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Better Than That

Lord Stanley

“Jon we have to pick my brothers and Kyle up from the airport at 3:30.” I yelled to Jon in the living room while I got changed out of my work clothes after this morning’s skate.

“Do you want to go grab lunch and walk around the city before?” he asked meeting me at our bedroom door.

“Sure” I said putting on my sandals. “Are you alright?” I asked as I took one look at his aneurysm face.

“Just nervous about tomorrow.” He said giving me a small hint of a smile.

“Babe you are going to do fine, no matter win or lose everyone here, all your fans will love you and know that you tried your best.” I tried to comfort him even though inside I was just as nervous as he was.

“Jayje, I love you, but I am more nervous about what your brothers are going to do to me after I beat your guy’s team.” Jon joked lightly.

“You mean, you are worried about what we beat their team?” I questioned knowing that he would have to take a double take.

“Wait, their favorite team?” he questioned with a happy look on his face.

“I want to be a Stanley Cup Champion, so I am giving up my favorite team but if they weren’t playing us I would still be rooting for them.” I stated which caused Jon to laugh and rund over and pick me up while spinning me in circles.

“So this time you’re not secretly rooting for the Sabres to win?” he asked for confirmation.

“Nope, but don’t tell my brothers that or they might actually disown me.” I said in all seriousness.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” He smirked at me.


“Mr. Toews, may I please have an autograph?” A little 7 or 8 year old asked Jon politely as he held out his Blackhawks hat.

“Of course Buddy.” Jon took the hat and signed it. “What’s your name?” Jon asked with a smile.

“My name is Brayden.” The little boy said proudly.

“I know another Brayden.”

“Really?” He asked shocked.

“Yeah, her older brother is a Brayden.” The little boy’s eyes went wide.

“Is her brother cool?” he asked.

“Yeah, however he is a Sabres fan.” Jon said with a wink at me.

“Eww, the Sabres are gross.” Brayden exclaimed causing me too laugh.

“Yeah, I’ll be sure to tell him that later.” I told the little boy with a smile, he returned a bright smile back at me.

“Mr. Toews, is she your girlfriend?” he asked innocently.

“Yes, she is bud, but please call me Jon.” Jon answered. He hated being called Mr. Toews it makes him feel old.

“Does your mommy know you have a girlfriend?” he asked.

“Yes she does” Jon answered with a laugh.

“Does your mommy know you have a boyfriend?” he asked me.

“She does” I said smiling.

“Do you guys go on long walks together?”

“When the weather is nice we love to go on walks.” Jon said grabbing my hand.

“On these walks do you, you know?” the boy asked, Jon and I went completely red because our minds went immediately to the gutter.

“Know what?” I questioned.

“You know do it?” he asked still innocently enough.

“Do what?” Jon questioned this time wondering if this kid needs to have the sex talk.

“You know the word that begins with a K?” he said shyly.

“Do we kiss?” Jon asked relaxing. The boy nodded his response.

“Yes, we kiss.” Jon answered still slightly embarrassed.

“Ooo” the boy said. “Does she some over to your house?”

“She lives with me.”

“Oh” the boy’s eyes went wide again. “Do you guys every play in your room?” he asked innocently, which again caused Jon’s face to go completely red while I just tried not to burst out in laughter.

“Play?” Jon all but choked out.

“Yeah you know like PSP or Wii?” The boy asked causing Jon to breathe again.

“Sometimes.” Jon answered still red. At this point Brayden’s mom came over.

“Bray you took up enough of Mr. Toews’ time.” Hi mom said as she pulled him away politely.

“Do you want a picture?” I asked looking at the little boy’s sad face.

“Can I?” Brayden asked his mom.

“Sure” his mom said pulling out her phone while Jon crouched down next to the boy.

“Wait mommy can Jon’s girlfriend be in the picture also?” his mom looked at me and I nodded crouching down on the other side.

“Thank you/” Brayden said giving me a hug.

“You’re welcome.” I smiled back at him before he took his mom’s hand and left the diner.

“That turned very awkward very fast.” Jon said still embarrassed as he paid the bill leaving the waitress a very generous tip.

“I thought it was funny.” I smirked at him as we walked out.

“Oh you thought it was funny did you?” he tickled me. “I can just see the headlines now. Jonathan Toews and Girlfriend Enjoy Playing Games in Bedroom.”

“My brothers would defiantly kill you then.”


“Jayden!” I heard my brothers scream as they ran over to me at the baggage claim before attacking me in a big group hug.

“Guys, I need air.” I gasped and they all released me.

“Jayden, 5 months is too long.” Zander said

“Way too long.” Keegan agreed.

“Um, Jayden where’s the rest of your pants?” Logan asked.

“There is no more to my pants, I am wearing shorts.” I told them.

“They are too short.” Grayson stated as Brayden wrapped his sweatshirt around me to cover me up.

“Guys” I whined. “They aren’t showing anything.”

“I am wearing shorts and you didn’t cover me up.” Kyle said defending me as she appeared behind my brothers.

“Yeah but you’re not our little sister yet.” Keegan said jokingly.

“Thanks guys I sure feel the love.” Kyle said smacking Keegan’s head before walking over to me and engulfing me into a guy. “I don’t know how you dealt with all of them all the time for so long.”

“You get used to it.” I smiled and pulled away from the hug as she grabbed the sweatshirt Brayden put on me and threw it across the airport.

“Once we get back to your house you are going to change into pants.” Logan said seriously but I just laughed.

“You think it’s funny?” Zander questioned and I simply nodded. “Well then I guess it’s time for us to pull out the Nun clothes.” Keegan stated.

“Mom threw those away.” I stated remembering the time I was forced into wearing the Nun clothes because my brothers didn’t like how short or revealing any of my clothes were even if I was just wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

“She threw it away but Grayson took it out of the garbage.” Brayden smirked.

“There is no way in hell I am ever going to wear that thing again.” I stated.

“We will see young one, we will see.” Zander said wrapping his arm around my shoulder as we walked out of the airport.


“So Jonny do you want to go out to eat tonight or do you want us to make you dinner?” Brayden asked me on the way to Jayden and my house.

“Out to dinner” I replied quickly, not trusting anyone of Jayden’s brothers to cook me dinner.

“Does Jonny boy not trust us with his food?” Grayson smirked at me through the rear-view mirror.

“Before game 1 of the Stanley Cup final, that would possibly be the stupidest thing ever.” I stated.

“Not trusting us is probably for the better. Come to think of it I wouldn’t trust us either.” Zander said with the same evil smile Jayden gets when she pulls a prank on someone.

“Woah, Jay, this house is amazing.” Kyle said once we pulled into the driveway of the new house I bought around Jayden’s birthday.

“The inside is even better.” Jayden smiled at me.

“Holy crap Jay you are living the life.” Logan said taking one step into the house. Jayden had redone a few of the rooms because they were way to fancy to fit our personalities.

“Damn, kid1” Zander exclaimed once we brought them to the guest rooms. “This room is about the same size as my master bedroom and guest room put together.

After their bags were dropped Jayden and I gave them a tour of the rest of the house. “And now for my favorite room in the house.” Jayden said before opening the door to the game room.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph” they all yelled at the same time taking in the room.

“Jonny gave me this room for my birthday present.” Jayden stated happily. It was not unusual to find her down here with the guys or coworkers.

“We can totally have tournaments down here.” Grayson cheered.

“Most defiantly.” Jayden said “And you better watch out my Ping-Pong skills have increased from the best to unbeatable.

I knew after they saw the game room that when they weren’t at the hockey games their time would be spent down here.

“Hey Jayden after dinner can we have a foosball tournament?” Grayson pleaded.

“Of course I will go make a bracket quickly.” Jayden smiled before leaving the room.

“So Jonathan” Brayden said seriously. “Are you treating Jayden right?”

“Yes, I am. I do my best every day to make sure that I don’t hurt her.” I replied honestly.

“Good, she deserves the world.” Logan said clapping me on the back.

“Oh she deserves so much more than the world.” I said causing Grayson to smile at me.

“That she does.” Keegan said.

“But she won’t take it.” I said sadly remembering the last fight we had.

“What do you mean by she won’t take it?” Zander questioned.

“A couple weeks ago she had to renew her cell phone plan so I went with her. She was looking at all the phones but she went with the free one.”

“Sounds like Jayden, saving her money instead of spending it.” Zander stated.

“Yeah but I had already talked to the salesman about putting her on my plan.” I said embarrassed.

“She flipped out didn’t she?” Brayden asked knowingly.

“Yeah, she pulled me to the car and yelled at me there. She didn’t want to cause a scene.” I explained.

“Dude Jon she hates when people buy her things for no reason. I am surprised she even let you buy her all of this.” Grayson stated. “Especially now since she is dating you, she doesn’t want to seem like she is just dating you for your money.”

“I know she isn’t I wouldn’t be dating her if that was the case. Made that mistake once, not going to do it again. All I want to do is spoil my hard working girlfriend who thinks of everyone else but herself.” I huffed.

“Dude, believe me I know.” Grayson said looking over to Kyle who was on the phone with her mother. “But it’s not just you who she is worried about thinking she is after money. She is worried about your teammates, friends, family…”

“My family loves her.” I stated.

“… and fans.” Grayson finished.

“Why is she worried about what fans think of her?” I questioned.

“She cares about what everyone thinks of her. She wants everyone to love her. But when she is dating you she has about a million girls hating her so she wants to show them why you chose her. But she can’t do that if you pay for her phone, groceries and gas. Just let her pay for the things that she would normally have to pay for.”

“Ok.” I responded as realization hit.

“Bracket is all set.” Jayden said as she ran into the room. “Tournament is set to start right after dinner.”


“Turn that damn thing off!” Jayden groaned as I grabbed my phone and turned off the alarm.

“Good morning, babe.” I said as I turned over and kissed her.

“Good morning” she said before kissing me back. “I guess we should get ready to leave we have a huge game tonight.” She stood up and groaned in pain.

“Babe you ok?” I questioned worried.

“Yeah, just sore from last night.” She said as she stretched before heading into the bathroom to shower and get ready.

Last night, I have never seen a foosball tournament that intense before. I am so glad Jayden thought before she made the brackets and left me out of the tournament. I would not be able to play in the game tonight. By the end of the night every one of her brothers was icing something from their wrist to their backs. It was ridiculous but really entertaining to watch.

“Jon you got to get crack-a-lacking or we are going to be late.” Jayden said coming out of the bathroom ready to go.

“I’m going, I’m going.” I said getting off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

“You should win this series as fast as possible.” Jayden said to me taking me out of my trance.

“And why is that?” I questioned.

“Oh you know so I won’t die at a very young age from heart attacks and you can’t grow a good looking beard?” she stated.

“What? Are you saying you don’t like how I look?” I questioned raising my eye brow.

“That is exactly what I am saying, mutton chops ruins your already ugly mug.”

“First you make fun of my beard now you make fun of my face.” I gasped in fake horror.

“Aww did I hurt the big babies feelings?” she questioned me and I figured out what she was doing. She was trying to get me out of my over thinking mind and it was working.

“No you didn’t hurt my feelings because I now know that you love me for me not for my looks.” I said.

“True I don’t love you for your face I love you for your body.” She smiled at me and I furrowed my eye brows.

“So you only love me for my body?” I questioned.

“Yeah, come on look at that body. I mean look at that body, you work out.” She laughed.

“Whatever.” I stated jokingly as I walked out of the bathroom. “We are going to be late.”


“Come on Jon, just let it go.” I said as we headed to the arena later that day for the game.

“Let go of what?” Kyle asked from the backseat.

“Jonny’s upset because I told him I loved him for his body.” I said smirking.

“Well that makes sense.” Kyle said.

“What? How does loving me for my body make sense?” Jon asked from the driver’s seat.

“Jon have you seen your body? I mean girls would kill to have their boyfriend have a body like yours.” Kyle stated.

“So do you love me for my body?” Grayson asked Kyle.

“No.” Kyle said honestly.

“Than what do you love me for?” he asked sadly.

“I love you because you’re special.” Kyle said patting his head.

“Aw, thanks babe.” Grayson said as everyone else in the car just burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“You’re special” Zander repeated in a mocking tone which caused Kyle to laugh and Grayson to finally get it.

“You guys are jerks.” Grayson huffed.

“But you love us all any way.” I said.

“I love you guys but depending on how Jon does during this series depends on if I love him still or not.” Grayson said.

“Wait you love me?” Jon asked as he pulled into the UC parking lot.

“I didn’t say that.” Grayson defended himself.

“That’s not what you said.” Keegan countered.

“You clearly said you love Jon.” Logan said.

“Fine, I love Jon like a brother because I believe he is good for Jayden, you happy?” Grayson spit out.

“Yes!” Jon cheered.

“This doesn’t make me want to cheer for the Hawks tonight; I will still wear my blue and gold with pride.”

“Wouldn’t dream of you changing your favorite team.” Jon smiled at him before looking at me.


“You know how I said I loved you?” Grayson asked me on the way home.

“Yes.” I answered happily.

“Well I don’t anymore.” Grayson stated.

“Uh, don’t be like that.” I told him still with a huge smile on my face.

“You just beat my team in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals of course I am going to be upset.” Grayson huffed.

“Hey now I am just doing my job.” I defended myself.

“Your job is to play the game, not score a fucking hat trick.” Grayson said and I just smiled. “Speaking of hats wears yours?” Grayson asked Kyle.

“Somewhere in the UC where ever they keep all of the hats that are thrown on the ice.” Kyle said.

“You threw your Sabres hat on ice for a Blackhawks hat trick?” Grayson asked Kyle and I smiled at that.

“Of course, he is my friend.” Kyle smiled.

“Jon, why do you always touch your nose after you score a goal?” Logan asked changing the subject.

I looked over at Jayden and smiling. “It’s a symbol for Jayje.” I paused. “It’s a way to say I love you without fan girls who sit behind the bench freaking out thinking I am pointing to them after a goal.”

“Aww, how sweet.” Kyle smiled while Zander gagged.

“You know this is the last time you will be beating Buffalo.” Keegan stated.

“Sure it is.” I said with a smirk in one of the best moods I have ever been in. I only have to win 3 more games in order to win Lord Stanley again but unlike last time, if I win again this year I will have the women I love by my side.

“Only in your guy’s dreams.” Jayden said causing everyone to gasp in horror.

“You went to the dark side!” They all screamed except for Kyle.

“What can I say, the dark side has cookies.” Jayden smiled at me while taking my hand. At this moment everything was perfect.
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