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No One Could Save Me but You

Chapter Seven.

*Dro's P.O.V.*

It was going on three in the morning, and I couldn't go back to sleep. I had woken up at around two, tossed and turned for an entire restless hour, and realized it was pointless. My mind was cluttered with thoughts. Pushing the covers off me, I sat up and looked around the darkened room. My clothing was scattered on the floor still and I needed to do something. My mind was racing with thoughts, and only one thing kept going through my mind. Standing up, I grabbed my shirt, slipping that on, and then grabbing my black shorts, and putting those on. Doing them up, I headed out of the room, not bothering to slip my boots on as I stepping into the living room. Shannon was sound asleep on the couch and that was just the way I wanted it. Going to the door, I unlocked it and quietly opened it, making sure I wouldn't disturb Shannon. Sneaking out into the hallway, I closed the door as quietly as I could, and quickly headed to another hotel room. I knew what room I was going to because I made sure I had cleverly asked Shannon about where Jeff was staying. Taking the stairs, I went to his floor and then headed to his room. Finding it, I stood quiet in front of the door, eyeing the number as my heart pounded. It sounded quiet in there, and I figured he was sleeping. Bringing my right hand up, I knocked, trying not to be too loud to disturb anyone else.

It felt like almost a minute went by before I knocked again. After that knock, I heard some movement inside, causing my heart to race even more.

"Yeah... I'm coming..." he mumbled from inside.

Watching the handle, I watched as it turned, signaling he was opening it. Slowly it opened, and the faint glow of the hallway lights cascaded across him, softly glimmering in his dazed eyes. His hair was slightly a mess, and he was only in his boxers and a t-shirt. Running his left hand over his head and pushing his hair back, his eyes locked with mine.

"Leandro,... What are you doing here?" he spoke softly, squinting his eyes a bit from the light as well.

"I needed to see you. I couldn't sleep" I stated.

He looked around and then stepped aside, opening the door even more.

"Get in here" he retorted, motioning for me to enter.

Walking in, I stood behind him as he shut the door and locked it, turning around and focusing back on me.

"I'm so sorry for waking you up... I didn't want to disturb you" I apologized.

"No, don't be sorry man... What's up?" he questioned.

We both sat down as he turned the light on, causing him to squint even more until his tired eyes adjusted to the light. Looking back at me, I just turned to mush. He always looked so cute when he woke up, and it made me miss waking up next to him every morning. Or even the moments at night when I'd wake up, and he was cuddled next to me. I missed it all so much. It didn't even matter that I was with Damon. Every time I saw Jeff, my heart pounded with excitement, my nerves went crazy, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. It drove me crazy how much I missed him. Looking down at his right hand that was rested on my left thigh, I noticed blood on his knuckles.

"Jeff, what happened to your hand?" I questioned, completely ignoring his previous remark of why I was here.

"It's nothing, Dro" he responded, pulling his hand away as I glanced back at him.

"It's not 'nothing', it's something" I shot.

"I got into a little bit of an altercation, alright" he answered.

"With who, or what? 'Cause your knuckles were not like this earlier" I reminded.

"Let's not go there, because it'll make things worse" he stated.

"It was Damon, wasn't it?" I replied, fearing the worst. "What did you do, Jeff?"

"Not enough to him, that's what I did! Fucker got what was coming, but I didn't kill him if that's what you think" he replied.

"Why did you even go see him" I told you to just leave it alone" I shot.

"Because, he needed to be put in his place. I wasn't thinking clearly, and I went there to have a talk with him. He copped an attitude, and called you a 'cheap fuck', and that's when I started beating his face in. I only hit him six times before I stopped and just walked out. I would have killed him if I had kept going" he confessed.

"Jeff,... you can't let him get to you. The important thing is that I'm here, isn't it?" I asked.

"Of course, and I'm glad you're safe... but you'll end up going back to him, and I just know it... So why are you even bothering?" he replied, looking down at the floor.

Putting my left hand under his chin, I softly grasped his face and turned his focus to me so our eyes met again.

"I'm not with him now, am I?" I questioned.

He softly shook his head as I ran my fingers of my left hand down his chest and stomach, resting it on his lap after, directly near his groin. I could feel him tense up a bit at my touch.

"Exactly. I'm here with you... And I'm with you for a reason" I said, softly, watching as he licked his lips and kept his eyes on me.

"I don't want to get hurt again by letting myself fall for you, only to watch you go back to him again.. I can't Leandro... I just can't" he spoke, seeing tears forming now. "Just seeing you like this tonight kills me. I can't keep seeing you like this, with bruises, and wounds... And knowing that fucker is raping you".

"Jeff, listen to me" I began, "I am never going back to him. Believe me. Never going back to him. I'm here with you for a reason".

"How can I believe it? It seems every time I think there's hope, I lose you to him. And knowing I'm always in North Carolina, and you're here in Florida, in his reach... it's hard to trust this" he said.

Raising both my hands, I gripped his head, putting my palms on his face, making sure his eyes stayed on me.

"Look me directly in the eyes, Jeff.." I ordered.

His emerald green eyes locked with mine, and I made sure mine stayed with his.

"I am never going back to him, ever. Believe me. I want to be with you again. It was always you, Jeff. I want to leave here with you, and move to NC. I want to be around you every day for the rest of my life. And it's always been what I wanted. I was just too scared and living in fear, and letting Damon tell me you never loved me. Telling me nobody would ever want me. Telling me I was worthless. And I believed him" I spoke, feeling my emotions choking me up.

"Dro, you are not worthless, and I've always loved you. You are better than Damon could ever be, and that's why he constantly tried to break you down", he stated, putting his hands on my hips.

Feeling his touch again felt so good.

"I know, Jeff. I believe you" I whispered, leaning forward, and pressing my forehead to his.

Our noses softly touched, and I could feel his warm breath on my skin.

"I've been dreaming about this moment with you again, Dro, for so long. Ever since we broke up, I've always dreamed about you" he confessed, closing his eyes as I pulled my head back.

"Make love to me... please" I begged.

His eyes opened and met with mine again as we stared at one another.

"Are you sure?... What about Damon?" he asked.

"I'm fucking done with him, forever. I want you to go to my place and help me gather my things so I can leave to NC with you. I don't want to give him anymore chances to try and talk me down. I never want to see him again. Please, Jeff" I pleaded.

"If you're really serious, then I'll help you out, Dro. And I'll take you home with me" he answered.

"Thank you".

Leaning over, my lips pressed against his, immediately kissing him passionately. But he was quick to break it, pulling his head back and looking at me again.

"What's wrong?" I asked, feeling concerned that maybe he wasn't feeling the same anymore.

"Are you really sure you want this, after what happened tonight?" he asked.

He was always so considerate of me and my well-being.

"I'm alright, Jeff, really. He didn't hurt me that bad.... and I know you'll be gentle. I promise, I'm alright" I reassured.

"If it starts to hurt, tell me... I'll stop" he promised.

"I will".

Leaning back onto the bed, his body followed as we got on the mattress, and he carefully rested his body ontop of mine. Our lips met again as my right hand worked around to the back of his head, and my left hand moved down to his ribcage, softly touching him. His mouth moved quickly with kissing me, and his tongue collided with mine. Tasting him again was amazing. His hands began pushing up my shirt, touching my exposed stomach now, and it gave me chills. Pulling his mouth away, he rose up to his knees, causing my hands to leave his head and body, as he grabbed the hem of my shirt. Sitting up as well, he lifted my shirt up, and I rose my arms over head, allowing him to completely remove it from my tiny frame. I was so skinny compared to him, I always felt a little ashamed.

"You're so beautiful, Dro" he complimented, as he tossed my shirt to the floor, and smiling at me.

And I knew he meant those words. He always did. my hands went down to my shorts, as I unbuttoned and unzipped them, making it easy for Jeff. Only he didn't just remove my shorts. His fingers grasped the waist bands for both my shorts and my boxers, as I lifted up and let him tug them down in unison. He tossed those aside after, leaving me exposed to him now.

"God, I've missed your body... so much" he spoke, as he eyed me over.

"Take your shirt off" I demanded, and he followed.

Grabbing the hem, he lifted it up and took it off, tossing it with mine and revealing his upper half. He was letting his chest hair grow back in, and the tail along his belly, and I loved when he did that. He looked so incredible. My hands ran up his stomach and to his chest as I repositioned myself on my knees, instantly resting back on my calves though as Jeff stayed on his knees. My mouth became pressed against his stomach as i kissed around his belly button, and slid my hands back down to his hips, gripping his boxers as I did. Pulling his boxers down, he was now exposed and I instantly began moving my head down. My hands moved up to his thighs, going to the backs of them and up to his ass as I then squeezed his cheeks in my hands. He moaned softly as I moved down, and immediately wrapped my lips around his hardening cock. My hands remained on his ass as I began the motions of giving him a blow job. My lips glided up and down his hardened shaft as he moaned, and my hands squeezed his cheeks. His hands became rested on my head, playing with my red and black hair.

"Oh God... Dro..." he panted, as my lips continued on him.

The deeper I got, the closer it got to hitting the back of my throat with the tip of his cock. Seconds went by before I felt him really tug on my hair, using the old code we used to to signal that he was ready to cum or was pre-cumming.

"Mmm, baby... stop... stop" he begged.

Unwrapping my lips, I pulled my mouth off and sat back, looking up at him. My hands slid back down the backs of his thighs as he looked down at me, smoothing my hair back.

"Fuck, I've missed doing that to you" I spoke, smiling after.

"I've missed you doing that as well" he responded.

He leaned down, putting his lips to mine again as I then rose up to my knees, and he did the same again. Our bodies pressed together, and my hands were back on his ass once more as we knelt there. His hands moved down, all the way to my legs as he gripped the backs of them, and broke the kiss.

"Put them around me" he spoke.

I brought my hands up to his shoulders, wrapping my arms around his neck as he lifted me up, completely lifting me off the bed. My legs went around his waist as he kept his balance and began kissing me again. It's not like him holding my entire one-hundred and fifteen pound body was a struggle for him, but I loved being in his arms. I could feel his hardened cock rubbing against my balls and near my ass from where I was wrapped around him, and it was making me throb, badly. I was longing to feel him inside me again. Softly, he laid me down onto the bed, on my back, resting his body on mine a little, but he remained on his knees over me. Pulling his lips away, he put his hands on the mattress and kept his upper half over me. Our eyes met as I felt his cock poking me at my entrance.

"Are you ready?" he questioned, lifting his right hand and grabbing the bottle of lube he had next to the bed.

"Do you always have a bottle near you?" I laughed.

"Maybe I was playing around with myself tonight before bed" he joked, smiling at me.

He rose up to this knees, opening the tube and squirting a small amount into his left hand and quickly rubbing it along his shaft, making it good and lubed. Putting the bottle back down, he rubbed the excess near my hole, making me softly moan as his fingers brushed my opening.

"You like that?" he asked, seductively in his deep Southern accent.

"Oh yeah" I moaned, as I felt his index finger pressing against my entrance.

A gasp escaped me as he pushed deeper, making my hands grasp the sheets beneath me, clawing at them as my eyes rolled back and I closed them tightly. I squirmed a bit as he went deeper, and then slowly pressed his middle finger in, in unison.

"Oh... fuccckkk" I groaned, thrusting my head back and biting my bottom lip after, as he pushed deeper and harder.

"I love watching you squirm and throb for my cock" he spoke, pulling his fingers back towards the entrance.

He gently pushed back in both fingers, sending me over the edge again. My cock was hardening, throbbing, and aching to be touched. Opening my eyes, I looked down at Jeff as he pushed deeper, and deeper.

"Mmm, Jeff... Put your cock in me, please.." I whined, gripping the sheets below me again, as I kept my eyes on him.

He smirked, and slowly began to lean down, aiming his head between my legs that were bent and my feet were flat down on the mattress now. He pulled his fingers back a little, and pushed back in again as his head got closer to my groin. That's when I felt his mouth wrap around my throbbing cock, causing me to gasp and slightly buck my hips up.

"Jeff... don't tease me..." I gasped, trying to force my hips down as he pulled his fingers back out, fully.

He sucked on me for a few more seconds, making me moan louder than before. He knew how to drive me absolutely wild. Giving one more good suck, I could feel the pre-cum forming as he removed his mouth.

"I love you so much, Dro" he spoke.

"I love you, too"

Leaning down again, he licked the tip of my cock, getting the pre-cum off it. Sitting up again, our eyes locked as we licked our lips.

"Ready?" he asked, as I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he placed his right hand on the mattress near my ribcage, and aimed his hard shaft towards my opening with his left.

"Yes... yes.." I moaned, feeling the tip hit my entrance and slowly starting to delve into me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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A little cliffhanger in the sexual part. Sorry! And it's mighty graphic, hope that's not a problem for people, as will the next chapter be slightly graphic.