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No One Could Save Me but You

Chapter Five

*Jeff's P.O.V.*

Lying in bed, my eyes were on the ceiling, just recalling Leandro's face and he way he looked when he saw me. He looked so happy. The smile that softly went across his lips. The light that glimmered in his eyes. Fuck, it drove me crazy thinking about him. I found myself sighing as I envisioned him in my mind, and closed my eyes. He was all I could see when I closed them. He was all I dreamed about. Why was I so stuck on him. Why did he have the ability to make me so crazy? My phone blasted, causing me to jump and open my eyes. Fumbling my left hand over my phone that was next to me, I picked it up and looked at the screen. Shannon was calling. Assuming it was just to ask why I left, I decided to answer it. I owed that much to him. Hitting the button to accept, I brought it up to my ear.

"Hey, Shan. What's up?" I asked.

"Do you have a minute to talk?" he questioned.

"If this is about me leaving the bar, I can explain" I began.

"I know why you left. That's why I called" he responded.

"How'd you know?" I asked.

"I saw Dro, and Damon. After you left, Dro came out from the bathroom, and Damon was being a real aggressive dick. And they left after, so I ended up following. Damon beat the fuck out of Dro, and I believe sexually assaulted him in the car, then tossed him out basically, and left him there" he explained.

I sat up as he spoke, focusing on everything he said. My heart raced, thinking the worst.

"Is he alright?" I panicked.

"He's at my hotel room. He won't tell me what happened, and he's laying down on the couch right now. I couldn't leave him there" he responded.

A wash of relief flushed over me, thankful that Shannon was there and actually helped him.

"Is he hurt?" I asked.

"Damon hit him a few times, and whatever happened in the car... I really don't know. He seems alright, but he won't talk about it" he replied.

My heart was still racing, but deep down, my blood was pumping with hatred. I wanted to kill Damon.

"I wanted to call and tell you, Jeff, because I know you still care for Dro. And he misses you, too. I can tell. He feels you hate him, and I had to explain that you love him, but hate seeing him hurt all the time" he continued.

"And that's the truth. I hate seeing him like this... I want him with me. Not Damon" I admitted.

"I know, Jeff. And I believe deep down, he wants to be with you, but Damon terrifies him" he added.

"I understand, but he's going to end up dead if he doesn't get away" I stated.

"I know, and I tried making that clear. But look, do you want to come see him? Maybe you two can talk one on one. Or for all I know, he's sleeping right now, but you two need to talk" he pushed.

I was hesitant about seeing Dro again.

"I'll be down in a few" I spoke, accepting the offer.

"Alright, we'll be here".

Hanging up the phone, I sighed, not knowing if my heart could really take seeing Leandro at this moment. Especially after what Damon had done. I wanted to kill the fucker. Every time I found out what Damon had done, I wanted to kill him. Pulling myself off the bed, I slipped my shoes on and grabbed the hotel key as I shoved my cell phone and the key in my back left pocket of my pants. Opening the door, I stepped out, locking it promptly and heading to Shannon's room on the floor below mine. I decided to take the stairs to the next floor, only so I could think. What the hell would I say to Leandro? How could I handle seeing him, especially after I told him I didn't want to see him? I was being hypocritical. Here I was, going to see him. I knew I was setting myself up for heartbreak, but I was worried so much about him. Seeing as he wouldn't tell Shannon what happened, maybe he would tell me. He needed to tell somebody. Reaching Shannon's room, I rose my right hand up and swiftly knocked on the door a few times. Pushing my hands in my front pockets, I stood there, waiting. The door opened seconds later, and it felt as though it was all in slow motion. Shannon was standing there, and instantly greeted me inside.

"He's in the bedroom, lying down" he announced.

Stepping inside the room, Shannon closed the door and pointed towards the bedroom.

"Shannon..." I hesitated, eyeing the floor and then looking back up at him. "Thanks for saving him. You didn't have to and most importantly, you didn't need to call me to tell me anything. Especially after how I acted".

"Jeff, you don't need to thank me. You know I want to see you happy and you know I've always approved of you and Leandro together. He's perfect for you, just as you are perfect for him. Everyone knows it" he explained.

I softly smiled at his words and nodded my head.

"Thank you, Shan. That means so much to me right now. But it'll take a lot of convincing to get him to finally step away from Damon" I spoke.

"I believe you can help him do that. Now go talk to him" he encouraged.

Focusing on the bedroom, I forced myself to walk towards it, feeling uncertain of what I'd say to him still. The door was barely cracked open, and I rose my left hand up, slowly pushing it open. The light next to the bed was on and there he was, sitting on the bed, his back against the wall. He slowly turned his head towards the door, locking eyes with me.

"Jeff?.. What are you doing here? I thought you didn't want to see me anymore?" Dro spoke.

Walking in, I shut the door behind me, and walked over to the bed. Dro moved, scooting himself to the left side of the bed, allowing his legs to hang over as he sat there at the edge.

"Shannon called me" I started as I sat to the left of him on the bed, "and he told me what happened".

Dro hung his head as I kept my focus on him.

"It wasn't that bad" he replied.

"Bullshit" I snapped, "your lip is busted, you look like a mess, and I can tell it hurts you to move. What else did he do to you, Dro? In the car... what did he do?"

He looked up at me, and just shook his head.

"It doesn't matter, Jeff. It happened. It's not like anything I say or do will change that now" he responded.

"It does matter! I am so sick of you letting him do this to you. He treats you like garbage, and you let him. So what did he do?" I questioned again, pushing for answers.

"Jeff.. please" he pleaded.

"What happened?" I pushed.

I could see the tears in his eyes forming, and he just shook his head again.

"He... he fucked me.." he answered, hanging his head, and softly sobbing.

"Fucked? Or raped? Cause with how upset you are, it sounds like you didn't want it" I added, feeling myself being engulfed in rage.


"Tell me" I ordered.

"He... he raped me, Jeff... in the backseat. He called me a whore, and... he told me to walk home" he cried.

I had enough. My blood was pumping harder, and I felt myself getting hot with anger.

"He needs to be stopped" I shot as I stood up.

Dro was quick to grab my right wrist, stopping me.

"Jeff, no... I won't let you do this. Just call the police, please" he begged.

"No. I'm tired of seeing you like this" I snapped.

"Jeff!" he tugged, pulling me to the bed.

I sat back down, but went to stand back up. But he stopped me. His hands became placed on my head, holding me still and his lips were instantly pressed against mine. My lips went with the motions as we kissed each other. It was like heaven in his kiss. I hated to sound cliched about this, but every time I kissed him, it made me get that butterfly feeling. My right hand became placed on his left hip, gliding up his waist and to his ribcage. His left hand went down from my face, gripping a handful of my shirt and pulling me forward as he leaned back. My body became rested on his as we adjusted onto the bed, his head on the pillow and our bodies centering towards the middle of the bed. I wanted this so bad, but at the same time, I didn't. Pulling back, my eyes locked with his as we caught our breath.

"What's wrong, Jeff?" he panted.

"I can't do this, Dro... Not here.. Not now" I replied, pulling back and breaking our grip from one another.

Peeling myself off the bed, and off his body, I stood up and looked at him as he began to sit up.

"Jeff, please... I've missed you so much" he spoke.

"Then why are you still with Damon? You can have me if you'd end it with him" I shot, frustrated.

"I want to be with you, Jeff. I really do" he added, "but getting away from Damon is hard. I feel like if I leave, he'll kill me or he'll go crazy".

"Call the police then! He raped you, for fucks sake. That would be proof that would get him put away! He wouldn't be able to hurt you anymore.. Please" I spoke, trying to plead with him.

"I want to Jeff.. I really do..."

Pulling out my cell phone and holding it in my right hand, I instantly held it out to him. He eyed the phone, then back at me.

"What?" he asked.

"Make the call. You say you want out, so here. Take it, and dial 9-1-1." I ordered.

"I... Jeff, I don't..."

"This is what I mean Dro! You aren't going to do shit! And why won't you?!" I yelled, pulling my phone back and shoving it back into my pocket.

The door opened behind me and Shannon came in.

"Hey, what's going on?" Shannon cut in.

Looking over at him, I walked by him and shoved my way out.

"Forget it" I snapped, walking out of the bedroom.

"Jeff!" Dro cried.

I couldn't handle this.

"What the hell is going on?" Shannon shot, grabbing me and capturing my attention.

"I'm sick of him making excuses to stay with that sick, abusive rapist! He won't do it no matter how hard I plead with him, so why bother?" I screamed, tugging myself away from Shannon.

"You blowing up at him isn't going to help! Don't you think when you blow up at him, he gets scared? You doing this is just as bad as Damon" Shannon retorted.

"Don't you even compare me to that motherfucker, 'cause that's NOT me. I never laid a hand on Dro, ever! And I never would" I responded.

"But you talking to him like this doesn't help. He needs your support" he reminded.

"And I've tried! But it's not getting through to him".

"Jeff..." a voice called from the bedroom.

Shannon and I both looked at Leandro as he stood there, tears running down his face.

"I need help... And you're the only one that understands.. Please. I'll leave him" Dro added.

"I'll believe it when I see it, Leandro" I shot, opening the door and storming out after, letting the door slam behind me.

Making my way to the stairs, I opened the door, stepping to the side and pressing my back against the wall. The door closed as I slid down the wall, and staying squatted on my feet. My eyes welled up with tears, as I hung my head, covering my face with my hands and sobbing. My emotions were a mess. Dro wasn't listening to me, and I felt everything I said was a waste of words and my breath. I was breaking down over him so bad, and I couldn't control it anymore. I needed to do something to make a point. Rising to my feet again after a few minutes, I wiped my eyes and headed down the stairs to the lobby. It was time to make my move..

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