The Past Ain't Through With You

A past, believed to be only friendship, is revealed to be much more.
  1. The Past
    Alicia turns to a friend from the past for help.
  2. Old Friend
    Holly catches up with the others when she arrives in LA
  3. Letting Go
    Gerard speaks to Holly alone. A zoo date is planned.
  4. The Past Is Over
    The trip to the zoo causes tension between Gerard and Holly.
  5. The First Meeting
    Gerard remembers the first time he met Holly.
  6. Held My Hand
    Holly admits the truth about Uncle Bob.
  7. Beautiful Reason
    A slight problem at Ray's.
  8. Better In The Morning
    Holly reveals part of her past that was unknown to Gerard.
  9. Rewriting History
    Gerard's problems become more apparent
  10. Fear Of Being Alone
    Gerard remembers his first Thanksgiving with Holly.
  11. Thanksgiving Day
    The holiday is spent at Gerard and Lindsey's home.
  12. Thanksgiving Night
    Holly remembers the first Thanksgiving she shared with Gerard.
  13. Kind Heart
    Holly and Christa help out at the shelter. Gerard plans a special dinner for Lindsey.
  14. Anytime
    Lindsey gets to know Holly a bit better.
  15. Sadness In Her Eyes
    A truth about the past is revealed.
  16. One Of A Kind
    A Christmas Tree brings back memories.
  17. Doen't Change Anything
    Holly turns to Gerard for help.
  18. Too Good
    A frightening late night call from Gerard
  19. A Single Tear
    Gerard and Lindsey work to repair their marriage.
  20. Not Talking
    Frank remembers the first time he met Holly. Lindsey and Gerard discuss a serious problem.
  21. Unplanned Tears
    Friends discuss their concerns about Holly.
  22. Conflict of Interest
    Holly and Alicia's shopping trip doesn't go well.
  23. A Step Back
    Mikey reminds Holly how much her friendship means to him.
  24. Drown
    Lindsey spends time with Holly. Gerard is once more confused by his wife's actions.
  25. Been There, Done That
    A happy time putting up Gerard's Christmas Tree can't hide the truth.
  26. No Words Needed
    Memories of Christmas Eve past
  27. Beautiful Picture
    Lindsey, Alicia and Holly take the girls to see Santa
  28. Maybe You Never Did
    A surprise guest at the House Of Blues
  29. Roller Coaster
    Gerard's anger with Holly grows.
  30. Sharing Pain
    Lindsey and Alicia confront Holly about her eating disorder.
  31. All Heart
    Bob calls out of concern for Holly. Gerard turns to his family and memories for help.
  32. The Bus
    A brutal truth is revealed.
  33. Worried
    Gerard waits for Holly to return from her day with Bob. Past memories plague Gerard.
  34. Figured Wrong
    Holly makes a new friend. A trip to the shelter yeilds a surprise.
  35. I Came, I Saw
    A phone call upsets Gerard. Another call breaks his heart.
  36. Somehow
    A day filled with fun and memories.
  37. We Both Know
    Another run in at the shelter. Lindsey is concerned about Holly.
  38. Out Of Control
    Gerard admits to Lindsey that Eliza claims Holly is trying to break up their marriage.
  39. Damn Nice
    Memories of the past haunt Gerard and Holly
  40. Wicked Mistress
    Don arrives and surprises Gerard during a conversation.
  41. What I Needed
    Holly and Don spend the day shopping but his health becomes a concern.
  42. Twins
    A Christmas party with old and new friends.
  43. Snuggle
    Donna arrives. The past pulls at Gerard.
  44. Home
    Holly can't stop the memory that she holds in her heart.
  45. Anon Comments
    Lots of activity on Christmas Eve Day.
  46. Pet Names
    Christmas Eve at Mikey and Alicia's home.
  47. A Break
    Molly hears Santa's sleigh bells, Gerard leaves a personal gift for Holly. Christmas day is bittersweet.
  48. Lost
    A surprising text from Gerard spurs Holly into action.
  49. Good To Be Needed
    A health issue prevents Holly and M from going on the trip.
  50. Dust Bunnies
    Gerard stays to help care for Molly but memories of the past fill his mind.
  51. I've Got You
    A change in plans concerning the band crushes Gerard's spirits.
  52. Heart Knows
    Gerard's actions push Holly to make a decision.
  53. Pretending
    Alicia arrives home. Gerard gets a call from Bob that is upsetting.
  54. Painful Memories
    Holly can't stop the memories.
  55. All His Fault
    Gerard's mood is bad after the taping and it gets worse because of a phone call.
  56. Missing Part
    Mikey and Alicia worry about Holly. Gerard returns home.
  57. Your Place
    The night of the party ends badly.
  58. Ugly Truth
    Holly's memories from 2007 surface, and a phone call from Lindsey.
  59. Be Afraid
    Lindsey tells Holly something very disturbing. Then Holly and Christa make a fateful decision.
  60. The Only Reason
    The aftermath of the attack
  61. Best Gift
    The truth is painful
  62. Wrong Path
    Bob explains more about Holly's past.
  63. If He'd Known
    As Holly fights for her life Gerard reflects on the past.
  64. I've Lost You
    People are trying to deal with Holly's attack. Gerard remembers their last night together in 2007.
  65. This
    Gerard tells his parents the truth about Molly.
  66. Anything
    While Don and Donna care for Molly the others gather at the hospital.
  67. Strong and True
    Molly is upset when she learns her mother was attacked. The doctor has bad news.
  68. This Is It
    Memories of the past, fears for the future, fill New Years Eve.
  69. Broken Again
    Someone else who knew the truth about Molly arrives at the hospital.
  70. Preoccupied
    Gerard leaves the hospital to spend time with Molly but a discussion with Donna ends badly.
  71. Not Right
    Don is angry with his ex-wife. Gerard spends time alone with Molly.
  72. Long Road Ahead
    Gerard talks to Lindsey and his father.
  73. If Only
    Gerard finally gets to speak to Holly
  74. New Hope
    Gerard works on moving forward with his life.
  75. One Love
    Gerard stops to see Holly then finds out about Donna's visit.
  76. All I've Got
    Molly helps Gerard begin to move into his new place.
  77. Please Don't
    After a difficult day Gerard is tempted.
  78. Love Both
    All hell breaks loose
  79. Below The Surface
    Molly is upset about something she overhears. Donna reveals something shocking.
  80. Heartless
    Donna's visit with Holly is painful for both women. Christa hopes her news will help to snap Holly our of her depression.
  81. Until I Met Him
    Arthur offers the best chance to help Holly recover
  82. Need To Remember
    Lindsey and Bandit return to LA
  83. It Has To Be
    Gerard leave for the tour without seeing Holly
  84. Starting Over
    Time passes
  85. He Knew
    Holly learns of some sad news.
  86. Fresh Start
    A visit to Christa's house and Gerard gets advice from Sally.
  87. Survivor
    The 'new' Holly becomes more apparent.
  88. Tired Of Secrets
    Dinner at Gerard's
  89. Meant Every Word
    Gerard and Holly tell their daughter the truth.
  90. Whole Bunch
    Molly does have questions
  91. Against The Law
    After taking Sally's advice Gerard waits a few days then stops by to give Holly a housewarming gift.
  92. Quickly Things Change
    Holly comes to Gerard's rescue
  93. Handled It Perfectly
    Thanksgiving morning
  94. Little Marshmallows
    Thanksgiving Day
  95. For The Record
    The day after Thanksgiving is a busy one. Gerard meets Richard.
  96. Reminiscent
    Gerard spends time with Molly after delivering a special gift to Holly.
  97. Timing
    After Gerard angers Holly Lindsey tries to smooth things over.
  98. The Old Gerard
    Holly makes a shocking discovery.
  99. Do I?
    Gerard proves to be a difficult patient.
  100. Raft
    Gerard's health is improving.
  101. Wet With Tears
    Gerard is better but...
  102. No Goodbye
    Bandit and Molly refuse to be parted.
  103. Time To Believe
    Alicia and Sally both do their part to make things better for Gerard and Holly.
  104. Tom, ***, Harry or...Earl?
    The auctin is a success but aferwards Alicia shares some wonderful news with Holly.
  105. Single Rose
    Alicia continues her campaign to get Gerard and Holly together.
  106. Charlie Brown
    Finding the perfect Christmas Tree.
  107. Beautiful Reminder
    Jake and Lindsey arrive to pick up Bandit.
  108. Fear of the Past
    Lindsey and Alicia are both concerned over Holly's refusal to face the truth.
  109. Should Be Happy
    Holly goes to the party while Gerard remembers the past.
  110. Windows to the Soul
    A late night conversation
  111. Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds
    A late night phone call goes unanswered because of a visitor
  112. Perfect Day
    Gerard and Holly take the girls to see Santa
  113. A Very Good Date
    Holly and Gerard go shopping.
  114. Listen To Your Heart
    Holly and Gerard finish shopping. Her night out with Richard has a surprising twist.
  115. Your Eyes
    A phone call from Bob forces Holly to face the truth.
  116. Another Little Girl
    Gerard helps Holly reveal the truth about Sonja.
  117. For You To Decide
    Holly finally releases the anger she's been keeping inside
  118. I Really Think You Should
    Holly returns
  119. Another Way
    Christmas Day
  120. Here In Our Home
    Gerard and Holly make wedding plans
  121. Lists
    The wedding day is almost here.
  122. Detours
    A stormy start to the day.
  123. Another Miracle
    Just what the title says...
  124. Our New Years Eve
    The perfect end to the perfect day!