The Game That Everyone Loses


I met Addie, my new roommate, and I thought she was super gorgeous and really nice. I showed her room to her, which I could tell she loved. I smiled when I saw her took out her camera and started taking pictures of the view outside. I left the room, so she could situate herself.

I was also new to LA myself. My brother helped me find this apartment and my job, which I will begin tomorrow morning. I was nervous, because I am socially awkward, which is why I didn’t talk much or go out. My brother thought it would be good for me to move here so I could be more social. I sat down on the couch in the living room area and skimmed through a magazine that I had received in the mail today. A few minutes later, Addie walked to the living room. I looked up from the magazine and smiled.

“Pretty isn’t it?” I asked with a grin.

Addie grinned back and nodded, “Unbelievable.”

I was about to say something else to her, but her phone ringing cut me off. I bit my bottom lip and waited until she was done talking to the person on the phone. Moments later, Addie hung up her call and faced towards me with a grin. I gave her a polite smile in return.

“Do you want to go to a concert?” She asked me.

My smiled dropped and I became nervous, “M-Me? No, no, no, I’ve never been to one. And I don’t think I’d be any fun…I leave and get lost…I just moved here a few days ago,” I began to ramble, which I did when I get nervous.

She shook her head, “Please? I’m sure you won’t. I’m related to someone in the band, so we’ll get in for free and meet them and stuff.”

I looked at her, thinking about it. If I went to the concert, things could either go great…or bad. I sighed and hoped for the better, “Sure…um who are we seeing?”

She smiled with happiness and answered, “Blessthefall.”

Addie and I had discussed about the concert a little bit more, and I found out that the show would be in two weeks, so that gave me time to get familiar with Los Angeles. After our discussion, we finished unpacking our stuff until it started to get closer to dinner time. We decided to order some Chinese take-out, since our fridge and pantry was empty and we weren’t going grocery shopping until tomorrow morning.
By 10 o’clock p.m., I was in my room heading off to bed when I received a phone call. I grabbed my phone and tapped the green phone on the touch screen of my cell, without looking at the caller ID.

“Hello?” I spoke into the phone.

“Hey Fi-Fi,” My brother greeted, calling me by my nickname he gave me when I was five-years-old.

“Hey Benji,” I greeted back with a small yawn.

“Are you heading off to bed?” Benji asked

I nodded, but spoke since I knew he couldn’t see me nod, “Yeah I’m about to in a minute or two.”

“Oh, good. Well, I just wanted to call and say good night and sweet dreams. I want you all rested up for your first day at your job tomorrow.”

“What if my boss doesn’t like me?” I asked, starting to feel nervous again.

“Fi-Fi, he will love you. He is a great fellow and loves everyone, I promise,” Benji said with an assuring tone.

“All right…if you say so,” I said softly, still uneasy about tomorrow.

“I know so,” He said with a positive tone, “Now go to sleep sis. I want you to get a goodnight sleep.”

I was already in my bed and under the warm blankets, “Okay. Night Benji,” I said, as a yawn escape from my lips.

Benji chuckled softly, “Night Sis, sweet dreams,” he said.

I smiled softly and clicked off the phone and set my alarm, before I placed my phone on top of my nightstand. I positioned myself in the bed, and then finally dozed off into a deep sleep.
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