to know and learn more if I wanted to fight. With or against them.

"Uh...w- well, you can always get a Restricted Section p- pass from P- Professor Slughorn." He replied. Slughorn just might...if it's for Potions...


As I walked down the corridor, I heard water in the distance. What the hell? Then there was a crash. A fall. I ran towards the bathroom. The boys bathroom. There was another crash. And another ray of light. Why would someone duel in the boys bathroom?

"Crucio!" A voice shouted. What! An Unforgivable Curse? I took out my wand and went in. Myrtle was screaming.

"Please! Don't!" She wailed as she ran out the door to fetch a teacher. Oh god. What was wrong? Was it a Death Eater...a monster...? I was too worried to assert the situation. I ran in, and hid in different places, moving around as they came closer, and farther. The footsteps were running, crashing, ducking...Who were they?

"Expelliarmus!" Another voice shouted.

I saw a rush of swift, dark hair.

"Protego." I said, using a protective spell. Though it would not help with the killing curse, at least it would protect me a bit.

Suddenly, a pipe was struck and water was spurting everywhere. I was soaked. Then, I heard a voice that was all too familiar. I couldn't believe my ears.

I hid and ran as by auburn hair caught the boy's gaze.

"Sectumsempra!" Harry's voice yelled. The other boy dropped to the floor. I came out of hiding , and ran out to them. My heart was beating fast. Was Harry hurt? Who was the other boy? Adrenaline was soaring through me. I have never been more...more bewildered, in my life. "No-" Harry continued.

"Eliza!" Harry exclaimed as he saw me.

I didn't even hear his voice. All I cared about, at that very second, was the blood gushing out of his body. Not Harry's, but Draco's. Draco Malfoy. Draco was lying on the floor, his blood mixing with the water. His eyes lay staring at the ceiling, the gashes in his body were too much to see.

"Draco..." I knelt down beside him. I put my hand on his heart, it was still beating. Then I kissed him, out of rash decision. What should I do? I panicked. "Draco, please...please don't die...I- I love you...please." I pleaded. "Harry! What did you do?" I screamed at him.

"I...I don't know..." He knelt down beside me. Suddenly, Snape came rushing through the doors.

He immediately knelt down beside me and Harry, and muttered something that sounded like Vulnera Sanentur. The blood flowed back to Draco's body, and his face returned back to it's colour.

"Get out." Snape ordered Harry and I. I wanted to stay, to comfort him. But right now, I had to listen to Snape, and I was wondering why Harry would use this...the spell that was in the Half-Blood Prince's book. The spell that said For Use On Enemies. The one that would've killed Draco if Snape hadn't come in time.

Harry and I ran out immediately. I could barely look at him. Finally, he spoke. I didn't want to hear his petty little voice...What he did to Draco was too much...

"Eliza...I didn't mean to...He tried-"

"Whatever, Harry. No more excuses. You could've walked out...he...he's-"

"And like you have the right to talk! You kissed him! You kissed him, Eliza!" Harry yelled.

"I kissed him...because I love him! I love him, and I won't hide it from you any more! He's more sensitive than you think, Harry!" I screamed.

"You never told us...That's why you said that you were friends...That you didn't want to fight! You were always lovers! You lied!" He yelled back.

"We weren't lovers until Christmas! But guess what, Harry? I've always loved him inside. You almost killed him. You...You could've..." Then I started to cry. I cried and cried until I felt that I had no tears left.

Harry looked at me. "Eliza...I didn't mean it like-"

"Shut up, Harry!" I yelled. "I don't ever want to see you again! Ever!" I shouted. And I didn't. I ran to the Hospital Wing, and since they wouldn't let me in...I slept outside, with just my robe to cover me. I would wait forever to see his face. What Harry did...What my best friend did...It was too much to handle. Harry and Draco had always loathed eachother, but why try to kill? That was too much...Even for Draco.
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