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Surrender to Your Darkest Dream

Emily has always dream that The Phantom of The Opera was real. That movie and book were true. When Emily get to go there for ballerina training for opera. Will She discover that book was just fiction or is the phantom a real man hiding away in the darkness looking for someone to be his angel of music.

1.Age is not thing in my story I will explain later. :)
2.I do not own The Phantom of Opera, Lordi, Music or line from music I use. Only thing that is mine is the character Madama Russon when thought she got look of Madame giry i made her up and I made up Emily and Madi is my friend so i kinda made her up lol
3.People who read my Teacher's Pet I have writter block so It easy for my to focuse on different project to get out of writer block Thanks.