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If Love Is Sweet, What Is This, Draco Malfoy?

This story is about a 16 year old girl that attends Hogwarts School. She’s a pureblood and her parents are high standard people, even higher up than the Malfoys. So they’re selective of their friends. They’re in close contact with the dark lord, and of course the Malfoys themselves, and most of the death eaters, but they refer to them as normal people. They may be one evil family, but they’re not death eaters. The girl’s name is Maia Mist (as in Ma-ya) and she is a brunette babe (No she’s not a usual blonde bimbo, no offence to blondes, I just mean the blonde girls that some writers write about… –rolls eyes–) her hair has natural highlights and usually curly, ending just above her cleavage. Her figure is curvy and everything about her is natural, no magic tricks to make her grow in places or fix stuff about her or whatever. She’s more of a reserved girl (more lady like, not a girl that usually goes to a formal and then climbs on a guy and grinds him – well what?! I always write about a crazy, wild girl like me, and I thought, make a change, do something different. So I am :P) and isn’t too crazy on the evil friends that her parents have made. Her parents are very important, and money is never a question to her. She does sometimes go wild in places, but she’s not lady gaga style. She’s popular and pretty (-rolls eyes- happy? There you go, people. A popular pretty girl that everyone writes about :P) she’s very girly at times but doesn’t mind something like jeans and a top because she can pull it off amazingly, like any other thing she tosses on. Hell, she would make a hot servant. Even the little gremlin things on Harry Potter that wear rags or something. I think Harry had one? A servant not a rag… :P

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p.s. still the 6th of Jan. this intro seems reeeeeeeeeealy bad right now but promise promise promise it’ll get better xxxxxxx