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Take It Like A Man.

Steve McGarrett and Sloan Montgomery were so in love, nothing in the entire world could stop them. After almost a year of dating, Sloan mysteriously dies. Years later and still grieving in his own way, Steve is put on the five-0 task force, desperate to find his father's killer. In his own time he still searches of what happened to Sloan, a case the HPD nor FBI could trace.

Six years later after faking her death, Sloan Montgomery has become a CSI secret service agent eager to keep her new identity secret. She changed her name, died her hair, and went incognito ever since the day. Family, friends or the love of her life had an idea that she could still be alive. Her best friend, Luka, is the only one who ever knew about Sloan's secret, until now.

Steve is faced with the hardships of his past and grief of Sloan after the abstruse new detective on the team brings up memories.

Sloan is faced with the regret of the lies and the yearning of Steve when she comes across him just one more time.

Will the ever be together, or is fate pulling them apart?