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Forbidden and Mistaken


"I hate him!" I yelled after we finished our classes and entered the Gryffindor common room.

"We all do, Ellie." Ron sighed.

"But I hate him the most! He threw all of my stuff over the side of the banister and my last dungbomb exploded!"

"He's a jerk, Eliza. Just forget him...He'll get you in trouble." Hermione said.

"Well of course, but you know I've hated him since...since..." I remembered the flashback from daydreaming earlier today...It wasn't that long ago when we were friends.

"Since you started Hogwarts!" Hermione cried.

"You know...Maybe you need to focus on something else. Quidditch tryouts are tomorrow...Ron's trying out for Keeper, and we all know you're a great Chaser." Harry said, trying to make me happier.

"I know, Harry. I'll be there. Never miss an opportunity to hit Malfoy with a Bludger!" I said.

"We'll beat them for sure, Ells. Just forget about that little arse and try to think about other things." Ron tried to cheer me up.


The next day droned on as usual, Potions with Slughorn were a hoot, and next came Quidditch tryouts. I was always good as a Chaser, and not terrible as Seeker. But this year Harry would be the captain, and he wanted Ron to be on the team. Ron wasn't bad, but he had to compete with one of the best, Cormac McLaggen. Cormac was an excellent Keeper, far better than Ron. So at breakfast, Harry decided that it was time for a little liquid luck.

"Harry!" Hermione snapped after Ron drank his pumpkin juice.

"Hermione, shut up!" I snapped back. "He wants Ron on the team of course, so don't make it any more obvious."

"Fine." She sighed.

As we neared the Quidditch pitch, I could see my following competitors. Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, Ginny, Dean Thomas, and a girl named Demelza. Well, there's only three Chasers on the team, and Katie would for sure be one of them. So I only really have to compete with four others, and of course Harry will put Ginny on the team if she does well,'ll be fairly easy.

I practiced and showed of my mad skills, and soon enough, I out lasted Alicia, Dean, and Demelza, just like I expected. Ron surprisingly beat Cormac, with no felix! Harry just pretended to put it in his cup so Ron would think that he was lucky, instead

"Nice work, Ellie." Harry congradulated.

"Thanks. Ron, you did awesome!"

"You too, Ellie. I can't believe you didn't put liquid luck in my pumpkin juice!" Ron exclaimed.

"No, I didn't. It was just so you thought that I did, and that you would do well in the tryouts." Harry explained.

"Well thanks, guys." I said. It was really nice to have some good friends that you could count on, like Hermione, Ginny, Ron and Harry. They were the best. Not like Draco Malfoy. Wait, I'm not supposed to think about Draco! Why am I thinking about Draco?

"Nice job, Ginny." I said.

"You too, Eliza. We are the best Chasers!"

"We are." I said. "Too bad Harry has to go against Malfoy, right?"

"Yeah, what a shame. Slytherin should at least go for someone with more skill." She added. Why am I talking about Malfoy?

"Graham Montague, and Adrian Pucey don't have much on us." I laughed.

"Yeah, I think their third Chaser is Urquart, but not sure."

"Whatever, we are going to kick their asses no matter who they've got." I said.

We celebrated in the Gryffindor common room after, by taking out all of our sweets. I still had another bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, Hermione had three Jelly Slugs left from the Hogwarts Express, Harry had a few Chocolate Frogs, but Ron just had a single Pasty left. Luckily, Ginny had a whole box of Mrs. Weasley's homemade chocolate fudge. So it was a pretty fun party in Harry and Ron's dorm.

"I wonder what the Slytherins are doing." Ron said.

"Probably sitting around and arguing..." I said. "Why would I care, this is way more fun!" I exclaimed.

"I agree. Guys, I've found a really interesting spell in the-"

"Half Blood Prince's Book?" Hermione mocked. "That so called 'prince' is probably just another dud who had nothing better to do, honestly Harr-"

"Hermione! It's a spell. Sectumsempra- For enemies. It says."

"Well, why would you want to try it if you don't even know the full usage of it!" Hermione lectured.

"Maybe he's curious, 'Mione. If it says "for enemies" then Malfoy will get it coming to him one day!" I said.

"You don't even know what it does..... It could be Dark magic!"

"Fine...fine, I won't use it unless I have no other choice..." I said.

"Good...I think I found some information on the so called 'Prince'...Her name was Eileen Prince, and she went to Hogwarts in-"

"Blimey, 'Mione! It says 'prince' so he must be a boy!"

"Ronald! It could have been a girl! There is no reason to believe that the prince was a boy!"

"Oh come on, 'Mione." I said. "It looks like this 'prince' did know his stuff, so I think that maybe he...or she was a teacher at Hogwarts...Maybe."

"Fine. If you don't want to believe me, you don't have to. But judging by my knowledge, Ellie." She said with a small gesture towards me. "I have more information than all three of you put together!

"Okay...okay. You might have some more info than us, but how do you even know that Eileen Prince was an actual 'prince'? Maybe the guy just liked to think of himself highly."

"Fine, Eliza. Maybe your right and we should just give up on this!"

"No, we shouldn't!" I said. "But Harry using the information in the book isin't quite cheating. He's technically 'learning' from it!"

"Will you two just shut up!" Ron yelled.

"Sorry, Ron. But Harry, by all means has the rights to use that book."

"Do whatever you want, Harry. But I'm warning you about it." Hermione said curtly.
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