Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

And it goes, "merry Christmas, kiss my ass!"

A couple of months had passed and Jacob was let out of hospital in February. It was now June, the day of my graduation. Mother promised that as soon as it was all over with, we could move. So for us it was literally getting this ceremony over with and climbing into the car and never looking back. I had a big speech planned, everything would come out today and there was no going back. I was ready for this. I was ready to move on with my past now.

“You ready to go honey?” My mother asked and I sighed softly as I grabbed everything I needed. “You don’t need to tell them honey, It’s not their business.” My mother stated and I shrugged again.

“You’re right, it’s my business and if this is the only way Alex is going to hear it then everyone’s getting to know. I’m over it. I got my baby boy out of all of this.” I smiled and she nodded softly as she let a soft tear roll down her cheek.

“I’m so proud of you, honey.” She whispered softly before kissing me on the cheek.

“Thank you, Mom.” I said as I gave her a tight hug. “Now, let’s roll.” I chuckled softly as I grabbed Jacobs hand before leading out of the house with our mother.


The ceremony was extremely boring, many people went up, saying a few words while others had whole speeches planned out. Around an hour later I was called up to the stage. Whispers were being thrown around behind me and I just sighed softly as I made my way up the tall, intimidating steps towards the stage. Once I arrived in front of the crowd I took a deep breath before letting out the shaky noise into the microphone.

“I know all of you have heard a few rumours. And I bet most of you don’t know whether to believe them or not. From my knowing these things have been passed around by none other than Mr Gaskarth himself. I know he’s probably sitting somewhere in the middle of you all, smirking to himself, thinking he’s done a good job at embarrassing me. But just to let you know, you haven’t.” I said as I ushered my mother up to the stage for her to bring up Jacob. “This everyone, is Jacob, My son.” I said and from then on I heard gasps and whispers of ‘it’s true!’ I gave the little boy back to my mother and asked her to go outside with him so he didn’t hear the rest of the speech. “You might all think I’m a whore, a tart even.” I said and everyone giggled mumbling ’yes’ under their breath. “But the truth is Jacob wasn’t planned. I guess they never are when you get raped at the age of fifteen.” I answered honestly and I heard more gasps of shock. And I saw some people sank in their seats, now feeling awful. “I was a fifteen year old girl, and my innocence was stolen by a twenty-five year old male who thought that raping young girls was clever. Truth is, I can hate myself for it all I like, heck, I was depressed, I had therapy and I harmed myself in many ways that you guys wouldn’t expect. But without that happening to me, I’d have never have gotten my little boy.” I said as I started sobbing. I composed myself slightly before continuing. “All the pressure, new relationships, new friends. No one really knows how.. Damaged you feel against those ‘happy go lucky’ people until you’ve been through something like I have. What happened, I know shouldn’t have but in the end I’m a stronger person because of it. I couldn’t see any of you raising a child at fifteen, could you?” I asked the audience in front of me and they all mumbled ’no.’ “Exactly, Now all you dicks that spread all that shit about me, can’t you imagine all the pain I’m going through?” I said with a slight scoff. “The fact that my baby boy is going to grow up with no father. Cause I didn’t even know who the hell he was!” I started to sob furiously, I calmed myself before continuing. “So I hope your happy, Alex. You got the truth. That was why I didn’t tell you. I actually hope your ashamed of yourself. Like you said, I wish I'd never fucking met you.” I muttered angrily before running off the stage and out of the doors. Not able to look back at any students from Dulaney High.

Alex’s POV.

After Ruby’s speech I felt fresh tears fall down my face. why did it have to get to this.. I mumbled to myself as I watched her run out of the hall, her heels clicking as she did so.

“Are you fucking happy with yourself that this happened?!” Carmen screamed at me from her seat a few chairs down. I stared at her for a moment as my eyes produced more water. It all started off with one person, you tell one and obviously it’s going to circle around.. I was angry at the time, I didn’t mean for anyone to find out at all.

“That brave fucking girl’s just poured her fucking heart out on stage, explaining to you what happened and your just sitting there?!” Caitlyn added this time, catching the whole attention of the hall. They pushed passed everyone and ran outside the doors, obviously going to look for Ruby.

“Nice going, man.” Jack said angrily as he too walked out of the building. Even my best friend had turned against me because of it. Great..

Ruby’s POV.

I ran out of the door and straight into my mother’s arms who was waiting for me outside.

“Can we just leave?” I practically pleaded and she nodded softly as she picked Jacob up in her arms. Just then, Caitlyn and Carmen ran out of the entrance doors, practically tackling me into a giant hug.

“You’re amazing.” Caitlyn exclaimed as she sobbed into my shoulder. “You’re the bravest girl I’ve ever met, Ruby Matthews. And I respect you so much. Alex is such an arsehole!” She exclaimed angrily and I just chuckled dryly, free of emotion. I smiled softly.

“Thank you, girls.” I started. “And I’d love to keep in touch with you.. But I’m moving away. I can’t deal with all this.” I said and they nodded in understanding.

“We have your number, text and call us constantly.“ They said and just then Jack burst out of the door.

“You can’t leave!” He said sadly as he brought me into a hug.

“I have too, Jacky. I can’t stay here and know I’m near him.” I seethed and he sighed softly before kissing my cheek.

“Well.. You keep in contact.” He muttered sadly before bringing me into another hug, keeping me in longer this time. “Have fun and remember, we all love you. Keep in touch.” He smiled softly. The only one not emotional at this moment in time and I mentally thanked him for that as I needed a strong person right now.

“I love you all.” I whispered softly before turning around and running towards the car that my mother was already inside. A new life.. This will be good for me.

Alex’s POV.

I stood up quickly around ten minutes later, not being able to cope with being inside much longer. I ran out of the building to see Caitlyn and Carmen crying on Jack.

“You fucking arsehole!” Carmen exclaimed sadly as she cried. “You drove her out of this fucking town! After everything she did for you, you just threw it back in her face like that?! You didn’t even run after her!” Carmen exclaimed, obviously furious. My eyes widened as she mentioned that she was no longer in Maryland.

“What?! Where did she go to?!” I exclaimed back and they huffed softly.

“She didn’t tell us, obviously! She didn’t want you finding out!” They exclaimed and I sighed softly as I ran a hand over my face. I was never going to see Ruby Matthews again. The depressing part was that I never even got to talk to her, I never got to tell her I love her.
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So.. This is the end for now, but a sequel will be up very shortly it's called What do you say when your heart's not in it? Check out the description? Not much but it's enough till I put up the first chapter :')