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Better Than That

New Job

“I am glad to have you on board Jayden.”

“Thank you Mr. Bowman.” I replied.

“Jayden, its Stan, after all we are like family now.” He smiled genuinely at me. “So tomorrow will be your first day. The players are going to be here to set up their lockers and have a couple of meetings before practices start on Wednesday. If you can meet me here at 9am we I will introduce you to Joel, and the rest of the guys, because the sooner you know them the better.”

“Sounds good to me Sir.”

“Oh and you are welcome to use the ice whenever the players aren’t. I have heard you love to skate.”

“That I do, thank you again for this opportunity.” I smiled genuinely at him.

“You’re welcome Jayden, and if you need help finding a place to live, there are many people here who know someone that can help you.” He said getting up and shaking my hand.

“Have a goodnight, see you in the morning.” I said as I left his office, and headed outside to hail a taxi to my hotel.

When I got to my hotel, my mom instantly called me. “So how did the meeting go?” she asked without saying a hello.

“Hi to you too, Mom”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she joked.

“It went good, I officially start tomorrow.” I said, having it dawn on me that, I actually got my first real job.

“That’s exciting honey” she said happily but her tone was sad. “I am very happy you got the job I just wish it was closer to home.”

“Chicago’s not that far away from Rochester mom.”

“I know sweetie, but still there is a distance, anyways I should let you go, you have an apartment hunt to go on.”

“Alright Mom, I love you”

“Love you too, Jay, and be careful in that big city by yourself.”

“I will Mom, and besides if I need anything I have the Walters.”

“That’s true.” I could sense her relax a little bit more.

“Goodnight Mom”

“Goodnight, Jay” she said before she hung up.


I need to learn on becoming a morning person, I thought as I walked down the street looking for a coffee shop, preferably a Timmy Hos.

“Excuse me sir, is there by any chance there’s a Tim Hortons around here?” I asked a man who looked like he was heading to work.

“Sorry miss, I don’t know what a Tim Hortons is.” He replied as he continued on his way.

“Not from around here I assume.” A guy in his mid-twenties dressed in a jean and t-shirt said.

“Nope” I answered him, but I felt like I have seen him from somewhere.

“I take it your from somewhere in Canada, eh?” he asked as he ushered me into a little ma and pa coffee shop.

“Why would you say that?” I asked curious.

“Because only Canadians usually ask for a Tim Hortons.” He stated simply before ordering his coffee. “What would you like?” he asked me.

“Oh no I got it.” I smiled “but thanks anyways.”

“Seriously what do you want? It’s my welcome to the city present.” He said with a stern look.

“Just a coffee for me please” I told the barista.

“Any cream and sugar?” she asked.

“No thank you.” I said.

“A girl who drinks black coffee that’s different.” The guy said handing over the money and grabbing the two cups of coffee. “You still haven’t answered my question.”

“Oh, yeah, I am not from Canada.” I said checking my watch. I should really catch a cab to work; I don’t want to be late on my first day. “Thanks for the coffee but I have to go to work.” I told him as I walked outside and hailed a cab.

“You’re welcome” he replied back to me as I got into the cab.


I walked into the United Center five minutes before 9, my mom always told me its better to be unfashionably early than unfashionably late.

“Well, good morning Jayden.” I heard a voice call almost instantly.

“Good morning Mr.” he gave me a look “I mean Stan, how are you this morning?”

“I am good, happy that you came a bit early, because there was a slight change in plans.”

“Oh, ok” I said.

“So I am still going to introduce you to Joel, or Coach Q, but you are going to individually meet with the players getting so you can get to know them as fast as you can.”

“Alright,” I said getting a little nervous.

“You’ll do fine, I promise” Stan smiled at me as he brought me down toward the locker room. “Here is your office.” He said as we walked into a room right before the locker room. It was a good size room with a desk, chairs, filing cabinet, and stick racks. Stan walked over to my desk to grab something off of it. “This is your badge, which allows you to get everywhere in the arena, and when we are on the road everywhere you need to be.”

“Thanks,” I said taking the badge and clipping it onto my khaki pants.

“Don’t mention it. Now it’s time to meet Coach Q.” he smiled and walked me across the hall and knocked on the door.

“Come in” the voice of Coach Q said.

“Hey Joel, this is Jayden, Jayden this is Joel” Stan introduced us.

“It’s nice to meet you Jayden.” Coach Q stood up and shook my hand.

“Likewise” I returned the handshake.

“Sorry to cut this short, but I must be going now. Joel will you show Jayden where she is going to introduce herself to the players.”

“Of course” Coach Q said as Stan left the room. “Well Jayden, I am really glad you are here, but I just want to warn you that the guys may be a little raunchy or disturbing at times but don’t take it personally.”

“I am used to it,” I said nonchalantly while Coach Q gave me a questioning look. “Five older brothers, and I am the only girl.”

“Ah, that explains it” then he smiled as he lead me out of his office to another room. On the way we passed the locker room which I took a peek inside and saw the coffee guy from earlier today. I knew I recognized him that was Brent Seabrook, how could I be so dumb. Wait scratch that, it was before I had my coffee. “Don’t worry I will have someone give you the tour after you meet everybody, so you can get started on the equipment for tomorrow, with the help of the assistant equipment manager who should be here at noon.” He said as we entered the room. “I will go get the first player for you then.” He smiled and left the room.

A couple minutes later none other than Brent Seabrook walked in. “Good morning Brent” I said as he walked in, not noticing me sitting there.

“It’s you” he said realizing who I was.

“It’s me” I said motioning him to take a seat.

“Well isn’t this another lovely surprise. A girl who likes Tim Hortons, drinks her coffee black, and enough about hockey to be the head equipment manager.” He smirks.

“I am just amazing.” I shrug as we continued to talk a bit for a little bit before Corey Crawford came in for his time with me. This continued for a while I had just finished talking to Patrick Kane and I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard, when Jonathan Toews walked in the last player.

“Good morning Jonathan, my name is Jayden Harris, I am the new Head Equipment Manager.” I said introducing myself.

“You’re the new equipment manager?” he asked me as if I was lying to him.

“Yes, I am” I gave a small smile.

“Well then you will be gone with in the first month.” He said shortly.

“What?” I said getting a little upset.

“You won’t be hear very long” he said again “For a couple of reasons, one you are going to mess everybody’s equipment up, two you are going to get harassed day in and day out, and three you are probably here to sleep with the players but there is a strict dating rule within the organization, so you won’t want to be here after a couple of weeks.”

“Oh really?” I challenged. “I will be here for a while Jonathan Toews” I sneered his name. “For a couple of reasons, one I grew up on hockey, I helped my brothers with their equipment before I was allowed to play and continued to help them when I was playing, and interned with the Rochester Americans with the equipment manager. Two I am used to be harassed, I am a girl in a guy’s world it comes with the territory, and I know how to take care of myself. Three I am not looking to sleep with anybody, I don’t like to mix relationships with my job unless it’s just friendship, besides I am not a puck slut. Four, now I want to stay even more to prove you wrong.” I finished off my little rant.

“We’ll see” he said getting up and walking out of the room. Well that was not how I expected meeting Jonathan Toews would go. I sat there for a while thinking over everything before Brent came into the room.

“So Tazer was a little mad” he said sitting down.

“Yeah, he’s kind of a jerk.” I said

“Sometimes, he can be, but usually he isn’t. He will warm up to you eventually.” He smiled at me. “But until then let me give you the lovely tour of the United Center.” He said standing up.

“Thanks” I smiled as we walked out of the room. Toews may not like me but at least I might have a potential friend with Seabs.
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