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Forbidden and Mistaken

Return Of The Dumbeldore's Army

So, I must say, Hogwarts is completely different than it was last year. With Dumbledore gone, and Snape in charge, it's just...chaotic. Muggle Studies and Defence Against the Dark Arts, or should I say, Dark Arts, are taught by the damned Carrows. Snape allowed me back, on one condition, that I don't make more trouble. It seems petty of him, don't you think? I mean, this is Snape. I haven't talked to anyone really, especially the Gryffindors. I just feel...guilty.

"So, Miss Allen is back!" Alecto cackled. She fit every stereotype of a witch. Why? Why did I choose to take Muggle Studies?

"Shut up, Carrow!" I yelled back. Normally, the said student would receive an ample Cruciatus curse, but since my parents would most likely kill her, she did so.

"It's professor!" She snapped back. I grinned as the other students gaped. Yeah, none of you can challenge Carrow like I can.

I went back to my paper titled "Mudbloods and their Destruction" and started to write. This class is bullshit. I felt a tap on my shoulder, then turned around. It was Neville.

"E-Eliza?" He asked.

"Yes, Neville?" I smiled.

"I knew it was you! How did you get back? Where's Harry?" He asked.

To be quite honest, I didn't know where Harry Potter was. I just hoped he was safe. "I...just wanted to be back. Hogwarts is my home. And Harry...well, I don't know really where Harry is. He's with Ron...and Hermione. Listen, lets meet up in the common room after class...I need to talk to you about something."

"Silence!" Alecto roared.

"S- Sure..." Neville agreed.


"So...I have this idea...but it's very, highly risky."

"I know. But...I'll do anything to help, Eliza."

"Good. Cause we'll need all the help we can get. First things first...I have thought about this and, well, I think we need to start up the Army again."

Neville was speechless. "Ellie! The Army is nothing...nothing, compared to the Death Eaters! They know everything! They'll know, Ellie, you can't just start up a force against You-know-who when he's the one controlling Hogwarts! He's gotten ahold of the Ministry too, and...even some of the Muggle world!" Neville was hyperventilating.

"Harry would want you to be brave, Neville. I do. Your grandma does too! Nev, they had Luna. I saw with my own eyes. But Harry came right to them and saved her! He saved her, Neville! And I can't do much more than you can. I'm stuck, you see. The Allen's are only loyal to The Dark Lord. But I'm not. I'm a Gryffindor, and Harry is my best friend. I'd do anything to help him! But I can't, because if I do, I'll be the easiest one to kill. But we can get them. From the inside out."

"But Eliza, even if we could get the Army back together, what would we do? They're using Dark magic, and we're only...Hogwarts students. Some of the members are still underage. They'll get killed way to easily!"

"Nev...Remember when Harry was in charge? He taught everyone that wanted to rid Umbridge's reign over Hogwarts. He taught me some of the best spells and jinxes I know. When Harry comes back to Hogwarts, we'll-"

"But don't you understand? Harry is not coming back! He'd get killed by You-know-who before he even set foot in the grounds."

"He is, Neville!" He was getting on my nerves now, pushing me to my limit. I'd had it. Either he was going to help me, or not. I'd still start up the Army, and still try to defeat the Death Eaters.
"Don't make me angry, Neville! We can. And we will. Gather the coins and summon them to the Room of Requirement. If we get can blame it on me."


The Room of Requirement looked exactly like when we had left it. It fit perfectly for training, large, with mirrors, and enough space for a big amount of people. I looked at the students. My friends. Only half of them showed up. And even the ones who were here, looked like they were scared out of their minds.

There was Seamus Finnigan, Michael Corner, Parvati and Padma Patil, Dean Thomas, Lavender Brown, and a few new kids. They all looked frightened. But the person I least expected to see there was Ginny. Ginny Weasley.

"Eliza's right. I...I don't know quite what happened at Bill and Fleurs' wedding...but somehow...I trust you." She stepped out in front of them. "We will fight. And even if we go out dying...we will somehow win. I know it."

To my surprise, Ginny was different. Her golden ginger hair was longer, and there was revenge in her eyes. She had grown up.

"Dumbledore's Army!" I yelled. Good thing this room is soundproof.

"Dumbledore's Army!" They repeated.

"Now, we don't want to all overthrow them at once...that would be impossible. But for starters, we can plan to take them out from the inside. And another thing. Dumbledore trusted Snape. I don't know why, but he did."

"And that's what got him killed in the end!" Padma replied.

"Oh, I know. But there must be something more to the story that we don't know."

"That's coming from you. The scum of a Death Eater's girlfriend." Seamus snapped at me. Oh don't know how I feel right now. If I could take it all back...maybe move away and...restart. But I can't.

"Look...Malfoy is the least of our problems now. And he's not my boyfriend...not anymore..." I looked away. I missed Draco. Oh, how I missed him. Yes, he was the stupid, lying prick that I fell in love with. But I loved him anyways.

They sniggered. "Enough!" I yelled. "The Carrows are torturing the students...I don't know what happened to McGonagall. Snape's the headmaster. But we know...The Dark Lord's in charge."

"Why do you call him that?" Neville asked.

"Look, I-"

"We're not afraid of his name. It's Voldemort. Or You-Know-Who. But don't you know that only his followers call him that?"

"It's a habit..."

"Whatever. Let's do this." Ginny called out.

And that was that. Dumbledore's Army was officially back. Now all we had to do was take out the Death Eaters. But only they could do that job. I could only be their alibi, a troublemaker. Something that they could blame. Someone who could be easily killed and sacrificed.
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