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Forbidden and Mistaken


"So, what happened with Draco Malfoy?" Hermione asked.

"Nothing...We hate each other. It was hell."

"You know, The whole class heard you two yelling, but in the end Slughorn gave you a nine out of ten. You must've worked it out somehow."

"Maybe." I replied. The truth was, well, Draco didn't exactly hate me. He just wanted us to be friends again. "But I still hate him." I lied. Well it wasn't entirely a lie, I did hate him for what he did to Harry. But maybe it was me who had to change as well.

"Good. He's a prick." Ron said.

"Well it means nothing! I hate him. End of story."

"Thats kind of weird, you usually talk about Malfoy non-stop!"

"Well I see that there's no point of wasting my time on him." I replied.

"Good, cause' our first Quidditch game's the day after tomorrow, and we don't want you-" Harry started.

"For the love of Merlin! I know!" I yelled. I was tired of my best friends telling me what Malfoy wanted and how my potion went. "I'm going to the library." I finished, taking my books and leaving the trio in my wake. As I headed to the library, I caught sight of Malfoy, and hid behind a tapestry. I really didn't want to be seen with him, after our day in the Potions room.

"Who's there?" He called.

"Walk away, walk away, walk away..." I prayed. He pulled the tapestry and caught sight of me.

"Well, well, well...Why are you hiding, Allen?"

"None of your business, Malfoy."

"Hmm...Well, just today I thought we were over all of this. I guess-"

"Just shut up already. Maybe you don't understand the meaning of 'friends'."

"Wh- Why, You..little-! Why the hell do you always have to run your stupid mouth!" He yelled.

"Puh-lease, Draco. No need to be rude. Just let me go to the library." I said. But his hand was firmly gripping my arm, with no chance of releasing it. "Ow! Leave it, Malfoy!"

"No. I think we need to talk."

"No we don't! Now get off me before I-"

"What! What are you going to do, Allen? Do I have to use the body binding spell on you again?"

"Fine. What?"

"Why do you hate me?" He asked. What the-! Me hate him? God...He hates me!"

"Me? You started it!"

"When?" He asked with a smirk.

"When I got sorted into Gryffindor, and you in Slytherin!"

"It's just rivalry, Allen. Nothing personal." His face was now too close to mine, and I backed away.

"Well, it is personal! You've pelted me with dungbombs, you've hexed me!, You've gotten me in trouble countless times!" I was yelling now, anger in my eyes.

"Look at yourself! You've done all the same with me!"

"And you expect me to take it and apologize? So you wait six years and now you want to be friends?"

"Not friends, Allen..." He said. It was so unexpected, and so unreal, but he then kissed me. I tried to resist, but he wasn't going to give up. His hands were now around me, and I couldn't do anything. Finally I kissed him back, and I meant it. I meant it for the six years we've hated each other, the six years that we've missed out on our friendship...

"Draco..." I gasped. "...We can't..." I said as I pulled away..."What was that?" I asked.

"That, Allen...Was a snog." He said as I walked away, quite angry. "Oh, come on, Allen...You kissed me back."

"No...I didn't!" I said.

"Yes, you did...And if you don't want anyone to know, I won't tell your dirty little secret." He said smugly. I kept walking, but I heard him run up to me and grab me by my shoulders. "Allen...Not so fast..."

"Please, Malfoy, go away."


"Are you going to be the stubborn one now? Cause I can show you what you're gonna-"

"Allen! Stop being such a damn bitch!" He yelled.

"Bitch? Fine. But stop calling me 'Allen'. It's driving me insane!"

"Okay, Allen. Whatever you say." He smirked. Fine, if you want to play this game, you're on. I continued to walk away. "Don't go, Eliza." He said as I stopped.

"Good. That's better." I smirked.

"So all you wanted was for me to call you 'Eliza'?"

I sighed. "Draco..." He pushed me closer to the wall, I could now feel the warmth of his breath and the coldness of his hands. He kissed me. A second time, this time, I didn't refuse at all. I didn't know what came over me, actually. I hated Malfoy. I hated Malfoy. I hated him. But it was all over. Man, did he ever improve on his kissing within six years...
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Yay! They kissed! but what happens next?
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