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Better Than That


“Jon can you grab that bag of food and bring it to one of the cars?” Cheryl asked me.

“Of course.” I smiled happy to help. Tonight was Christmas Eve and we were going over to Jayden’s cousin on her dad’s side to spend the holiday with them tonight.

“Jayden, you Jon, Grayson, and Kyle can head there now.” I heard her mom yell before I got out the door. We left a few minutes later when we all piled into the car.

“Merry Christmas.” A women in her mid-30’s greeted at the door 40 minutes later.

“Merry Christmas, Denise.” Jayden said giving her a hug before introducing me. “This is my boyfriend Jonathan Toews.”

“Merry Christmas.” I said shaking her hand. I headed in to the house where the rest of the family was and everyone gave a big Merry Christmas before we could set the food down in the kitchen.

“Everyone” Jayden said loudly to gain everyone’s attention. “This is my boyfriend Jonathan Toews, Jon this is everyone.”

“Hi” I said with a wave.

“Woah,” a tall guy with black hair said. “How did you two meet?” he asked. I gave Jayden a confused look as to why they didn’t know.

“Oh yeah, I was waiting to tell you guys in person.” She started slowly growing a little nervous. “I have moved to Chicago.”

“What!” An elderly lady yelled making me guess that it was her grandmother.

“Yeah I got my dream job there. I am the head equipment manager for the Chicago Blackhawks.” She said.

“That’s cool that you get to work with baseball players.” One of her Aunt’s said.

“Actually that is the hockey team there.” The guy who spoke first said.

“Yeah, it is a really great opportunity.” She said.

“You should not be working in the sports industry that is for boys, not girls.” Her grandmother said angrily, Jayden just slouched against me. While mostly everyone nodded in agreement except for the guy that spoke.

“I am Brad” the guy introduced himself before ushering us downstairs where the fireplace was.

“It’s nice to meet you.” I said as I wrapped my arm around Jayden’s shoulder and she leaned into me. “You alright?” I asked worried about her.

“Yeah, I guess.” She murmured and looked at Brad.

“Ever since, I was brought into this family.” He started and I gave him a confused look. “I married her cousin Kerry who isn’t here yet, if she was she probably would have flipped a shit. Anyways ever since I have known Jayden, she was always brought down by those guys. She couldn’t do anything right. Kerry was just like Jayden she wanted to get into the sport world but her parents would have nothing to do with it. Now we only talk to them around Christmas so we don’t have to hear them all the time. Jayden gets it worse though because she actually went to school for sports.” He said explaining the situation as simple as possible.

“You did what?” I heard a girl from upstairs yell. “What the hell is wrong with you guys? We live in the 21st century let Jayden live her life the way she wants to live it. You’ve basically lost me, but now that she lives in Chicago you probably will completely lose her, and that’s a shame because she is an amazing person, you just don’t see it because you put you blinders on.” I heard before footsteps were coming downstairs, it was a petite girl with wavy brown hair.

“Jayden” she said coming over to Jayden and giving her a hug.

“It’s ok Kerr, I am good.” Jayden smiled. “Thanks for that by the way.”

“No problem.” She said looking over to me. “SO why didn’t you tell me you moved to Chicago?”

“I know I should have but I didn’t want to say I achieved my dreams because I felt bad that you couldn’t.” Jayden said truthfully.

“Aww sweetie, I am so happy for you, I am so glad at least one of us are able to live our dream.” She smiled slightly. “Who is this?” she asked nudging Jay slightly.

“You don’t know?” Jayden smirked.

“He looks familiar but I can’t put my finger on it.” She said.

“Well that’s just say my job is with the Blackhawks.” Jayden said and then said. “This is my boyfriend Jonathan Toews.”

“Holy crap, girl.” Kerry said a little excitedly.

“It’s nice to meet you Kerry.” I said introducing myself.

“Same.” She said quietly.

“Sorry about her, she is a big Blackhawks fan, right after the Sabres of course but none the less.” Brad said.

“That’s alright.” I smiled before more people came downstairs. It ended up just being Jayden’s brothers.

“Hey we are only going to stay for like a half hours and then head out.” Brayden said.

“We probably will leave right after they finish yelling at those idiots. We filled them in.” Grayson said.

“Good, because I can’t stay here much longer either.” Kerry smiled.

“Didn’t think so that’s why you and Brad are welcome to come and hang out at our house if you would like?” Keegan said.

“Duh” they said together.

“Guys we are leaving grab your stuff.” Cheryl yelled from upstairs.

We walked up stairs and you could cut the tension with a knife, I saw Jayden glance at her father, before her brothers, and Kerry and Brad, then she straightened up.

“Just to let you guys know, I don’t care what you think. I am happy and I will do anything to make sure I stay happy. One way I can make sure I stay happy is by staying away from you guys, so basically have a good life.” She smiled before heading out the door I stood there awkwardly for a minute trying to get my shoes on.

“This is all your fault.” Her grandma said to me, and I wasn’t taking any of their bullshit.

“Really? How is that?” I asked.

“If you weren’t pretending to be her boyfriend she wouldn’t have the guts to stand up to us.” She stated.

“Pretending to be her boyfriend?” I asked.

“Yeah, how much did she pay you?” One person asked.

“Nothing.” I said getting even more pissed off at them than I was.

“Yeah right.” They said.

“Look, I am in love with Jayden.” I said and they gave me looks.

“Why would you love that piece of shit?”

“Why?” I asked getting pissed. “I love her because she is sweet, caring, she loves to hang out, she hates drama, she knows more about hockey than I do.”

“Well she does work for them.” Her grandma said trying to put it off as that’s the only reason why she knows so much.

“And I am the Capitan of their team.” This quieted them up. “I love her because I can’t imagine a day without her, she makes me smile when no one else can, she makes me feel better after a tough loss, and I know I can trust her. She is the greatest person in the world and doesn’t deserve to be around people like you.” I said before storming outside to climb in the car with Jayden, Grayson, and Kyle before we headed home.

“I love you Jay.” I said as she silently cried on my shoulder on the way home.

“I love you too, Jon.” She smiled slightly and leaned up and kissed me on my cheek.

“Well Brad, and Kerry are nice.” I said tensely.

She laughed before answering. “Yeah, they are cool, the only ones on my dad’s side that I can actually stand.”

“I can’t imagine why.” I said sarcastically which caused her to laugh.

“You are a life savior Jon.” Jayden said as we got to her house.

“How is that?” I questioned.

“I wouldn’t have stood up to them if you weren’t there.” She said looking down.

“Yes you would,” I said but she just shook her head. “You would, I know this because from what I know is that you don’t take shit from anyone. You stand up for what you believe in. However I also know that family matters most to you, even if they don’t treat you right.”

“How are you so perfect?” she asked.

“Because I have you by my side.” I said before kissing her.


I woke up to Jayden kissing up my neck, to my jawline, before reaching my mouth. “Merry Christmas, Love” I murmured when she pulled back from our kiss.

“Merry Christmas, babe.” She said before getting out of bed. “Now it is time to open presents.”

“Hold on, I have your first present up here.” I said quickly getting out of bed and going into my bag and grabbing a small wrapped box. “Just open it” I said before she could object.

“Jon it’s beautiful” she said pulling out the necklace with a hockey stick with number 19. I went in my bag and pulled out my necklace, it was another hockey stick with a number 9 on it and the rest of the heart.

“I love you.” She said before kissing me again.

“I love you too.”

“Ok you two love birds I want to open presents now.” Logan yelled outside our door, causing Jayden and I to break apart and head downstairs.

“Um Jayden why is the living room entranceways wrapped in wrapping paper?” I asked.

“My parents have always done this since we were little so we wouldn’t peek into the living room and see what the presents were.” She explained while we sat down at the kitchen table.

“They don’t trust us.” Logan said sitting down next to me.

“I have no idea why that would be?” Kyle said sitting down.

“Where are the others?” Jayden’s mother asked as she sat the table with a bunch of food.

“We are right here.” Keegan, Brayden, Grayson, and Zander said coming in suspiciously.

“What were you four up too?” Cheryl asked.

“Nothing important.” They said in unison.

“You know I don’t believe you right?” She said sitting down at the table. “Now let’s eat.” And before I knew it the food disappeared from the center plates, luckily for me Jayden put food on my plate.

“Thanks Jay.” I said kissing her on her head before following everybody else’s lead and scarfing down the food. A few seconds later everyone was done.

“Presents, presents, presents” everybody started to chant.

“Fine guys, presents time.” Cheryl said. “But it’s Jon and Jayden’s turn to rip through the wrapping paper.” Everybody else groaned while Jayden fist pumped.

A couple hours later all the presents were opened except for the one she got me and the other one I got her. I handed her the bag, she unwrapped it and pulled out the shirt that said ‘I love you Jonathan Toews’ and then she started laughing.

“A Toews doll really?” she managed to get out between fits of laughter.

“Aww now you can sleep with Toews” Kyle said.

“What!” was the immediate reaction of Jayden’s brothers.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” I said blushing.

“You better not have Toews, else you would be dead.” Brayden said seriously at me, while Jayden was still laughing at me.

“Here open your present.” She said handing me a bag. I unwrapped the present pulling out a Toews shirsey but something was inside that and she continued to laugh as I pulled out a Kane doll.

“Now you can sleep with Kaner.” Kyle said laughing hysterically with Jayden. I just shook my head.

“I even got it signed for you.” Jayden said.

“Wait, so when I signed a Toews doll who was that for?” I questioned.

“That was for Kane, so he could sleep with you too.” Jayden smiled before getting up and going to the closet and grabbing another present. “This is your real present.” She said handing it to me.

I opened it up and pulled out a picture frame with a picture of her and I at the Sabres game in it. “Sorry it’s corny.” She smiled at me.

“It’s perfect” I said as I got up and kissed her.

“Enough of that, we have to go up to Oma’s” Keegan said pulling us apart.


“Jayden!” A girl a couple years younger than Jayden ran up and hugged her as soon as we got downstairs of her grandmother’s house.

“Hey Taylor, Merry Christmas.” Jayden said giving her a hug before turning to me. “Taylor this is my boyfriend Jon.” She introduced us but Taylor just gave me a glare. Throughout the rest of the introductions everybody just kept giving me glares.

“Jay, your family doesn’t like me.” I whispered to her as we sat down to eat.

“Well, not really no but they will warm up to you.” She whispered back.

“Really?” I questioned.

“Probably not, remember when Amber and Justin picked us up from the airport and you asked if they would ever stop calling you loser.” I nod. “Well the only way they warm up to you is if you become a Sabre.”

“Si seulement votre famille étaient des fans des Blackhawks.” (If only your family were Blackhawks fans.) I told her.

“So you really are Jonathan Toews.” One of her cousins say.

“Uh, yeah he is.” Jayden said.

“First you go to Chicago to work but that’s not bad enough you have to date the enemy.” The same cousin said.

“Yup” she simply said.

“You’re lucky we love you.” He said giving her a hug before turning to me. “As for you, if you hurt her in any way at all we will kick your ass.”

“Promise I won’t” I said completely scared that if I did I would be killed and no one would ever find my body.

“Good. In that case, welcome to the crazy family.” He said before turning to talk to someone else.

We ate dinner, played games, and opened more presents. Jayden and I were about to leave to catch our flight back to Chicago when her cousin Taylor came up and handed me paper. “Good luck you have 10 minutes.” She said.

“What?” I questioned.

“You have to take the name test.” I looked down at the paper and noticed that it was in fact a test.

“Really?” I asked thinking it was a joke.

“Yeah, everyone who is brought here has to take the name test.” Jayden said pushing me into a room.

Name: Jonathan Toews Significant other: Jayden the top of the sheet read. Oh god here goes nothing I said to myself as I tried to remember as many names as possible and match them to their pictures. 10 minutes was up and I didn’t get to finish.

“So how did you do?” Jayden asked.

“Not so good I had five left that I didn’t have a chance to get too.” I said handing the paper over to Taylor who started grading it.

“Well I see we might have to start being nicer to you.” She said handing the test to her grandmother.

“Why?” Jayden asked.

“Jon just beat the record, he only missed the last five which he couldn’t answer.” Her grandmother explained.

“Wow” her family said before congratulating me. I gave Jayden a confused look.

“I will tell you later.” She smirked at me before we went and said our goodbyes.

“That was fun Jay, thanks for taking me.” I smiled at her as we waited for our plane to board.

“Anytime, my family actually liked you.” She said.

“They didn’t seem to like me with all those remarks about my play.” I said.

“Yeah but they wouldn’t have said anything if they didn’t like you.” She smiled and kissed me. “By the way you really didn’t have to take the test, you were the first one who actually ever took the test.” I blushed.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked embarrassed.

“Because it’s better to see how the new victim is going to react.” She said laughing.

“Why do I love you?” I joked.

“Because I am awesome.” She smiled

“That is totally true.” I said about to kiss her before both our phones went off.

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