The Game That Everyone Loses

Fiona is the new girl in town. She moved to LA after her older brother helped her get a job for the clothing line Golden Heart Shines Forever. Fiona knew she has to meet the man of the company sometime soon, and when she does meet the famous Beau Bokan, sparks fly for the both of them.
Adeline, the younger sister of the famous bassist and screamer for blessthefall, is your small town girl from LA. She is a very talented photographer and has her own studio, which is getting popular. Being the younger sister of a famous band member, doesn’t mean she has actually met the other members of blessthefall. However, when she does, she takes a liking for Mike.
All four of them believe that Love is the game that everyone loses, but will this be a great loss?

Disclaimer: We do not own any members of Blessthefall or any other famous bands. We only own the characters and plot