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No One Could Save Me but You

Chapter Three.

*Dro's P.O.V.*

Within a little over twenty minutes, we arrived at our home, and Damon was quick to shut the car off, head up to the house with me trailing behind, and unlocking the front door. Slowly following him in, he slammed the door behind us, gripped my left arm and directed me to the bedroom with him. He made sure there was no time wasted. My mind wasn't even into this, and I didn't even want to deal with this tonight. Getting in the bedroom, we slipped our shoes off and he was quick to tackle me to the bed. Our lips colliding ,kissing one another, and him being aggressive and making sure his body dominated mine. He was always stronger than me, so it wasn't as though he needed to try that hard. It seemed like everything was a blur. Our clothing was becoming peeled off in a matter of seconds until we were both in the flesh. It was coming..

"I am so ready for this" Damon panted.

And this was the moment I began to try and block out any pain that was about to come my way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Jeff's P.O.V.*

Lying in the hotel room bed, I felt pretty damn buzzed, and it was a great feeling. Every ounce of stress and frustration left my body due to the amount of drinks I induced. I felt at ease. Relaxed. Stress free. As I lied there in absolute silence, my phone began ringing, capturing my attention. Reaching over to the nightstand, I grabbed the phone with my right hand and pulled it close to me. Eyeing the screen, I instantly recognized the number. Leandro. Fuck. What the hell did he want now? Contemplating on whether or not to answer it, all I could think was that I should just ignore him. After all that was said tonight, it was probably best to ignore him. But of course, he pulled at my heart strings, no matter how much I wanted to neglect him. Hitting the button to accept the call, I brought it to my right ear.

"What?" I shot.

"Jeff.. I'm,, I'm sorry for tonight. I never meant to hurt you" he whispered, sounding emotional as well.

Upon hearing him softly sobbing, my heart instantly caved. But in my head, I kept reminding myself of what he said and why it hurt so bad.

"Why be sorry? You said what you had to say, and you had every right to. I fucked up. I hurt you. I sent you into the arms of an abusive asshole. I'm to blame" I stated.

"Jeff, please.. I didn't mean it. And I knew I was wrong for blaming you. I have no one to blame but myself. I'm just so sorry. But what you said tonight really angered Damon" he spoke softly.

Eyeing the clock and realizing it was after two in the morning, and I sighed heavily.

"And am I supposed to feel sorry that I angered him?" I questioned, being blunt about it. "The fucker angers me every damn day for what he does to you".

"I know. But, the things you said caused him to lash out on me..." he replied.

I knew I cared about what happened to Dro, and always would. But right now in my drunken mess state of mind, I was barely caring. I couldn't be the guy he constantly cried to, because he never listened to me.

"Am I supposed to care, Dro?" I retorted.

There was absolute silence on his end, besides soft sobs he was trying to cover up.

"Am I? Cause I've cared too many fucking times already. I've listened to you cry more than enough times. I've constantly told you to man up and leave the bastard. But do you ever listen?" I continued.

Cries escaped him even harder at my words, but I had to remain strong. I couldn't be the courage he needed all the time. I just couldn't. And he needed to realize I couldn't and can't always be here for him.

"No, Dro. You never listened. You'd agree I was right every time, but you never stood up against him. You constantly let him do this to you, and you stay with him" I added, trying to drill these things into his head.

"I'm just... scared. You don't know how he is... You just don't. It's easier said than done. I don't want to hurt you" he cried.

"Every time you call me like this, that hurts me" I stated. "And every time you say you'll stand up to him and then don't, I feel like I've failed you. And that hurts me. So you can say that you don't want to hurt me, but you are".

His sobbing continued, and he was silent for a moment.

"I'm not trying to... you've got to believe me" he cried.

"I want to, but it seems the more I let myself stay involved with you, the worse I get hurt. And maybe it's time I walk away" I spoke.

Deep down, it killed me to say that to him. But maybe it would get through to him that he'd lose me for good if he didn't start making wiser choices.

"You... mean be done with me? Never see me again?" he questioned.

"Yes, Dro. Exactly that" I answered.

"Jeff, please... I can't lose you... You're the only one that I can talk to" he cried again.

"Then I guess you'll make a choice. Don't call me until you do, cause as of now, I'm done"

He was completely silent after those words, and I could only hope he was letting all the words I said sunk in.

"Goodbye Dro" I added.

"Yeah... Bye Jeff" he softly spoke.

I was quick to hang up before another word could be said between us. Setting my phone down, I sighed heavily and just prayed that I hadn't made the wrong choice in all of this.

* * * * *

Over a week had gone by, and not a word from Leandro. I felt miserable, and I couldn't deny it. I feared the worst, thinking he was dead and I'd never find out. There were so many nights I'd sit, staring at his number in my phone, and wanting so badly to call him, just to make sure he was still breathing. But I knew if I heard his voice, it would break down my wall, and I'd be right back where I had started. I just prayed every night that he was OK and not suffering.

* * * * *

Another week had gone by, and I had just gotten out from working for TNA, and Shannon had invited me out for drinks at the usual bar we enjoyed hitting up while in Florida. I was reluctant, but figured instead of dwelling in my own thoughts, it might do me some good to get out and unwind. I promised Shannon I'd meet him there after I freshened up and he agreed. After showering and getting dressed, I got in my car and headed to the bar that was less than fifteen minutes away, and thankfully near the hotel we always stayed in. Parking my car, I got out and headed on up to the entrance. Pulling the door open, I walked in glancing around the room and spotting Shannon at a back table, flagging me down. Walking back there, I sat down as Shannon greeted me and slid the other beer bottle over to me.

"Got you a drink" he noted.

"Thanks" I said, taking a swig after and resting the bottle back on the table.

"Is everything alright, Jeff?" Shannon asked. "You've seemed... distant lately."

I shrugged, trying to make it seem like nothing.

"Just had a lot on my mind, I guess" I answered, keeping it short.

"You can always talk to me. I don't like when you get this way. It makes me start to think you're using again" he stated.

"No man, nothing like that.. Just going through a tough time with... somebody" I noted, not even wanting to say his name.

"Leandro?" he questioned.

I just nodded in response.

"I noticed you seemed to stop talking about him and he wasn't coming around. What happened? he pressed.

"His douchebag boyfriend happened. And I'm just fed up with trying to help him realize he needs to leave the asshole, when he won't listen. And I'm tired of getting hurt by his decisions" I snapped.

"Jeff, you can only do so much. If he can't learn to walk away, then it's best you distance yourself. No point in lingering around only to get burned in the end" he spoke.

"Yeah, and I haven't heard from him in two weeks" I said, eyeing the beer bottle, "cause I told him I was done and for him not to call me until he leaves that dick".

"Wow, Jeff. That must have been hard".

Looking up, I eyed Shannon and sighed.

"It was, and still is. There's not a second that goes by where I struggle not to pick up my phone and call him. I think about him so much Shan. It makes me fucking crazy" I stated.

"You've got to do some tough things and let people go if all they do is hurt you. So you did what was best. But I'm sorry it had to be this way" he spoke.

"Yeah man, me too..."

I couldn't stop thinking about Leandro. It was impossible I missed his laughter, his smile, his touch, his voice... I loved him too much to just erase him from my memory.

"Let's just change the subject man" I added.

"Sure thing" he agreed.

We began to talk about music and when we should start working on new material along with our wrestling schedules. As the hour passed, I excused myself to go use the bathroom. Heading towards the bathroom, I pushed the door open and stepped around the corner only to meet with a familiar face. My heart sank.

"Jeff" he spoke.

It was Leandro.

"I thought I'd never see you again" he added amongst my silence.

"And you're not supposed to unless you broke up with that dipshit" I shot.

"Damon..." he corrected.

"I can't fucking believe you Dro! You apparently never gave a fuck for me, or you would have been rid of that fucker by now!" I exclaimed.

"It's not that easy! I do love you, Jeff! I always have" he shot.

"Then why not leave him, and come back to me? Huh?" I retorted.

He hung his head, and fell silent. Typical reaction.

"Never mind. Your choice is clear, and I cannot subject myself to being around you, and get burned again" I stated, instantly turning my back to leave.

"Jeff, wait, please" he begged.

But I didn't. I opened the door and walked out, going straight for the entrance to leave. I couldn't stay here and possibly see Leandro again.

"Jeff!" I heard Shannon call.

I didn't even bother to say anything to him, I just bolted. Getting into my car, I drove fast to the hotel room. I was so angry that he was still with that asshole. Part of me wanted to punch Dro after learning he was still with him, but that wouldn't have solved anything and I knew that. And deep down, I knew hitting him would have made me equally as douchey as Damon was. Dro didn't understand the stress it put on me to see him being treated this way, or know what he was being put through. I just needed to distance myself as much as I could so I wouldn't be hurt again.

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