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No One Could Save Me but You

Chapter Four.

*Dro's P.O.V.*

I stood there in the empty bathroom, attempting to process what just happened with Jeff. I had been so happy to se him, and once again he shut me down. He was hurt and I could understand that, but how did he think I felt? He was hurting me the more he pushed me away. There was nobody else I turned to or trusted like I did with Jeff. But now, that option was gone. Sighing, I walked to the door, flinging it open and walking back out to the bar area. Damon eyed me instantly, and he did not look pleased. Reluctantly, I made my way to the table he was sitting at and he was quick to stand up. Grabbing my right arm with his left, he tugged me toe-to-toe with him and looked me in the eyes.

"You ran into him didn't you? That's why he stormed out" Damon shot, keeping his voice lowered.

"I didn't know he would be here, Damon.."

"Let's go.." he growled.


Jerking me closer to him and squeezing my arm, he put his mouth by my right ear, and made his point real clear.

"Do you want me to beat the fuck out of you right here in front of all these people?" he snapped.

The tears were rising in my eyes from all these emotions with Jeff hitting me, and now Damon treating me this way.

"No.. I don't" I answered.

"Then fucking move" he ordered, releasing my arm.

I had no choice. I started walking, heading for the door as Damon followed behind me. My heart was pounding with fear, and I swore sometimes I wished my heart would just give out. I'd rather be dead than deal with this abuse over and over. Stepping outside, Damon was quick to grab my right arm again and pull me to the location where his car was. Nobody was around where the car was parked, and Damon made sure of that. Arriving at the car, he spun me around to face him, and was quick to slam my back against the passenger side door. Pain shot through my spine from the way back hit it.

"Damon" I gasped.

"You're fucking him, aren't you?! Sneaking around behind my back and fucking him!" he shouted.

"No... I haven't seen Jeff in two weeks! I swear to you" I replied.

"How can I believe you? You've always been a fucking whore" he shot.

His words stung me. I never slept around, and he knew better.

"I'm not a whore" I cleared, trying not to cry.

His right hand immediately connected with the left side of my face, and it wasn't an open palm. It was a fist. My head whipped back, and he was quick to lay into me even more. His fist connected wherever he could, and he wasn't letting up.

"Damon... Stop" I pleaded.

I heard the back door open on the car, and instantly felt his hands on my hips. The zipper and button became undone on my shorts, as I stood there dazed.

"You want to be a whore? I'll fuck you in the backseat like one" he shot, grabbing me and shoving me face first into the backseat.

My shorts and underwear became stripped off me and I felt the worst was coming. Lifting me up to my knees, I then heard him unzipping his pants as I tried to stay on my knees. My face rested on the seat, and I kept my eyes closed, trying to block out the pain I was already feeling.

"Ready, whore?" he grunted, pressing his penis against my entrance.

My heart was pounding as I felt him press in, causing instant discomfort. A gasp escaped his lips as he pressed further into me, causing pain to shoot through my again. All I felt was pain in my lower half, and tears were immediately coming out. Sobs were escaping me, wishing this would stop, and trying to drown out the moans that were escaping Damon's lips expressing pure pleasure in this torment. It felt like forever until he came, releasing himself into me, and pulling out pretty quick after.

"Did you enjoy it, whore?" he questioned, panting heavily.

All I could do was cry. I felt him remove himself from my body, and releasing his clutches as he got out of the car. His hands then gripped my ankles, dragging me out, and leaving me on the cement to lay there, exposed.

"Now you can walk home, slut" he spat, looking down at me as I remained on the ground.

My hands found my underwear, pulling them up to cover myself.

"Damon, please don't leave me here" I sobbed.

He laughed slightly, and leaned over, staring down at me.

"Fuck you, Leandro" he said, spitting on me after.

Stepping away from me, I watched as he went to the drivers side, hearing the door open and close. The ignition revved, and he was quick to drive off, leaving me behind. I was a fucking wreck, and he expected me to walk home?

"Leandro?" a voice called.

Forcing myself to sit up, I looked to my right to see Shannon coming towards me.

What are you doing here?" Shannon asked.

"Go away, please.. I don't want you to see me like this" I cried.

"I'm not going to walk away" he stated, putting his hands on me, under my arms and helping me up to my feet.

He pulled my shorts up, helping me to do them up. His eyes locked with mine, as he wiped the make-up from my face due to the tears streaming down.

"Damon?" he questioned.

"Please.. I don't want to talk about it"

"I'll respect that" he replied, "but please, let me take you to my hotel room. I don't want you to be around Damon".

Nodding my head, and agreeing, Shannon held onto me and helped me walk to his car that was parked near the bar.

"Did you see Jeff?" he asked.

"In the bathroom... But he stormed out" I responded. "He wants nothing to do with me, Shannon. I don't blame him. I said things that hurt him, and now he hates me".

"He doesn't hate you, Leandro. He loves you. He misses you. Do you know how down he's been lately?" he asked.

"No... He hasn't talked to me in two weeks" I replied.

"Trust my words when I say that he wants to talk to you. I could tell tonight that whatever has gone down, he is affected by it, a lot. He loves you so much, Dro. And we just want you happy and safe" he added.

"I understand, but everything is easier said than done. But... thank you Shannon, for helping" I spoke.

"You're welcome. Come on"

He opened the passenger door, helping me to get in the car and closing the door after. Walking around the car, Shannon opened the drivers side, got in, closed the door, and started the car up. Driving for his hotel, where I was sure Jeff was staying as well, I tried to think of what to do from here about Damon.

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