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Forbidden and Mistaken

Friends Forever

I woke up to the horrible sound of Bellatrix's cackling. Ugh... I quickly dressed in a cute, casual minidress, and slipped the dark cloak on top. As I ascended down the stairs, I caught a glimpse of my brother, Dakota. He was looking just like himself, in a suit, with his usual "Pain-in-the-ass-and-I-don't-care" look. Well, you see, he isn't really my brother. My father's cousin is a "Squib", so my father didn't think that Dakota would learn any magic with "That piece of trash I call a cousin." So he took him in, when 'Kota was only a youngster. No wonder we didn't get along, we were hardly related.

So that settles it. My sister is not called family anymore. She is disgraced among all of us for being "A stupid little Blood-traitor". And that leaves me. The one who was a Gryffindor, none the less. I was the only true Allen child left. The only one that they were truly proud of. I actually felt a bit sorry for my sister. She stuck to her beliefs...the way I should have. But I didn't. I may not be a Blood-traitor, but I was a traitor none the less.

Did I mention that as soon as Dumbledore was killed, Voldemort slowly took over the Ministry? And all of this just happened in the last three days! He killed Scrimagour. And now, he was the official unnamed Minister of Magic. What really ticked me off was how he let Umbridge stay. In my opinion, she was a stupid, preppy, little bitch who was power-hungry. And she tortured me, in my fifth year. Sure, I backtalked, and threw things at her, and cursed her, but hey, she's Umbridge, and if there was one person that I could kill, it would be her. The positive side to this, is that Lucius was free, and so were a bunch of other Death Eaters, so at least Draco was a bit more happy.

"Hello, Dakota." I greeted with a smirk.

"Good morning, dear sister." He replied as we descended the stairs.

As I walked into the large living room, I was caught by two hands around my waist. As I looked back to see who my capturer was, I realized that it was only Draco. His pale grey eyes gazed into my green-blue ones. The familiar feeling was overwhelming, but I knew that he would always be there for me, no matter what. I loved him...and to think that I wasted all of those years hating the boy that would become my destiny...

"Hello, Draco." I smiled.

"Good morning, Eliza. Father's here today." He whispered into my ear.

"I know. It's wonderful. Can you let go of me, my handsome capturer?" I asked.

"Only if you-"

"I have received word from the Dark Lord." Lucius Malfoy informed the large group of Death Eaters in the room. "He would like us to...lets say, go on a little excursion tonight." Lucius beamed. He wanted to prove the Dark Lord that he wasn't worthless, I could see that. And he wasn't. Lucius Malfoy was always kind to me, even when I didn't return the favour. All of those summers here, at Malfoy Manor, I stuck in one of the many guest rooms, pondering my escape. I could also tell that Lucius was aware of...Draco and I, and was clearly surprised. Of course, it always appeared as though we had hated eachother, which we had.

Bellatrix laughed some more. Evilly. Very evilly. "What may that be, Lucius?" She asked.

"There appears to be some large gathering of wizards at...the Burrow." He announced. Gathering...the Burrow? Oh was Bill and Fleur's wedding...Ron and Ginny had told me about this quite some time ago. But if there were a large gathering of wizards, wouldn't that make it hard to...defeat?

"That Weasley pigsty?" Bellatrix asked. "It'll be an honour to get rid of those-"

"When do we depart?" Narcissa asked her hudsband.

"Tonight. 8:00. It appears that Bellatrix here, along with Yaxley and Fenrir Greyback, know of the whereabouts of this dwelling. Along with Miss Allen, and her brother." He told the murder-hungry eyes of the killers.

"Mr. Malfoy," I interjected. "Wouldn't it be quite difficult to, lets say, rid of these...wizards? If there was a large gathering there..., it would be quite tough." I told them.

"The Dark Lord would not have asked of us to do something that we would fail, Miss Allen. We will succeed...And if there is anyone important, that you happen to come across, don't kill them. The Dark Lord will have fun at their expense. That is all." He finished.

Lucius beckoned for his son. Draco quietly left me, and went over to his father, where he was clearly welcoming his son back, yet explaining, or lecturing Draco on something. I didn't quite make it out, but it was most The way Lucius looked at me during his..."speech". It was like Lucius didn't trust me, that the Dark Lord was making a mistake by allowing me to serve him.

"What's wrong, Draco?" I asked him after he received the talk from his father.

"Nothing." He snapped. "He was just...concerned."

"About what?" I asked.

"About...about us." Draco told me.

"Whatever, Draco. He's your father. Of course he'd be concerned if you were in love." I told him as I walked away to join my mother.

There was not much that I could do between now, and tonight. I had a chance. One chance, to see my friends. I would not kill anyone that didn't pose as a threat. Actually, I didn't think that I could kill an innocent person. I wouldn't be able to say the words, or to feel the words of Avarda Kedavra.


I apparated to the Burrow with Draco and Lucius. I held their hands as I used apparation to get me to the Burrow. Bellatrix took Narcissa and my father, as Dakota took my mother and Alecto Carrow. The rest got there with Fenrir and Yaxley. As my head started to focus again, I took out my wand and put my mask on. I caught sight of a girl with strikingly red hair, that was probably Ginny. Wait- there, I spotted Hermione, in a ruby red dress, running to find Ron and Harry.

"Protego." I said, as I took off the shiny, Death Eater mask. "Hermione!" I yelled. Draco rebounded a spell for me, then, in a cloud of darkness, Draco disappeared. "No! Draco!" I yelled. What happened to him? I couldn't lose him now!

I dodged a "crucio", and quickly jumped over a fallen body. There was chaos everywhere! I couldn't even think straight!

Hermione yelled as she took Ron's and Harry's hands. Oh, shit, she was going to apparate! I couldn't lose them now! How terrible it would be if I turned out to be as traitorous as I am now... Quickly, I jumped and grabbed hold of Harry's leg, as were were swivelled into Hermione's mind.


I came out of my dizziness to face an angry looking Hermione, a frightened Ron, and a murderous Harry, all pointing their wands at me. Then, they looked around, and put their wands away. I looked at my surroundings...a muggle city. I had only been here a few times in my life...all of them for absolutely necessary reasons.

"What are you doing here?" She snapped. Harry pulled my wrist as they led me to an abandoned alleyway.

"You betrayed us!" Ron said, clearly, ready to kill me. I took my wand out. Shit, another reason for them to believe that it was true.

", please!" I tried to explain.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry yelled as my wand was shot right out of my trembling hand.

"I heard you! You led them there! You- little-" Hermione pushed me.

"Ow! Hermione-!" I protested.

"Stop it!" Harry yelled. "Let her speak. I saw her...I saw her and Draco...and right before she left, she looked into my eyes and truly apologized. Just...give her a chance. We aren't like them, Hermione."

"Fine." She rolled her eyes.

"Look...Harry, I never meant for this to was all a mistake." I told him, now crying. "I love Draco...And You-Know-Who...he was going to kill him...I couldn't-" I started to weep again. It was too much.

"Keep talking!" Ron snapped.

"I was always on your side. I was always with D- Dumbledore...I would die for Dumbledore's Army, but not by the hand of the Dark Lord. I'm stuck...even...even now, I don't know what to do." I rolled up my left sleeve, to reveal the Dark Mark. They all gasped in fright, and surprise. "He marked me." I told them as Hermione gave me another dirty look.

"Stop it, Hermione!" Harry said, clearly angry that she was hurting me.

"I didn't lead them there...Lucius...Lucius Malfoy did it. Be...Be careful." I said as I got up. Hermione was going to push me down again, but luckily, Harry stopped her. "He's in control. Scrimagour's dead...Umbridge...Umbridge is killing Muggle-borns. I don't want you to get hurt!" I told them.

"But why, Eliza?" Harry asked me as he wiped my tears with his hand. "Why did you..."

"Because I love Draco. I'm not like the others, Harry. I can actually feel love...and Draco, he helped me see that. But I love you too...All of you." I said, looking at Ron and Hermione. "And this will end. I'll help you find the Horcruxes. But I can't go with you..."

"And how do you think that we can trust you?" Ron snapped.

"Because..." I could they? "Because you can." I touched Ron's heart. "I love you, Ron. You are my true brother, you'll always be. Don't go careful." Then I turned to face Hermione. "No matter how many times you kick me, You'll still be my sister. And you don't have to trust me...not one-hundred percent, I don't expect you to. But you have to...Because...because I'm the only hope that you have left."

"Okay..." She finally said. "I know...I know that I should've listened to you at Hogwarts. I think I can trust you." She said as she gave me a hug.

Ron just grimaced and turned in the opposite direction. "I'm sorry, Ron. I wish I could've told you. And have prevented this." I said. He still, wouldn't budge.

"I trust you, Eliza." Harry told me as he gave me a hug. Then he gave me back my wand.

"I will leave, but remember, I will not tell anyone of you. I promise. I'll die before I kill any one of you." I said as I disapparated back to Malfoy Manor.

And that was the last that I saw of them. And the last tear that I had shed. I would see them again...maybe later. But for now, I just had to think about myself...and how to prevent the death of Harry Potter.
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