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Forbidden and Mistaken


The next day we had not just a period of potions with the Slytherins, but double potions with them! I couldn't stand Pansy Parkinson, she really did belong in a doghouse, and Malfoy, well he's just a giant asshole who hates anything that's not "up to his level". Whatever that means. Crabbe and Goyle were just two big brutes who followed the git himself around, and Blaise Zabini was like Malfoy's right hand man.

The Gryffindors were all kind and courageous though. There were me and the "Golden Trio", Neville , Cormac McLaggen, who was as stuck up as can be, Katie Bell (My Quidditch buddy), and many others. We were like the anti-Slytherins.

"Come around, come around." Professor Slughorn said as we crowded around a huge pewter cauldron. "Now, may I ask which one of you knows what this potion is?" He asked. Of course, Hermione's hand shot up first. But I knew the answer too. It was quite obvious actually, and to be surprised, Professor Slughorn had picked me to explain instead of Hermione.

"This, is Amortentia." I said. "The most powerful love potion in the world." I said carelessly. Whoever thought of making this is stupid, considering the fact that the drinker wouldn't actually be in love with them, just to be obsessed with them.

"Yes, Miss Allen. This potion can make the drinker have powerful infatuations with the skilled potioneer, but never yet has anyone managed to create the truly unbreakable, eternal, unconditional attachment that alone can be called love." He explained as some of the Slytherins snickered and jeered. "Would you care to tell us what you smell, Miss Allen?"

"Sure, why not?" I said as I sniffed the potion. I smelled chocolate, butterbeer, and something...familiar, from my childhood. I quickly realized it as being Draco Malfoy's hair, and lied. "Butterbeer, chocolate, and...Quidditch." I said.

"Quidditch?" The Slytherins asked in shock. Well I didn't want to say Draco Malfoy...

"Yes, Quidditch."

"It has a different aroma for everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive." Professor Slughorn explained. "Miss Granger, would you care to tell us what you smell?"

"Certainly, sir." She said. " I smell fresh cut grass, new parchment and...toothpaste." She said, unsure of the last one. Probably lying, just like I did. Well we don't exactly want to tell the Slytherins what or who we find attractive!

"Interesting. Now, to the lesson. You will parter up with someone from the opposite house. I have already paired you up, so not to fret." He said.

Not Malfoy, not Malfoy, not Malfoy. Please! "Potter with Miss Parkinson. Hermione Granger with Blaise Zabini." He continued as I prayed not to be paired with Malfoy or the two brutes that always followed him. "Weasley with Goyle. Katie Bell with Vincent Crabbe. Cormac McLaggen with Millicent Bulstrode and..." Shit there were only Malfoy and I left...Please be the odd one out! "Mr. Malfoy with Miss Allen."

"No!" We both yelled at the same time.

"Don't complain. Now get to work. You will only have one hour to complete the Amortentia potion. Chop chop!"

"Asshole". I swore under my breath.

"What was that, Allen?" For a second there, I thought it was Slughorn asking me, but instead it was the blond headed figure of Draco Malfoy.

"Nothing, Malfoy." I snapped.

"Good, and it better stay that way, Allen." He threatened.

"Whatever...It says here that "The effects of the potion on a person are described to be near instantaneous; with the person who drank the potion appearing "pale and sickly," and becoming obsessed with the object of their affections, speaking of them as though "hit by a ray of purest sunlight," and becoming excited or dangerously unstable towards others."

"Well of course, we're using my DNA, because who would ever want to fall in love with you?" He mocked.

"For your information, Malfoy, there are loads of people who would want to go out with me!" I shouted.


"None of your business. Shut up, and put your damn hair in it then!"

"Fine." He said as he pulled out a few locks of hair and threw them in the potion. "Happy, Allen?"

"I think we have to put in the heartstring, then stir clockwise for three minutes and counter clockwise for another three minutes." I explained.

"Well, since you're the 'know-it-all' here, you can do it."

"No! You're my partner, so you have to help too!"

"For a second there I thought you were smart, but then again, I'm the one who got an 'O' in my OWLs. What did you get again?"

"I got an 'E' for your information." I snapped.

"Well, you'll always be an 'O' in my books." He smirked flirtatiously.

"Wow, first you hate me and now this?" I asked.

"I don't hate you...I just hate where you are."

"Hmm...and where am I? In Hogwarts!" I yelled in his face.

"No, I meant Gryffindor..."

"But theres nothing you can do about it, can you? I've been in Gryffindor for six years now."

"I...I'm...Whatever, Allen."

"Malfoy, just shut up."

"You know, you don't need to be a...a bitch whenever we talk?"

" You've been a complete asshole since I got sorted into Gryffindor!"

"And it's because of your stupid 'Golden Trio'. They ruined us."

"'ve ruined us. Stir clockwise." I said, pointing at the cauldron.

"I don't understand why you are in bloody Gryffindor! You talk like us, dress like us, and act like us!"

"No...I have a heart. Something you clearly don't show." I said as he shut up instantly.

"Fine. I've had it." He gave up. I was very surprised. Not because he was opening up to me, just because he was talking to me like this. Actually treating me like a friend for the first time in almost six years. And saying that he didn't hate me. That was definitely a first.


"Just leave, Allen. I'll finish the potion."

"I don't think I can trust you, Draco. I'll stay."

"Stop it, Eliza. Just...just stop."

"My pleasure." I said as I swivelled around and headed back to the Gryffindor common room.
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